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I'm going to sound like a broken record, since I just brought the topic of a good overnight/short weekend bag up a few pages ago- But, having used multiple Filson bags for numerous uses, I strongly recommend the Sportsman bag or the Medium Travel bag for the quick trips. Both should comply with carry-on requirements (I've never had any issues), Both are larger than the Small Duffle, and both (especially the Sportsman) offer more compartments for organization and storage.
It's a decision a wrestle with on a daily basis.
Please tell me this is a joke mocking the last guy that was debating a Bentley vs. Geo Prizm.I love seeing the cars that people really drive or other people's dream cars that I otherwise would not be exposed to due to their rarity.But if you're looking for advice. Don't bull shit everyone with unrealistic expectations. Don't bull shit yourself with unrealistic expectations. If you want advice about a Geo Metro because that's what's in your budget, go ahead and ask for...
I tried it once to clean and old bag that I picked up for $50. Not only did it shrink unevenly, but the wax came out unevenly. Some places kept the dark tan/yellowish color while other spots were more of a khaki color. Not only that, the original stains I was trying to get out weren't removed.In my experience, washing and drying a bag will make it look more goofy than aged.If you want an aged Filson Bag, there are plenty of them on ebay.
Increase pay load.
Not sure if you saw the shot of my '48 Jeep on the previous page, but I've always driven domestic vehicles. My father was a contractor and all of our company vehicles were F250's and F350's. I grew up driving Ford trucks exclusively. In fact, Best vehicle I ever owned was an F150 SuperCrew Lariat edition. But I just don't have a need for a truck anymore so I sold it last fall and got a Toyota Highlander Limited edition. It's not a bad SUV. As my wife and I are expecting...
I've never met anyone who has to go to Labor Ready AND has an investment/savings account AND is legitimately looking into purchasing a Bentley.It's tough to give advice to someone who isn't setting realistic guidelines when asking for advice.
My '48 Willys CJ2A. I picked this up while living in Huntington Beach for $500. It doesn't get driven much now up in Seattle, but it's alot of fun to bring out on sunny days. My daily driver is a 2004 Toyota Highlander Limited. My wife drives a 2011 Toyota Corolla Sport. I've also got a KTM 450 dual sport.
Valid point. I do quite a bit of hiking up here in the Cascades and the Olympics, and while sub-packing isn't difficult at all, I just find it tedious.To each his own. Like I said, Filson makes a damn good duffle. I just prefer my Sportsman over my Small Duffle and my Large Carry On over my Large Duffle. I prefer the versatility over simplicity when packing for a trip.Simplicity does have it's benefits though. I'm in love with my 256, even after using a 258 for a few...
#1. An adult in the Filson store is like a 5 year old in Lego Land.#2. I brought a pair of Sebago X Filson boots in there last week because some of the stitching was coming out of the back. I wasn't asked for a receipt or any proof of purchase (the boots were about 2 years old, so I didn't have any of that stuff anymore). They told me it was easier just to replace them rather than repair them. We scoured the store for a pair in my size. They were were even willing to give...
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