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I'd hold out for an actual briefcase. Not that a Duffle wouldn't get you through, I honestly would worry about the safety of it's contents though.Buying a Filson Bag for the sake of having a Filson Bag isn't worth compromising the integrity of the items you put in it. After all, the point of using a Filson Bag is to have something strong, sturdy, and worthwhile that will protect whatever you pack in it under the most extreme conditions.I just put my old 258 (padded laptop...
I work for a very large Microsoft partner and wear a suit and tie every day. Our VP is visiting this week and he commented on how good looking my stained (I somehow picked up a huge oil ring on the front) and dirty tan 256 is.
Let me know how that works out for you. I purchased my Large Carry On at their factory store (it was a great looking second!) and took it on a trip this weekend. It was pretty packed with only 3 days worth of clothes, I was going to a wedding and didn't pack very light though. I'm going on another weekend trip next week, and if I feel like I'm at capacity again I may exchange it for the large outfitter (same price at the factory store).
.... When it came down to it, I went for the Large Carry On. It just felt a little sturdier to me.
Filson will put a handle on the 256 like that on the 257 and 258. I'm getting this done next week. It's $10 for the extra leather and buttons and $10 for the labor. Unfortunately, you'll have to part ways with your bag for about a week, but I'd say it's worth it. I've got an old 258 that's been lying around that I've been meaning to put up on ebay that I'll use in the meantime.Putting my stuff into my 258 again, reminded me just how tough-as-balls it is, and how great a...
A "Second" is any item that Filson has had to handle a "Second" time. Whether it was purchased in the store and then needed a repair or was purchased online and was not the right size. If it's been brought or sent back to Filson for any reason, it is considered a "Second".   The Sales Rep at the Filson outlet was able to give me a specific example. A relative purchased a briefcase for me as a late wedding present and gave it to me when they came to town last month....
Filson has a "Factory Store" that they just opened in Burlington, WA. Essentially it's a store full of seconds and vintage Filson gear (I haven't had the chance to go up there yet). Most items are 40%-60% off the retail price.I'm not sure if they'll ship orders due to the fact that they can't guarantee the shape of the product you're getting, but you can give it a try. Their number is (360) 503-1897
View my post on pg. 79 to see how spacious my 256 is.
I feel like the 256 vs. 257 debate is discussed on this thread more than anything else. Personally, I love my 256. I borrowed my brother-in-laws 257 a couple weeks ago just to see if it would be worth it to make the switch. Honestly, the additional pockets are handy but ultimately not needed. I carry a laptop, laptop charger, a couple phones (1 personal and 1 work) a tablet, 1" portfolio, business cards, a couple notepads, some keys, a stack of note cards, and usually a...
  The cracking/chafing on the underside of the leather is normal, according to Filson. To keep the top (the finished side) from following suit, get a good leather conditioner and work it into your leather both top side and bottom side) every month or so. After the first couple of times, you'll really start to notice a difference.
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