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i brought cases of coke and mountain dew to camp one year. this one kid was really thirsty and i got him for $1.25. he had no idea i was sitting on them at $.25 per
 wait what? 4800 yen is $40? you can get that seiko for $40? jesus.
 Well, at least Belarus is for sure. Sold something two weeks ago and couldn't print online.  --- Does anyone have trouble with the Markdown Manager? ANY time I use it only a third to half of my items go on sale. Not having everything run on my sales is definitely hurting, as I price with constant sales in mind. Is there a trick to getting it to affect all active listings? I know and always use the "Select all active listings".
I'm going to Charleston tomorrow to help out a friend and will only have time for one store. I don't know Charleston, so I was going to pick something from google maps. If someone wants to hit me up with a good location for a one-of in Charleston, SC, I would send you my best find (if I do get anything)! Leaving early tomorrow. 
 I'm of the opinion that the gallery photo is 90% of what matters (for ties at least). Yes, your shots could be better, but if you can nail that gallery shot it doesn't matter much (IMO). After watching Brian and Spoo, I settled on a knot shot for the thumbnail a long time ago ago. I think that shot allows you to get close enough to the pattern while still giving the identity on a base level. Once that good gallery shot has got them to click/thumb the listing, they can and...
now it's tooo late to apoogyzzze 
 Both I and my friend were unable to print on Friday, though it was glitchy enough to allow a few labels to print and cancel the others. Not sure if these issues are related.
been curiously watching this since it went up.
on one hand, the past two months finds in here have redefined any bar i've seen set over the past two years. on the other, that now means that pomeroy and huntsman pieces in the same post only get 5 upvotes. the world is getting colder.  
New Posts  All Forums: