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Didn't realize there was a revision form I could send. I sent a message to the buyer to be sure it was a mistake, and plan to call ebay after I get that confirmation. Didn't realize it carries a defect, that's good to know.   Thanks guys!
 Yeah, ebay resizes to a square, but even if that's the case two sides should be touching the outer edge of the 'frame'. I upload 4:3 rectangle images for everything and don't have that issue. It's like thefastlife uploaded an image with white space already present, but I'm assuming he didn't do that. Weird.
Are these fake? I had a GA tie with this tag once before and felt the authenticity was suspect.  
 No comment on your picture (sorry), and you may already know this, but that is a suit coat. 
 I don't have an answer for this, but I can confirm it is an issue with USPS. Mail lady at my old place would misscan often. I watched her do it, twice actually. And yeah, I got irritated customers because of that. I don't know what happened to the defects.
 wait, wat? are those screws? vintage danner?
 Good to know!
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