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 Can't wait to see what you have for us this time around. Welcome back!
If you end up going, give us a report on your experience. Take photos if you can!
 Mostly just ribbing you. For my part if I had to have a brown one shoe it would probably be something like AE's McAllister. In calf or shell.
 I have those too. Love em. Andrew Lock sells some really nice shoes at a reasonable price.
That might be a good idea if you want to copy a jacket. I think if you do that, though, you might miss the best part about custom work, getting something with patterns made specifically for you. Unless you are just bringing it in as a guideline for the kind of fit you like.
I can't say for sure. He has a very small staff so I imagine he does at least some himself. If your tailor is doing his own work I'd have even less qualms about doing a project with him. Just have a detailed conversation with him about what you want and I'm sure it will go fine. I would suggest jotting down a short note about what you want to discuss.
And live-in tailors.
New Posts  All Forums: