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Yeah but it looks like a giant prawn trying to crawl out of your pocket.
lol I do have pretensions of being a style historian in what I assume will be the rare moments of respite from more "serious" pursuits. So yeah, I guess this could constitute a kind of research.
That hammer is about to drop, hard. First year begins soon.
Let me know how it is. I'm thinking of getting it, but I don't know if ti will draw me away from the new DLC for Fallout 4.
That's being a little misleading. He responded to a specific point you made about fit, not the broader question of whether or not someone can tell if your suit is expensive. You seem to be either not completely understanding the point he was trying to make, or perhaps are not expressing yourself effectively. Either way you are shooting past the mark with your arguments.
 Yes, but you were responding to Reeves specifically, and he was responding to a specific point that you made. If you were, in fact, responding to the OP then you are being very unclear about whose statements you are addressing.    You could just pass the time like I do, scouring this place until it's time to play video games.
 Exactly right.
More excellence from the '16 crew. Cheers to the new members.
@Astaroth I don't think you and Reeves are talking about the same thing. He is saying that, all else being equal (the equal part being essential to understanding his point), a jacket made with better construction and QC will tend to fit better. This is absolutely true. You, on the other hand, seem to be talking about fabric quality, hand stitched detailing, and brand names. Essentially, you are both arguing different points so it's no wonder you can't come to an...
New Posts  All Forums: