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 I use a saddleback leather briefcase, actually. Unfortunately it comes with a shoulder strap, and I do use it. lol
 This, to me, is seriously jumping the shark. Wear nice clothes that fit well, stand how you want to stand, carry what you want to carry. I gives a damn about thumb placement.
 I carry a lot of books and papers across campus. It's just not as comfortable as a shoulder strap.
*shrug* I was never good at the "more/less acceptable" thing. If you don't like it, then that is certainly up to you. Rock on. I, however, still need to carry a lot of things.
I'm not talking about a cell phone in a pocket. I'm talking about Prince Charles with his stretched out jacket pockets that were universally beloved for it's "real world use" look.
Then never use the pockets on your jacket.
Nevah! I've got shit to carry.
 I think you got that backward.
Muppet, classic. Heard that one for the first time early this year. I was like "Did she just say that guy is a muppet?"
*sigh* I love this forum.
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