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A sampling for this week, click pictures to view auctions:                                                      
Because I've had trouble finding it twice now, the link to initiate the new ebay Bulk Shipping Tool with any to-be-shipped orders http://bulk.labels.ebay.com/postage/create?    The SKU discussion/workflow discussion on this thread in the past few weeks has been unmatched by any other available information on the web. Great, great job guys.
This fake? May just be new, but I haven't seen this logo styling before. Same logo/styling on another HF tie I have too: [[SPOILER]]
 this is fucking excellent.
 Smart, thanks for posting.
What it also allows you to do is sort by SKU, and the reprice based on SKU. Still time consuming en masse, but wasn't possible at all before. FAR more important imo. I have items from five months ago that I simply want gone and would be willing to run .99 auctions on. Playing 'hey this thumbnail looks like a pic I took five months ago', or 'I wouldn't have bought that now' fucking sucks. But still, bigger than that is for months I have been wanting to reprice on a two...
 Oh hell yes.  The maker tag? That's what the contents/location tag at the tail is called?
Real? I've seen and sold Ben Silver before, but I ask because it came in with some other ties that I'm pretty sure are fake.   
 This is very good point, and it addresses the main concern of the client. Possibly collect your higher priced sales, with information on the average sale price for similar items at the time. I would think that would easily be the biggest difference between yourself and competing cosigners, so why not highlight? 
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