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re all :)           briefcase/bag – Chiarugi (repainting of Andrey Glushenko) headwear – Stetson tie – Ermenegildo Zegna pocket squares – Bespoke suspenders – Albert Thurston cufflinks – Monblanc shoes – Trickers socks – Pantherella jacket – Bespoke trousers/pants – Bespoke waistcoat – Bespoke shirt – Bespoke
Pravda You're from RF or SNG? (just wondering)
You are absolutely right. And very copmetency. Thank you!
my normal weight is 76 to 80 kg. At this weight I have 10-12% body fat. This fact is recorded in different ways measurement. On the photo I posted above, my weight is about 86-kg. It is easy to calculate what percentage of fat there.The abdominal muscles are visible due to their size and elaboration. and also due to the vertical lighting that makes the relief stronger. With a body weight of 76-kg I look quite different.And the fact about 10-12% percent body fat is normal...
A small monochrome photoset from us. All have a good weekend!
I give real advice that I know professionally. And everyone who has a head on his shoulders has the right (after carefully reading) - to follow the advice given or leave it as is. Have a complaint about the disparity of fit clothing. due to individual characteristics. I answered 2 times how to solve this problem. First time using of clothing: This method...
Good day, Koala-T!Can I give You advice?Recently there was a discussion about the Constitution of the human body, and the fit of the clothes.You have the feature that there are many (such as me). Namely, wide hips in relation to shoulder width.In your case, this effect is mainly from the wide bones of pelvis.And you claimed that You have a small weight for your height and that you have no excess weight. The trouble with the width of the bone.It's true, but only partly.I...
        briefcase/bag – Filson headwear – Stetson gloves – Roeckl tie – Polo Ralph Lauren belt – Ermenegildo Zegna bracelet – Viola Milano down vest – Ralph Lauren cardigan – Brooks Brothers shirt – Ralph Lauren shoes – Church socks – Pantherella waistcoat – Bespoke jeans – Bespoke perfume – XerJoff “Dhofar”
 it H&S #880600
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