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(angry muttering)
What style tie is this? Feels like there isn't any interlining, one piece construction. Second one I've seen by GA.       
also, nice thick canali    [[SPOILER]]
first person who can tell me who makes this tie gets it free shipped.  [[SPOILER]]   made for the H Stockton store in Atlanta. extremely nice print design, great heft, and almost a madder-esque silk; on par or surpassing the hermes/ferragamo i've had. would do far better going to someone here than on the bay.
 why does the tie look enormous?
lol.   "Men's Italian silk tie"   oh, and two "ralph lauren" ties from linda.  
 That makes so much sense. I push everything through Adobe Bridge first then through Photoshop.   Huh. That's clever. If Bridge can't do batch EXIF data then I'll need to find a Mac alternative to your program. 
 I don't use iPhoto (I do have a Mac), but I have been frustrated for months because 1/2 the pictures that are uploaded from my camera are mis-oriented. I've been thinking it was my camera (and it may be), but if you're having rotation issues I wonder if orientation information is stored in the EXIF data attached to the jpeg file when it's imported from the camera (which means it could be a much more universal feature). For me, the photos that have altered orientation are...
 You can use a tracking number twice with no problem, but if you use the (hidden but AWESOME) Bulk Shipping Label tool, there is an option to combine the shipments if payment has already been completed. 
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