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Hi Mike I have a quick question about a fix for a pair of rivets. I noticed yesterday that the front left belt loop was sewn through the left pocket bag. They were special order 38s so no biggie on QC but is this something I can trust any decent tailor with and not worry about ruining the pocket? Thanks!
Thanks Mike. I'm at the last purchase screen and am hesitant about shipping as the shirt is for an interview next Thursday... Do you think "free" would make it to California by then?
Hey guys, haven't been on for a while and had a quick question. Buying a white pin dot oxford right now but wanted to double check, has the shirting fit changed at all in the last year? Thanks
Sup yall.  Looking to let go of two Epaulet shirts.  Ashland Grey OCBD in L ($100) and the Epaulet sunset madras buttondown from last year in XL ($85 - note: missing a cuff button).    Weight gain has made both shirts a little too tight in the chest/midsection.  Shoot me a PM if interested.    
greencast denim from the FF shirts.  was lurking right when they went up, stared at it for 3 hours and decided to sleep on it. gone when i woke up... got a gauzy tartan after the fact but it was only a consolation
I just wanted to say that you guys did a *great* job with those new shirts.  Ideally I would cop them all.
cpo = chief petty officer
Does the cotton/linen streaky chambray fall under the "cold wash hang dry" umbrella? 
Awesome, thanks Adele!. That and the green cast denim were shirts I instantly regretted missing so this worked perfect.
Are those single cuts available for purchase? The link only shows a pic. I'd love another shot at the gauzy tartan.
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