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Have you considered doing a version of the winter work jacket again? One of my favourite pieces that was from a while back. 
Able to PM me some more pics also? The swatches for other fabrics look good, a heavier weight material but still in a navy colour similar to the original would appeal.  Cheers, 
Can anyone with this seasons memory help with sizes. Having looked around various sites, some state a 3 is a small and some that a 4 is a small. I've looked at the measurements given on sites and there doesn't seem to be much in it. Im generally a small but happy to have a bit of extra room in coats, feel the oversized look is better and like to be able to stick a good sized jumper on underneath as well.   I don't think I'll get a chance to try one on and it seem's a 3...
New to Schneider so bare with...I tried on a memory coat a couple of days ago, it was tagged in the store as a medium. It was probably a tad large for my liking but not overly massive...certainly wearable for an oversized fit and to layer underneath. I take a small in most outerwear, was just wondering whether this season's outerwear is tts, in particular the memory coat and how much smaller a small would be. Would I still be able to get a decent size jumper underneath?....
Anybody bought/tried on the winter puffer? What are your thoughts on it? Same as other Ervell pieces sizing wise?
Is anybody familiar with the old lemaire number sizing? Bought a yak rib sweater which is size 1, was sold as a xs/s but feels a bit bigger. I know some lemaire bits do come up a bit big though. I don't think to so big it's unbearable, or may risk trying to shrink it a bit.
 When you say you sized down and altered waist, did you have them let out? How are the one pleat trousers sized in the waist? Basically, I have found a sale pair but are a size down or a second hand pair that are a little cheaper but the size up. I can't seem to find a 46 in a decent price anywhere. Just trying to work out what would be better, size up or size down. Does anybody have a pair of one pleat trousers and can comment on fit?
How tall?....not very, about 5'7". Usually a 30 waist, I liked the one pleat because they were volumous, which is a lot different to anything else I have. I'll look to getting a 46 or maybe even a 44 if I can find them. Cheers for the help
Has anybody got a pair of the single pleat trousers? Just wondering on sizes, I'm a 30 waist so a 46 european, I have a found a pair that they're the size up. Just seeing if anyone can advise just how loose the trousers are and whether a size up would be too much.   Also construction wise, easy to get tailored or too difficult?
Cheers. Expensive but outerwear always is I guess. A lot of parka's about this season, think ervell's is one of the nicer ones out there. Wait and see if it hits the sale, will the firs drop be late November?
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