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 For a looooong time I've been telling myself that my first or second design project will be to build a simple website business card. What might allow that company to survive is that it isn't app based (well, per se - the web is a macro app). Neat idea, though I dunno how I feel about their savvy card template. 
 Wow. Nice thrift.
 Wow. How many points do you think that cost you?
  god i love rei's return policy.
 This, so much this. I HATE updating listings from ebay itself for this reason (though for me it's like 1/3rd the time). ALSO, how do you guys title grenadine textured ties? I titled 'grenadine texture' on a gren texture burberry tie ...and it's getting more traffic than I think is warranted. I have a T&A grentex tie I'm going to list soon but idk if I should title it that way again.
who's the dumbass at brioni who thought it'd be smart to stick pieces of sharp edged metal on printed ties   
 working on it... 
Is dry cleaning ties effective? I ethrifted 5 Salvatore Ferragamo ties with surface and deeper stains that I'm considering whether to return them or keep and try to clean.    Hell, I have a bag of ties with issues that I'm on the fence about trying to clean or re-donating. So yeah – how effective is cleaning ties?
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