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 No, it doesn't, but like Florida everyone has an arctic coat for the rare chance at <50F weather. 
someone needs to thrift a western mountaineering jacket anything so @Fueco and i can get excited about something
 I don't think this is shell, but I do think they are a great condition/well maintained pair of loafers that seem to have avoided most creasing. I think this because I don't see rippling, but I do see spots of micro creasing: 
 those calves though
 For a looooong time I've been telling myself that my first or second design project will be to build a simple website business card. What might allow that company to survive is that it isn't app based (well, per se - the web is a macro app). Neat idea, though I dunno how I feel about their savvy card template. 
 Wow. Nice thrift.
 Wow. How many points do you think that cost you?
  god i love rei's return policy.
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