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Looks good!
I used the the Filson Tin Cloth wax to wax the corners of my bag as was suggested by the associate in the store. He said it should help the bag hold up longer, since the corners take most of the beating. They definitely look darker and have attracted more dirt than the rest of the bag.He said that if I wanted to wax the whole bag, make sure I wax it with the grain of the fabric, and run a heat gun (a blow dryer won't get hot enough) over the bag to make sure the wax...
  I second this! Filson is incredible about returns. I've returned 2 items after a months of owning them simply because they ended up not being as functional as I thought they would be. They guys at the flagship store have never bat an eye at making the return.   My suggestion is to just return your bag and get the one you want.  
I'm Matt. I'm in my mid 20's and live a double life. I'm a sales consultant for large IT Firm, but also am going to school to become a travel journalist. I'm here to get tips, advice, and inspiration to dress myself in a manner that is not only comfortable in both settings, but accentuates my dual personalities. I want to be professional as a journalist and worldly as a business man.
I'm looking to get a pair of black and a pair of brown dress boots. I'd like to spend around $150 or less, but I want them to be of pretty high quality. Does anybody have any suggestions? It would be great if they were American made, but it's not the most important aspect.
  I picked up a small Tin Cloth duflel at the flagship store for $99 a couple of weeks ago and I love it! I've hauled it in a rain storm in the back of truck, dropped it in the mud, and (for a brief moment) dipped half of it in the lake... it slipped out of my hands, but I caught it before the whole bag was submerged. All the while, my clothes have stayed completely dry and the bag was dried off in no time.   I put a fresh coat of wax on it the day I bought it. The...
** See post #1174
**I uploaded the wrong picture earlier today This post is in response to the question regarding the size of the Original Briefcase for daily use. I work in sales and need to make sure that I'm always prepared while in the field. In my bag right now I have: A 15" laptop BlackBerry Playbook tablet BlackBerry Bold phone An iPod A 1"-thick catalog from one of my vendors My field Journal (5"x8" notepad to jot notes down throughout the day) My 10"x13" portfolio A deck of...
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