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 Yeah. I remember that listing and passed. Versace?
 Only just recently opened a store and have been editing unsold listings in bulk long before that. 
 Tie lots on the bay are awesome.
ethrift just came in the mail. all dunhill.   
 there goes that snipe...
 Sure, I'd want DC too. But it's bothering me because the auction was advertised differently.
 I understand this, but I would offer the less expensive alongside express. Who knows, he could have purchased expecting express and took time to pay for another reason.
 Natural lighting + good depth of field makes anything look good. 
lol, this looks bad, but in that post I did mean to say TJhambone09 had dibs. 
Around here shirts are 3.75 or 4 at GW + tax. I figured there would be other places around the country that were similar. I also knew that in other places prices would be higher, but the numbers I used couldn't accommodate that (maybe that can change, but I'm trying to keep myself safe). I did not at all mean to insult anyone, but that price is borne of the conclusion I came to from excel. Anyways, I've got this for a little while before I throw it up on that other place: ...
New Posts  All Forums: