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Does anyone know of a good tailor in the Little Rock, Arkansas area, or know of a better place to ask this question?   Thanks.
I'd say the first look is the best, including the tie.
I got these PAs on ebay for $40. The scratch on the toe was not in the picture when I bought them. Is this something that can be fixed by re-crafting (which I planned to do anyway), or should I just return them? I apologize for the terrible picture quality.
  Those look great. Thanks!
Can anyone recommend a place to find a thick/cable knit turtleneck sweater? Or is there a reason most of them seem to be in the women's section...
It looks like it's pulling pretty tightly when buttoned. Could be what's causing those crease marks on the back.
Looking here might help: If you haven't already, try skimming through the What Are You Wearing Now thread(s) for ideas.
Thanks IrateCustomer!  
Any suggestions on where a broke student could find some grey flannel pants? BB at retail is out of my price range. The ones I've seen on ebay aren't my size (32x33/34).
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