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I guess it depends on what you mean by fair. I just know where I can get what I consider to be better stuff for the price.
@Roycru, that picture may have deserved a bizarre comment. lol
As they say in the Army, gear left adrift must be a gift! Great find on the Rolex. Sucks for the dude who lost it.
I'm picturing a middle aged man screeching and covering his wrist as his watch band breaks off.  
 I can't even wrap my head around doing that every day. Then again, I rarely wear a watch.
Great choice of PS, Clags.
Well yes, but preferably with some kind of evidence to support it. lol I agree, btw, even though I usually end up matching the two. I do not feel any reluctance to have mis-matched (though complimentary) shoes and belt.
Do you think Nordic chefs (among which I count Rene Redzepi) were able to innovate precisely because they had little fine dining food culture to hold them back?
Well, not really. In a sense they are rigid categories in that there is no gradient between them, however, they are not really rigid in the sense that things enter in and out of these categories over time. They are not static, in other words. A good example is the dinner jacket. The dinner jacket, as we all know, was not considered a formal thing in the beginning but became one over time. It's not that it was gradually becoming more and more formal, rather people simply...
Some of what you say about American society is very true.
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