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That flag is going to need hazard pay.
I am inclined to say yes, unequivocally, but Americans tend to keep to Madrid, Barcelona, and Sevilla when they visit Spain, so in all fairness I don't see many American tourists in my own sleepy provincial city. It does, however, make one laugh to hear or read a Brit go on about American boorishness (see: alcohol, black-out).
Here in Spain, you go around convincing others you are American if you want to get kicked out of a bar or restaurant. 
Mine is very dry, too, Foo. At some point tomorrow I'm going to dig up the remaindered shirting of the peach Chambray and if see there is big difference in the pilling. That is to say, I am fairly certain that it is not slubbiness, but I'll check.
Derek,    That article, though a horror in every way(even for NYT), made me realize I've not seen a grown man with a gold chain around his neck in years. The thought made me so happy I set fire to my shirt.
For what little it's worth, when I brought a length of Will's peach chambray to my shirtmaker in 2011, the first thing the head cutter said to me was, "this has poly in it." I knew at the time that it was not the so-called old-loomed stuff because my shirtmaker stocks it in blue and the differences are pronounced, but I didn't press him to elaborate. Two years later I'm beginning to suspect that he was right. The shirt hardly wrinkles and has pilled quite a bit (in a...
One significant difference is that the finishing on Meermins is consistently poor. I know many on the forum love the brand, but the five or six times I've been in the Claudio Coello shop I've left thinking one is better off with a pair of Allen Edmonds (shapely lasts be damned). This is not to say that the finishing on a pair of Carminas is without fault. I've seen seconds on display as firsts in every Madrid shop, but they are still not so obviously poorly finished as...
SM,   I'd never heard of Textiber until I moved here, and I found them a good replacement for Thomas Mason, which Burgos doesn't stock. In fact, Textiber doesn't seem to be quite so hit or miss as TM, and provides similar value.    Do reply about the puckering when you've time.   Thanks, R   PS I am beginning to agree with you about SG's chambray. Though I like the color and hand of the two I have, I'm not certain they are going to hold up terribly...
Shirtmaven,   Are you referring to the puckering on the placket? It is a bit exaggerated in the photo. I am curious about how a high SPI affects certain shirtings, though. Would you explain further (again, just curious)? The chambray is not nearly as open as the voile, yet the chambray does pucker a bit more. Wouldn't the voile pucker as much or more, then?   The Bengal is a standard 100s broadcloth from the Spanish firm textivea. Thanks, R
Sorry, ET. don't know why I got a bit defensive there. I really did just want to change the recent tenor of thread. The finishing on Burgos' shirts is quite good, but it may take a bit of work to get the fit you want, though perhaps not more than it does with other makers not named Kabbaz.  R
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