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thank you very much for the information. 
sorry for the very late reply. Thank you for the information ! 
sorry for the very late reply. Thank you for the information ! 
first two films on this list, suits were made by Douglas Hayward. As a matter of fact, Michael Caine based the character of Alfie on Hayward. Also a certain percentage of Roger Moore's Bond films were costumed by Hayward. You can indeed see Matt S for citations. 
It looks like Nasser Al Sabah, the ruler of Kuwait
I was wondering if anyone knows much about Redaelli suits and the history of the firm? I inherited a suit made by them and I was curious because I haven't heard of them before. This particular suit is made from a fairly luxurious fabric, it has a great deal of handwork, and it has a floating canvas so I would guess that it was not inexpensive when it was purchased. 
Major Jr was trained by Dimi from a young age, and despite his modest demeanour is an outstanding cutter, though of course there is always an element of subjectivity in an opinion like that.  I am not old enough to remember this, but I'm told that in his father's generation, the appreciation of the virtues of a bespoke suit were more widespread and that many men would have at least one suit made, for special occasions, weddings etc. So it may have been easier for a Savile...
    depends on your definition of traditional. - "cut/padding on the mildly softer side; not A&S drapey floatey, but not Poole/Huntsman either" (from post 3 just below yours) seems a fair description. 
I had the great good fortune yesterday, of stumbling upon a hidden treasure: D.Major Bespoke Tailor in Fulham. Connoisseurs of the James Bond films may recognise the name. Dimi Major made the suits worn by George Lazenby in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. He also made suits privately for Sean Connery and innumerable  other household names. After training at Bailey and Weatherill, he acquired his premises in Fulham, where for a time he was in partnership with Douglas...
This is so true. I have often thought this about clothes. If you took the labels off various items of clothing, how many people could tell the difference? (except when comparing the very highest and the very lowest quality). 
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