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I am far from the avid photographer. I have a vintage Pentax K1000 that I will occasionally take with me while camping or fishing; but when I do, I take it in my medium field bag. I usually just carry the camera, an extra lens or two, a couple rolls of film, and somewhere small odds and ends. I have plenty of extra room in the medium field bag, but I'd hate to have the small field bag and risk not having enough room for any additional equipment I might find I need.
I've spoken with quite a few people at Filson about this. The general consensus is a brush and light water. Absolutely soap. Filson bags get dirty, stained, and worn- that's one of the beauties of owning one. It's like a vintage instrument- I'd take the feel of a beat up and well played 60 year old tele or les paul over a shiny new one any day!
I use my Sportsman for alot of things, but when my wife has our baby (she's four months pregnant with our first) I just can't justify using it to tote around dirty diapers and spit-up rags. That will be a job left to my tin cloth field bag; which will still be a manly step up from the coach diaper bag she's getting for Christmas!
I'm pretty sure I've got a spare new strap lying around the house. PM me your info and I can check tonight to see if I still have it.As far as the duffle goes, i've never owned a medium. I had a small, which worked great for weekends. I've since replaced it with a Sportsman, which has similar capacity, but contains more compartments.
Just picked up a Double Mackinaw Cruiser. I've owned a couple tin cloth jackets and quite a few bags; but I've got to say that this is, hands down, one of the highest quality articles of clothing I've ever purchased. We've only had a couple of cold and wet days since I purchased it, but it definitely did not disappoint!
The Sportsman bag is a Godsend. I bought it specifically for overnight travel. It's now replaced my small duffle as a gym bag and my large carry-on bag (which really wasn't that large) as a weekend bag.
Check out pg. 91. Another member and myself have posted pictures of our 256's with the usual daily load.
  Yeah, I checked it out last week. They didn't have any 2nd medium duffles. Everything was vintage. I'll just keep looking around.   Speaking of the Burlington Store: If there's anyone planning on making up trip up here to the Great Northwest, I highly recommend you go to both the Burlington store and The Flagship store!
I PMed him. He said he'd get back to me after the weekend. Haven't heard back yet. My Bro-in-law's birthday isn't until the first of September, so I'm not on a time crunch.   I've got a green Large Wheeled Duffle I was going to give him, but he hasn't stopped talking about how much he wants a medium duffle for the last couple of weeks, so I figured I'd try to find one of those instead.
Hey guys,   I'm looking for a used medium or duffle in either tan or brown.   I know I know... I was just criticizing the duffle a couple of weeks ago, but this is a gift for my brother-in-law and he is dead set on the medium duffle.   If you have one you'd be willing to let go of for a reasonable price or are looking to trade for something, PM me.   I'm having a tough time finding a used medium duffle on Craigslist and Ebay.   Thanks alot!
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