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I'm trying to track down a pair of the trousers in this photo (this non-cropped version), especially in cotton, if there is a cotton version, and in size 3 or 4: If anyone sees a pair, and is not desperate to get them for themselves:), please send me a PM.
David, it's very funny that you called it the Star Trek blazer, because that is exactly what my girlfriend said when she saw it :) As for sizing, I got a size 4, which fits really well. Actually, the sleeves on the size 4 I have seem to be every so slightly shorter than I expected from this size.  
I recently managed to pick up one of these AW 2012 blazers. I will post a fit when I get the chance, but I'm very pleased with the purchase. It's 100%, medium weight wool gabardine, fully lined. The unusual fastening makes for a very interesting drape. There are three buttons, two large studs on the two layers of the "lapel" which you can see on one side in the picture, one to fasten the layers to each other, and one to fasten both to the other side of the blazer, up...
I haven't posted anything for a while, so here are some pics of a few recent purchases. First up this AW 2012 piece. I think it's called a regimental blanket coat, or something similar. Definitely suits my taste for the old-fashioned and flamboyant. My partner says there are 18th-19th century stylistic influences here. Really interesting mix of the very formal, with an informal fabric and the blanket stitch around the edge, which also changes the dynamic in an interesting...
I'm still going to sell it, unfortunately. I'll put it back up on Ebay soon. So disappointed when I got the size 3 and it didn't fit. I'll just have to wait and hope for a size 4 further down the track.
That's good advice. Thanks. Oddly enough, there is now a Dr. Y. Y. blazer on re-porter (but very expensive, and in size 1).    On a vaguely related note, does anyone know what Yohji and co. do with items from past collections that remain unsold, and are not sent to other sellers (if this ever happens)? It's horrible to think of Yohji pieces being trashed, so I assume they remain in the archives?
I'm really desperate to track down the SS2009 Dr. Y.Y. suit in a size 4. I've been looking for about a year now, but I haven't seen it anywhere. Is there anywhere else, other than the second-hand market, and shops like LNCC or re-porter, where I might be able to track one down (assuming they weren't all sold-out). Is there some other shop or reseller where Yohji and co. would send unsold pieces from past collections (assuming that the size 4's of that suit weren't all...
I'm still looking for a new home for my beautiful SS 2009 Cotton Silk P.D.H blazer, in size 3. I'm really sad to let it go, and I'd rather it go to someone who can really appreciate it, rather than trying for months to sell it at the right price. So I thought I'd mention that I will consider swapping it for an appropriate size 4 blazer/jacket/coat. So, if you have an interesting size 4 piece (preferably in wool gabardine), in good condition, which you don't wear enough,...
Just thought I'd let people here know that I've re-listed that SS 2009 Cotton/Silk blazer on Ebay, with a lower starting price. It's the same one Ivwri has as a suit, with the red P.D.H. stitched on the sleeve, in a size 3. If you want a link, just let me know. 
My size 3, SS 2009 P.D.H. blazer (the cotton/silk one like Ivwri's) is now up on Ebay. So annoyed it doesn't fit :( !! Well, hopefully it will find a good home. PM me if you want the link. 
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