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 Beat me to it. Exactly what I would do as well.
 I didn't say you were matching. I know you are coordinating with her dress and I'm telling you that is still a bad idea. Also, those "many" would be wrong. Here is my advise, forget what you think you know. Ditch that shirt idea. If you must go with a lilac shirt for your navy suit make it a MUCH lighter version than that. Also make it solid. That micro pattern just complicates picking a tie with an already difficult color like lilac. My suggestion is to abandon any...
@Tirailleur1 I quit.
How much it affects the wearer is a matter of degree. If the person is very short then even a relatively skinny cuff will detract from the appearance of height. If they are moderately short then they can probably get away with more. However, no cuff means it can't detract from the perception of height at all.
On another note, I don't like cuffs on very short people. Tends to make them look even shorter. The vertically challenged have all kinds of challenges to consider when dressing though. For instance, @mafoofan had a beautiful bespoke overcoat made once but it made him look like he was 3 feet tall because it went so far below the knee. 
I like cuffs but I was never as adamant about having them as others. I have some trousers that I like that simply do not have enough material left for cuffs and I wear them happily. In answer to your post, cuffs are fine for business casual.
Hmmm, that's true. I guess I just think it's more conducive to browsing and convenience to have it all in one chronological album. Then again, maybe I'm being too picky! 
I think it has a value in that it allows us to document our journey so to speak. I would love it if some of my favorite posters had galleries where I could look back at their fits and perhaps see where they started from in the beginning. Not everyone is into that though, and I can understand it.
Not that I have seen. I always have to upload my pics directly to the gallery. But once they are there I can embed them anywhere I want.
New Posts  All Forums: