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about damn time  
 Can't know if you don't ask. I would.
Thanks guys, just sold that Brioni for $105. Obviously underpriced if it sold that fast, but I'm obviously happy with 100x lol.
 PLEATED. That's the word. I was going with ruffled and didn't like it.   Yeah, euc. First true thrift non-old-as-hell Brioni too so that was nice. I passed on it once cause I thought it was some novelty, luckily I saw the reinforced stitching in the neck and went back. Thanks for the pricing heads up!
I'd shoot myself if I had to individually respond to all the best offers I get. I have a price that I want which I set the listing to accept any offer over and auto-decline any offer under. I also price everything knowing that 5 days of the week the item will be under 20 and 25% sales. But yeah, fuck dealing with offers. I don't have any interest in adding that should-I-or-should-I-wait thing into my day. I do lowball the hell out of other sellers on the daily though...
    Anyone want me to proxy a Mighty Mac? I have one, they're warm. Fits like a large.        Should I pick these up? Vintage letter jackets.             
 Yes, you do. Your change over the past year is one of the reasons I am confident cm casual is accessible. I've been seeing Parker and Kaplan pop up on SF since I begin lurking here two years ago, but didn't know there was a thread with more people like them. Subbed.
 hey. i true laugh from your sig. props. 
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