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No, this doesn't have any interior pockets. It has two exterior end pockets. The regular duffle only has two interior end pockets. If you're looking for a bag for school, I would suggest the briefcase or laptop bag. I've got a 256 in tan and use it for everything!
Oil Finish Tin Cloth Duffle. The small is $99 (I own it and love it!) and the medium is $149, I believe.
I waxed the bottom corners of my briefcase since that's where most of the wear and tear occurs (I posted pictures a couple pages earlier). I carry my briefcase around town for about 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. It's been rained on alot here in Seattle, but it's kept all of my bag's contents nice and dry so far.
Haha I wouldn't call it "worn", just well loved.
I can't wait to will a bag that looks like this to one of my grandsons once I'm dead and gone.PS, I'm only 25 now and my 256 is only a few months old, so I still have alot of years of use to get out of my briefcase.
      If you don't mind me adding input here-   I've been trying to tackle the same issue: Large Carry On vs. Pullman vs. Large Travel Bag. I went to the filson store and picked the brains of just about everybody in there. It was pretty unanymous that the Pullman is the way to go.   First of all, being able to fully open the Large Carry On and Pullman completely knocked the Large Travel Bag out of the competition.   The exterior pockets of the Pullman are more easily...
    I'll go ahead and let you be That Guy who's gear is ruined when his precious $1000 "decent" bag goes over the side of the boat while fishing, or is in the back of a truck that you've just walked a mile away from when it gets caught in a rain storm.   Seriously, If you are not a fan of Filson bags, get off this thread. As far as I've seen, nobody here holds your opinion to a very high standard any way.
Does anybody know where I can pick up a shoulder strap?
Thank you all for the great advice. I've found quite a few Alden and Allen Edmonds on Ebay for under $150 each.
    I wear a suit and tie every day and work in sales, so I bring my tan briefcase with me everywhere; whether I'm cold calling or making a sales pitch. I get compliments from about 80% of the people I talk to... Then again, I live and work in Seattle where (I would assume) Filson is more well known and well received than anywhere else.
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