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Just got the PM from Brian. Thanks so much for heading this up Spoo.
Two things:   How do I research these or sneakers in general? I don't know anything about sneakers but they were $4 and good condition.                Second, what is "the method"? I pass on a lot of shirts I would otherwise get due to collar/pit sweat stains. Also have ~15 shirts in the basement that I'm not willing to list right now with staining. 
 yeah, i feel the same way actually. i guess we both wouldn't be customers for these shirts. very interested in running a trial on the difference in sales with a large batch of listings that have shoulder and sleeve measurements too.   no, that is not. has an unpaid case been opened and closed each time? definitely block him.
 yeah i thought the same thing two months ago, needed money quick and was curious if firesale-d brooks brothers would sell with really minimal work. but i'm like 150 sold and no messages for returns so far. both the truzzi and borrelli i found got measurements, but for this nickel and dime stuff it seems to be enough. i could be ultimately wrong on that, will see.
lol. thought ya'll would also get a kick out of this         i have the process for $10 and $15 shirt listings down to the minute. lol i can't afford to offer more.  
 holy shit that is so cool
What size is this? Custom suit, no tag.    Chest (pit to pit):    20” Jacket Waist (flat across):    18.75” Shoulder (seam to seam):    17.5" Sleeve (shoulder to cuff):    25.875" (feels like 1.25" could be let out) Length (Back of collar to hem):    30.75"   Also wow @ the lily pulitzer. and props for the tip on old footjoys/replacing the spikes. 
 yeah but they don't have bacon ipsum
wow. saw a post and realized I needed to catch up on a few days of pages. really, truly sad. @SpooPoker  please keep us updated on the date and details for this group auction.
 Thanks! Saved me my first thrift trip savings. Is Nashville worth it? 
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