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     2.5" x 53.5"
^ Madder is also a feel. I've seen it described as 'chalky' and that echos the only Madder I've handled. Top one definitely looks like it could be described like that.   Oh, and write ACID JAZZ instead. Been wanting to use that for awhile.
 well you certainly go faster than me. my purpose was to give you props, because i find the monotony of listing to be awful. mad respect for 200 items in a week. 
 if you say so dude
 wait what? you listed 200 in a week?
 And post the measurements alongside your interpreted sizing. You'll get asked for them in a PM anyways.
 please don't describe anything that way
 thanks! if only i was at your photo game for everything else!
 both have bids (but can be found here and here [and i'll take off 30% of the final sale price if you identify yourself as a SF member]). tbh i should have posted rare stuff like that here first, ebay can have the bread & butter. i knew gren was hot but jesus.
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