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 Was trying to determine whether to send it to you or not.    
 Bottom left is empty, but bottom right has "2" if that helps. The tag has "Drop 7". Could that that mean the drop that should be present on pants? Indicating there should be pants?
xpost from thrift thread:  
ideas on whether this is a sportcoat or orphan? seems to be but the silk/wool tag is throwing me off. three button, charcoal black, dual vent. no pants in sight and i don't know how to read the makers tag.    
So for almost two years I've been irritated by images being incorrectly oriented when they come out of my camera. Finally found a way to fix it. The fix requires a program that works at the command line, which can be somewhat bewildering if you haven't used it before. [[SPOILER]]
Proud of us, guys. I think Brian would be too.
Just got the PM from Brian. Thanks so much for heading this up Spoo.
Two things:   How do I research these or sneakers in general? I don't know anything about sneakers but they were $4 and good condition.                Second, what is "the method"? I pass on a lot of shirts I would otherwise get due to collar/pit sweat stains. Also have ~15 shirts in the basement that I'm not willing to list right now with staining. 
 yeah, i feel the same way actually. i guess we both wouldn't be customers for these shirts. very interested in running a trial on the difference in sales with a large batch of listings that have shoulder and sleeve measurements too.   no, that is not. has an unpaid case been opened and closed each time? definitely block him.
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