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How tall?....not very, about 5'7". Usually a 30 waist, I liked the one pleat because they were volumous, which is a lot different to anything else I have. I'll look to getting a 46 or maybe even a 44 if I can find them. Cheers for the help
Has anybody got a pair of the single pleat trousers? Just wondering on sizes, I'm a 30 waist so a 46 european, I have a found a pair that they're the size up. Just seeing if anyone can advise just how loose the trousers are and whether a size up would be too much.   Also construction wise, easy to get tailored or too difficult?
Cheers. Expensive but outerwear always is I guess. A lot of parka's about this season, think ervell's is one of the nicer ones out there. Wait and see if it hits the sale, will the firs drop be late November?
Has anybody bought the parka from this season?   I like it but not sure if it's worth it, even if its hits 30% sale.   If anyone owns/has seen one in person, how thick is the material, is it really winter weight? Also, how is the sizing? Looks to come up large.
Just wondering about interest before I post up on the market place...   I have a FW13 unstructured blazer in size 36 in the dark green colour (Forest?), which I think was the best colour that season. I have owned it since new and unfortunately it's just that little bit too small, I think a tailor could probably do something with it but I don't think it would be worth it.   Anyone have an unstructured size 38, that is from a recent season and would be interested in a...
Been after the wool fleece jacket (not the teddy furry thing) if anyone has picked one up in a xs or s, and it doesn't work out
Has anybody got the fisherman sweat? What's it like? Fit wise etc 
Anybody bought the fisherman knit? Good? How's the fit? 
Has anybody got the fisherman sweat? What's it like and how's the fit etc? If anyone has any pics they can post that would good 
How did you find the sizing on the unstructured? Bought a 36 which is yet to arrive, based in the measurements I think it should be okay but I've heard they come up slim 
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