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Picked this up yesterday but missed some faint yellow stains on front and back. $8 shipped to anyone who wants it else I'm redonating. Marked 15 neck and measures 25.25" from shoulder to sleeve. French cuffed.    
 I appreciate that. But what I don't know is what to begin buying first. I know that I should buy the most versatile, staple items first. But, the guides I can find which have 'buy this first' items listed are not aimed at how I want to dress (like yourself and other great more-casual-than-office-wear-but-not-full-streat dressers in WAYWT). If you didn't have any clothing, what would be the first five things you'd focus on purchasing? If you have the time and are willing,...
 This is exactly how I wish I dressed. But it's really hard to break into this when all guides are either 'how to dress as a college student' and 'hey, this is how you wear starter suits and ties for the workplace'.
 Good to know, thanks. You'll be able to tell for yourself once that box arrives lol.
How do you differentiate a Trafalgar limited brace vs a normal set of braces? Searched the thread and it looks like limited ones have a repeating printed motif like fly fishing flies or whatever, but is there something more specific than that?
not cheap, but cheap considering. posting because it's uncommon and this was a custom order.    6 solid color wool triangle tip skinny ties from Holland & Sherry. unworn, custom. all 2.75x50". obv not my listing. $260 shipped, though i doubt it will sell for that and i figure you can haggle him down after the listing goes unsold.
27 Charvet shirts in lots of three. Some Kiton polos too. All size 38/15. Look to be in excellent condition.
 that will sell.
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