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Alabamans are far too familiar with the care and maintenance of guns to leave them on the floor. Leave it to a Chicagoan...
Looks like flip flops to me.
 This explains quite a lot about your personality.
We did this challenge for Pitti last year and I am glad to see this happening again. Good choice!
Congrats on your win, Knightly. Well done Upr on a gallant run near the end. Very happy to have tied with AAS. So sorry to all the other entrants who were crushed by what I will call the "top tier" and conveniently cut off at 6 votes.
Another ACC fan. This could get interesting come football season.    I will be regularly posting what I'm wearing when it conforms to Southern Trad (which is often). I'd love to see others do the same.
Thanks for chiming in @upr_crust. On my recent, but brief, visit to New York I stayed a stone's throw from Wall Street (a big mistake as it turns out, seeing how the noise never stops and anyone from a normal part of the country who tries to get a decent night's sleep is SOL). The only thing I was struck by was how little I was struck by the style on WS. It was mostly utterly boring and most of the clothes of those who presumably worked there didn't even fit all that well....
Of course one of your friends would wear spectators.    Also, cords of course! So "west coast trad".
 At least it's keeping @sprout2 out of the GNAT thread. 
The one shoe...
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