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  Come on man.  You have got to be too old to be making insults and wild accusations towards someone you do not know.  Not only is it immature, but it is bad for business.  But who am I to tell you that.   Also, I do not know the guy.  Also I would not be surprised if Wolverine is purposely letting him release pictures of the shoe to stir up just this type of conversation about it.  But what I do know is that him releasing pictures of a freakin' shoe, is no where near as...
1.  I do think the green shoe looks great.  With the right pants they would look nice.   2.  I do not see why anyone here is upset that there is someone releasing pictures early.  That is something Wolverine should worry about.
I have seen the same pics.  A sharp looking shoe to me which lead me to place my order in.  
Double post
      I saw the pics he posted and it convinced me to pull the trigger on the boots.
Any suggestions for a loose/relaxed fit jean that is boot cut with a regular or high rise?  I do a lot of lifting and have a larger bottom and thighs, and slim/regular fit are a no-go for me.  I love the Levi 501 shrink to fits. The fit they have without washing is a perfect match for me.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I was just looking at your size 11D 721 ltd.  What # of 1000 is it?
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