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 Ah, yeah I'd personally block at that point. First issue seemed cheap, not asshole level to me. Threatening feedback though is different.  God damn I love that show. I kinda think of Spoo as Avon, Brian as Stringer, and Wes as Joe. Not sure who Slim Charles is though.  
 Ehh, that doesn't seem worth a blacklist.
 well now i know that round two atleast involves national security.
There is a significantly sized section on Fiverr where many sellers will video themselves blowing up a balloon till it pops in their face.
 yeah i think that is Caramel Cash.  You probably saw this but the first four google results for 'alden "662"' list burnished tan. They could have been uniformly faded.
Is this a 36L or 36R? Obv not tagged.   Chest (pit to pit, laid flat): 19.375” Jacket Waist (flat across): 18.25” Shoulder (seam to seam): 16.25" Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 26” Length (Back of collar to hem): 30.375" Lapel: 3"
also lol
@breakaway01, @jebarne, and others, thanks for discussing photo gritty in here. Even if you're disgareeing over methods I'm learning. I can reference these posts later.
 If you're using Lightroom, try playing with Match Total Exposure. Under Settings > Match Total Exposure. You can select all photos you wish to adjust, select the photo you wish to use as a reference, click Match Total Exposure (also Command+Shift+M), and Lightroom will adjust all your selected photos to the exposure based on your reference. Matters more for me because my setup doesn't provide close to pure backgrounds consistently.
 And this, is reason #1 why I liked sending things your way. Props!
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