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thought this would happen before, but hey       
 if you put it in a dark place for a long enough time it will come back. i uncooked an egg once like that
On Made in England ties: am I looking for the CH or MD initials? MD is Michael Drake but for some reason I remembering to check for CH.
i brought cases of coke and mountain dew to camp one year. this one kid was really thirsty and i got him for $1.25. he had no idea i was sitting on them at $.25 per
 wait what? 4800 yen is $40? you can get that seiko for $40? jesus.
 Well, at least Belarus is for sure. Sold something two weeks ago and couldn't print online.  --- Does anyone have trouble with the Markdown Manager? ANY time I use it only a third to half of my items go on sale. Not having everything run on my sales is definitely hurting, as I price with constant sales in mind. Is there a trick to getting it to affect all active listings? I know and always use the "Select all active listings".
I'm going to Charleston tomorrow to help out a friend and will only have time for one store. I don't know Charleston, so I was going to pick something from google maps. If someone wants to hit me up with a good location for a one-of in Charleston, SC, I would send you my best find (if I do get anything)! Leaving early tomorrow. 
 I'm of the opinion that the gallery photo is 90% of what matters (for ties at least). Yes, your shots could be better, but if you can nail that gallery shot it doesn't matter much (IMO). After watching Brian and Spoo, I settled on a knot shot for the thumbnail a long time ago ago. I think that shot allows you to get close enough to the pattern while still giving the identity on a base level. Once that good gallery shot has got them to click/thumb the listing, they can and...
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