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Very good post, Count. Just a quick word on those old photos you mentioned. I would question how unassailable they are. Like the former slave narratives that were collected around the same time, it is important to note that a photograph of a person is something created (usually) by at least two people. What the photographer chooses to shoot, how he shoots it, any interactions with the subject, all change the nature of it. This is the problem of the historian, and how you...
Turtleneck and V neck sweater. A favorite of granddad Rafael (left) and Bobby Kennedy.  
Smitty brings up a good point as well. The staged nature of many of the "authentic" photos that people go by. I think it's safe to say that people in previous decades (that is, before smart phones) were snapping far fewer daily pictures of themselves, and perhaps fewer still that were candid. 
Roy,   I'm glad you mentioned that about the Preppy Handbook. As far as I know, most people who read it when it was first published took it for the joke that it was. How it transformed from humor to serious guidebook, I do not know, although it has been written that the Japanese ignored the literary aspect of it and simply used it as a fashion guide early on. Paul Fussell's Class is another joke book that has been taken far too seriously. Worth a read for all who...
^^^ Interesting pattern. Vintage?   On another note: I have been thinking about some things relating to trad and ivy styles, partly inspired by @Roycru and partly inspired by the jeans question. Roy has commented before on how peculiar the internet makes things like trad/ivy. Suddenly, when you get people on the internet with common categorical interests together, they begin to make up rules and to try and decide what is and is not part of said category. This is...
You ask too much of him.
They are, they just refuse to admit it.
 This is the definition of it.
 I thought as much. 
@Lewis26 are you European?
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