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lol. i've checked @silverwarebandit's instagram several times since last night and can now empathize some with the ra-ra-redistribute-all-wealth freshmen. each time i look at that picture of 15 brioni/zilli jackets i get upset.
 and now i know why i didn't see the eg script on the inside wall. thanks guys!
 do you know that from the heel? i thought made in england + script was always EG
this is EG right?  got maaaad outsniped. auction went from $8 to 110+ in one minute.
pop   Also, if anyone could fill me on if these three jackets are orphans, that'd be great. I left them.   [[SPOILER]]
 Thanks for the info jebarne, and thank you for including some bigger city context!
 So happy someone else is enjoying Asheville! I haven't seen much else but it's an amazing place to live.
Who thrifts in Raleigh? Got out for the first time in several months now that my semester is on and was sorely dissapointed. I figured I'd have several duds making the rounds for the first time, but I hit eight stores and my best find was a tweed Gieves & Hawkes. Didn't get to all of the Raleigh area, only had time for central + NE Raleigh today, but damn. I make the full rounds in my little mountain town and come back with at least 1 bread/butter piece and a tie on a poor...
 i believe you can if the building is free standing or the own the whole thing. one day I will own the building, and I will be able to smoke in the office.
This is garza, right? Want to make sure I'm not misrepresenting.
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