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Yes, that's what I was commenting on! heheh
Haha, Google Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut!
 Thanks, man! 
 Yes and yes.
Cotton and cotton/linen blends are the order of the day.      
Just tell your tailor that you want the hem to come down enough to touch the top of your shoes and get them redone. They seem to fit well other than the length.
Great page of fits.
Tweed is a classic collegiate fabric (along with being classic in several other arenas as well). It is indeed seasonally limited. Tweed is a heavy thick fabric suitable for cold weather. In some places you can wear it in fall and winter alike, but spring and summer are decidedly not tweed season. A tweed suit is a fine idea and a tweed jacket can certainly be worn on its own. Tweed pants would require something of similar weight and texture on your top half though, so...
I don't know about their quality first hand but I will tell you that after taking a glance at their offerings I am of the opinion that they are pretty ugly. They aren't complete abominations which, at that price, is usually what you'd find, so they have that going for them, but my personal opinion is that I would not put my feet in them. YMMV.
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