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  I have a piccola and a fina swatch right in front of me. The difference in the appearance of the weave is basically nonexistent. Even with the two right next to each other, visually it's really almost a microscopic difference.   One distinction between the two (though still very similar) is the feel of the fabric. I'm no tailor, so I'll do my best to explain it as I can. I can feel the "undulations" of the weave a bit more on the fina when running my finger across it....
  I went for the grossa, though I really liked the fina and the piccola as well.
Hi all. I stumbled upon this thread a few weeks ago. After spending some (probably way too much) time reading through this entire thread, I ordered some swatches. After receiving them, I've decided to order my first Hober, a navy grenadine tie. Looking forward to it. I'm confident it'll live up to the hype.
PM'd. Thanks.
Hi all. I'm new here on the forum. I've done a pretty thorough search on threads related to the rise of suit pants, but I have a question I'm hoping some might be able to help me with.   I recently went in for the first fitting of a suit I had custom made. The rise seemed to be cut too short (i.e. the pants hugged my crotch more than they should have). The tailor, to his credit, immediately noticed this and started analyzing the issue. He made some horizontal chalk...
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