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X-posted. Confusing the midwesterners is fun.  
Emphasis on "was".
AAS is like pizza. Even when he's bad he's still pretty good.
Just got a shipping notification.
Mine hasn't.
Yeah, I haven't shot with these on yet but I don't generally mind larger stocks. I have fairly long fingers that can wrap around larger pistol grips easily.
I couldn't find any exotics I liked so I decided to go the opposite route. I found some factory original target stocks from the 80s in near perfect condition, which were more expensive than most exotics as it turns out. I love the markings on the wood.  
 Oh come on, you know you'd notice it. 
True, DBs do have an extra layer in the front but, at least for me, the back is more important. If the back stays relatively cool then it can be alright. On the other hand, FL is just plain hot and you are often going to sweat when you are outside no matter what you are wearing.
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