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You never disappoint, Cleav.
How did I miss that Stich DB? Must go back and "thumb"!
Dunno what it's called but I like the tie. I like the fit of that jacket a lot better than the other one, too.
Consistently some of the best DB odd jackets I've seen, Betel.
Love that look @GMMcL. Finals day here too. Thank GOD it's over.
 That is painfully clear, lol. Thanks!
100% correct. I would have preferred if the tie was a plain herringbone. However I am in the process of a move and this is one of the few ties that isn't packet. Good observation.
Noods, are we wearing the same socks? lol
Ugh! My wife is up in Illinois and they got snow a few days ago. I'm soooo excited about moving there *sarcasm*.  Thanks!
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