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Go here. http://www.styleforum.net/t/459170/new-member-inquiries-quick-questions-classic-menswear-wk-of-feb-23-2015
Not sounding pretentious when you say "I've begun collecting vintage brief cases and attachés" is impossible. However, I've begun collecting vintage brief cases and attachés.        
 The only thing I find pathetic is people who have an undeserved sense of moral superiority. And an untimely one at that.
 Thank goodness you came along to wag your finger at a 2 year old post. Thank you for this public service.
If you like the shirt, wear it with any color dark trousers you like. I do not like the shirt. I wouldn't burn it, I'd donate it to Goodwill and at least get a tax credit from it. lol
 This is great advice. This is what I did early on (and still do with some posters).
Don't we all.
 Those comments had little to do with your physique and reflected the reality of the fit of your clothes. Just because you may not have an idea physique doesn't means that your clothes shouldn't fit properly. A suit, with careful alterations, emphasizes the good parts of your physique and hides the bad parts. You hardly look rotund so you shouldn't bee too unnerved by those suggested alterations.
 A perfect example of how adults express a difference of opinion. Good on you.
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