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 not an ethrift but you guys have seen drlivingston's tie store buyouts right? now if he'd only pm me back about those       
 i think know what you mean, i don't get excited by single brands or even small lots anymore. being around longer and in texas can't help.
 late but since i ethrift almost exclusively i don't get the in-person highs like the rest of you.   ebay was 190 something shipped. selling one of the last ties today brings it over 1500
about damn time  
 Can't know if you don't ask. I would.
Thanks guys, just sold that Brioni for $105. Obviously underpriced if it sold that fast, but I'm obviously happy with 100x lol.
 PLEATED. That's the word. I was going with ruffled and didn't like it.   Yeah, euc. First true thrift non-old-as-hell Brioni too so that was nice. I passed on it once cause I thought it was some novelty, luckily I saw the reinforced stitching in the neck and went back. Thanks for the pricing heads up!
I'd shoot myself if I had to individually respond to all the best offers I get. I have a price that I want which I set the listing to accept any offer over and auto-decline any offer under. I also price everything knowing that 5 days of the week the item will be under 20 and 25% sales. But yeah, fuck dealing with offers. I don't have any interest in adding that should-I-or-should-I-wait thing into my day. I do lowball the hell out of other sellers on the daily though...
    Anyone want me to proxy a Mighty Mac? I have one, they're warm. Fits like a large.        Should I pick these up? Vintage letter jackets.             
 Yes, you do. Your change over the past year is one of the reasons I am confident cm casual is accessible. I've been seeing Parker and Kaplan pop up on SF since I begin lurking here two years ago, but didn't know there was a thread with more people like them. Subbed.
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