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Which do you guys prefer for a formal tie with a navy suit: prince of wales or english plaid?
Been away from the shoe game for a while. Anyone have any scoops on upcoming AE sales? It seems like the 2/$200 sale ought to be coming up soon. Any news?
Fina. It's frickin' sweet.
Just got my dark navy grenadine, 6 fold, untipped, hand rolled edges. Pics soon!
Interesting.   David, what is your favorite tie that you have made/make?
Ordered a Dark Navy Fina, 6-fold, untipped, rolled edges. Can't wait, and will post pics when it arrives. David is fantastic to work with!
  Love the socks in general. Source? I've been looking for horizontally striped socks where the stripes are narrow like these for a while, and can't seem to find any....
HAHA. Fracking necromanced.
Am I the only one who can't see a single video posted in this thread?
Hard to see....
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