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I'm the same height. Suddenly very interested to see your new collection...
 Also, please make your jackets longer so people like me can wear them. Congrats on your success!  
What Noodles will be doing tomorrow...   https://www.facebook.com/gymmeme/videos/687703701266872/?pnref=story
- 10 reps hose/golf ball sucks- 30 minutes of "jazz hands"- Sweating through the wife watching an episode of Grey's Anatomy- 45 minutes of questioning your sexuality while in the pool- 25 bicep kisses (each side)- 20 wild uncontrolled kicks in the air
It's good to have traditions.
You are struggling to find canvas shoes? Really? Dude, just go to the Woodfield Mall and walk around for 5 minutes. They even have a Vans store.
Noods + N00bs + gym talk does always get weird.
@crappbag's fit is the only one that looks even remotely #menswear to me (in a cool way, though). 
 You'll get over that. 
Very good point.
New Posts  All Forums: