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Speaking as someone who has been to Derby the whole reason that people dress in bright colors is to joyously celebrate the return of warm weather. If warm weather has not returned then wear something weather appropriate and don't worry too much about wearing "Derby colors".
Pics or it didn't happen.
Adding one or two suits to a wardrobe is hilariously more difficult for Noods than it is for seemingly anyone else on the planet.
I understand not liking constructed shoulders but it might be the best and easiest way to correct the pear-shaped silhouette you are having right now (in other words, you might need it). I suppose we will see if the extra length helps that or not. Your jackets definitely need to be longer as you know, however it might not entirely correct the issue. Will be eager to see what you post when you get your stuff back from your tailor.
Hey Blekit, I'd suggest jackets with a more constructed shoulder for you. It's probably accentuated by the shortness of your jackets, but the soft shoulders you wear right now make your hips look really wide.
Noted. I will certainly give the trial pant some consideration.
Everyone says Luxire when I see a pair of trousers I love. That settles it, I'm giving them a try.
^^^ Where from dem trousers?
 You can make these comments when you look as great as Mr. Six. Also, Mr. Six looks great.
Oddly, I really like this look.
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