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I think the biggest problem with that for me is that I view the colors on top to be incongruous with the colors on bottom. The dark blue of the shirt and the brown/rust of the tie are very Fall, and the trousers are Summer all the way. I'm just not a big fan of the denim shirt with jacket/tie look either. Some will be more forgiving of this, but it's never a look I have liked. 
Not sure if this is a clothing challenge or a composition challenge, but it has been entertaining so far.
 That is a classic southern look, although I don't know if GW was going for that or even cares. Some of our members have received quite a thrashing for the look as a matter of fact. I think GW does it quite well.
For the jacket you linked? I didn't see any.
You guys are giving me way too much to think about! I love that jacket too, although I don't know how to feel about a raw silk SC. I can't imagine it would be very breathable. Edit: Also, it seems that Eidos makes pretty short jackets. at 6-1 a 29 inch jacket would just look weird on me.
Yeah, good point. I'll have to see what fabrics are available when I look into having it made.
Rust/burgundy... Hmmm, I might have to consider that in lieu of brown.
I certainly saw a place for them, but focusing on a pseudo trad/ivy look for so many years I went for patterned jackets more often than not. I'll tell you what I kinda really want, though. A solid mid-weight brown jacket like the one @Murlsquirl has. Perhaps a lighter than navy solid like you are wearing too, but later.
Wow, I really like that. I should really focus on more solid jackets this year.
Not good.
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