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@blekit, firing on all cylinders. Try a white PS next time and keep it up.
@Count de Monet, excellent examples. I'm not sure about these other schools but at my school the football stadium was a short distance away from campus so our cohorts certainly would walk there and stay dressed as such during the after game festivities! I believe your general point is correct, however. Most of the game day dress is definitely not everyday attire! As @smittycl points out game day dress is far too ostentatious to be a regularly occurring theme in Southern...
Although the two are decidedly NOT equivalent, there may be some interesting things going on if the Southern Trad crew gets involved in this. I may have a day at the track coming up next weekend. If I end up going I might post here just to see how the SoTrad element jives, or does not, with Pitti peacockery.
This will be the first installment of "The Style", wherein I attempt to explain Southern Trad and differentiate and compare it to its Northeastern counterpart. Any criticism or correction of my claims is welcome as many of the things herein are personal impressions and lack concrete evidence to back them up. For the sake of clarity Western Trad will be left out since it borrows very heavily from the NE and seems to differentiate itself in particularly nuanced...
Consider this our "safe space" for tassel loafers, et al. 
I have no problem with tassel loafers but yeah, there is a thing against them here. I think the complaint by many is that they look old mannish, but I don't think you look that way at all. Come to think of it, bit loafers, basket weave uppers, and spectators are all looked down on to various degrees in SF and all are southern staples. 
Today I'm wearing something that would have been much more common on campus. In fact, I think I did actually wear this combo on campus a few times. The shirt is a very thin, almost tissue-like, cotton by RL. All items purchased in Kentucky, except for the socks which were purchased as a gift by my wife in Chicago. Note the sunglasses match the belt and hint at the old "pinks and greens" motif.     As an aside, I'd love to see this thread get crazy come football...
Yes, well, the Chicagoans most often involved in those things are not the type of people to wear DB suits. Or suits of any kind for that matter. Stepping into the South Side is like stepping into another country. Which is oddly where UC is situated. Another indicator of @agjiffy's personality?
Alabamans are far too familiar with the care and maintenance of guns to leave them on the floor. Leave it to a Chicagoan...
Looks like flip flops to me.
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