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Seconding this. Don't know why it's so damned hard to find 36Rs. I'll be pulling the trigger on a solid Navy 36R as soon as one becomes available.
Mm. I guess I could wait until July 20, especially since I don't have a suit yet... Thanks for the heads up.   I started this thread hoping to get more input on the other shoes though, mostly wishing somebody would have experience with those brands and could offer a comparison. I don't suppose anybody has tried the other shoes/companies mentioned and could offer their impressions?
Interesting how going with the option at the high end of the price is considered settling... Does this mean the other options aren't even worth considering by your standards? Anyways, thanks for the link, but I was already aware of that thread All my price estimates are totals, after shipping and handling.
Hello friends,   I'm looking to purchase a pair of black oxford captoes for work and interviews. I'm hoping to keep it under $200, but I'd be willing to beyond that if there's a good value proposition. Hoping for a good combination of durability, style, and price. I've done a bit of research on my own, but I was hoping I could get some people to weigh in on the construction/material quality of what I'm considering right now:   Allen Edmonds Park Avenue - I already have a...
Received my shoes today, they were shipped within hours of money changing hands. In excellent condition as advertised and original packaging. Arkane has been very responsive and it has been a pleasure doing business with him.
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