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  So do I. 
Kaplan,   I love what you did there! I don't know if it's perfect like others have said. For instance, I think the first person who commented on the shoes was right. I wouldn't have chosen that. But it's a really strong outfit IMO. I'm jealous of your color matching abilities!
Shanks, it's new.
How much fail is in here?          
Insta-fail navy trousers.      
Most unexpected!
rudals, I hate that tie with a passion. I want it to die! Haha, j/k, but really, I hate it. If you are just starting out why not stock up on the classics? 
There is a difference between no break and high water, though. A marked one.
  No break just looks disproportionate with fuller cut trousers. This is the point I was trying to make when I said it depends on the proportions involved. Stated much better by Shugz.
  Two buttons or three? Roped shoulders or natural? It's purely what you want or don't want out of your garment. Don't over think it and just realize some people like em, others don't. Personally I think a slight break is optimal, but that's just my preference. It's not even a strong preference because I also have no break and full break trousers.
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