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 Exactly. California is a really precarious thing in this sense. I remember a decade ago people were still crazy about moving there because of the weather. Nearly all of my neighbors were transplants. Unfortunately, large populations are difficult to support in places that rarely rain. Probably has little to do with water, but supposedly the three places with the largest out-migration are New York, Illinois, and California. Maybe things will equalize sooner or later.
 Are they finally fixing the shortage issues, or are you just getting more rain than usual?
 In some cases this is considered desirable. The odd case of "dirty white bucks" is an interesting one in which you weren't quite legit unless your bucks were soiled to one degree or another.
 The many variations of the human shoulder is interesting. Finding jackets without shoulder divots is a major challenge for since mine pitch forward a bit. Weird thing is, I've never tried on a SuSu jacket that had a divot when I wore it. I imagined that it would be much the same for most people but I guess I was wrong.
Your location says SF. Does that stand for San Francisco or StyleForum? If the former you will soon have a Suit Supply store near you so you can try fits on to your heart's content. Supposed to be opening this year, actually.
 Not impressed with SuSu's blue line, but if you like the look of it, go for it. ETA: IMO the color is very nice for summer. With respect to Cox, I think the fabric type/weight/texture goes more into determining whether or not something looks seasonally appropriate than does the color. YMMV though.
Technically you all wear black shoes informally unless you are wearing patent leather shoes with a tuxedo. I get what you mean, though, and I wear black shoes informally (non suit fits) all the time.    ETA: As far as I know, no one on SF has ever said that one can only wear black shoes informally. Similar to the myth that SF says that navy trousers are "wrong".
 I noticed the tie/PS as well, but I didn't like it. I thought they clashed a bit too much. Agree about both the SC and the shirt collar.
Time to get another pair of black shoes. 
New Posts  All Forums: