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    Anyone want me to proxy a Mighty Mac? I have one, they're warm. Fits like a large.        Should I pick these up? Vintage letter jackets.             
 Yes, you do. Your change over the past year is one of the reasons I am confident cm casual is accessible. I've been seeing Parker and Kaplan pop up on SF since I begin lurking here two years ago, but didn't know there was a thread with more people like them. Subbed.
 hey. i true laugh from your sig. props. 
 Yours is the more 'ideal' Hermes tie though. Animal print, optimal spacing between the foulard. 
auctioned one of those crazy 90s versace ties and titled it well using @SpooPoker and @Brianpore conversation awhile back (  ). it did better than I thought it would at auction.    buyer emails me a week later:   buyer: Hello. I am sorry for the long wait, but something happened with my car and I cant afford this. Can we please cancel this transaction? me: Yeah, that's fine. I'll send a cancellation request which you'll need to accept. Please do so and you'll be good...
(I will reply to the wonderful posts helping me dress better, but I don't have time now)   Croc/gator?    
Picked this up yesterday but missed some faint yellow stains on front and back. $8 shipped to anyone who wants it else I'm redonating. Marked 15 neck and measures 25.25" from shoulder to sleeve. French cuffed.    
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