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 i, too, shop with linda'sstuff
               + some other oxxford and nice stuff            $9.42/piece
 thirds. my best individual store haul was today. other than the ~30 (lol, not a joke) incotex two weeks ago, it's been the worst store in my route. a fourth of my past routes i've just passed by. never again after today.
holy shit i wish i had invested in strobe lighting 3 years ago
and no one is going to roll with a firm that has 'diet' in it's title. read that in a marketing book somewhere.
 the industry supports itself man
coke, kanye & crew
lol jompso you're def the kayne of this thread
Psyched to be a part of this finally! Watched two of these go by, not this time.  [[SPOILER]]
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