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 Can't help, but great pictures.
Is this a kid's large? PRL flannel marked L.   Chest: 22" Shoulder: 17.25" Neck: 13.625" Sleeve: 21.625" BOC: 28.25"
learnin every day
 Huh. Yeah alright you guys make sense. Just realized I'm really hypocritical with this since I used to thrift exlcusively online and would send 10-15 lowballs per day, whether the item was BINBO or auction. Still send a few lowballs per week. Though I do feel my offers were always far more polite than "$x.xx". Will use a generic decline in the future. 
I doubt it, but will Alden take in shoes they make for other brands for their recrafting service? Will they work a pair of Alden for BB shoes?
On topic, I finally had a chance to do this a few days ago on a $11 shirt. Felt great.   Buyer full message:   7.99   My full message:   15.99
 I actually wish I could hide views/watchers until a weekly review or something. I find it very distracting.
Also, I've lost weight and literally do not have a single pair of pants that fit me. Please hit me up if you have slim 28-29/32 pants. Not looking for nice things to improve my wardrobe with as it currently doesn't exist. Before I lost weight J Crew Bowery fit were my favorite pants, and I'm constantly wearing Gap urban slim fit with a cinched down strap type belt (as I don't have a fitting belt either).
 Quality doesn't matter, in fact it'd be better if the coats were Jos A Bank level. The issue has to be sheen from drycleaning and not other problems. The jacket can have other issues, as I'm going to cut the thing up and will not use areas without sheen. But I'm basically looking to get the most total yardage of sheen-ed out fabric.
 Educational marketing!
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