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NOBD and Crat coming out strong for the late crew. Will post mine later today.
 Despite what anyone () says, there is very little true objectivity in determining what clothes look good. Yes, in certain contexts (CM for instance) you can definitely say what looks better is many, or most, cases. However the term "objective" is thrown around on SF far too lightly.
I think the problem has been stated already. It's not that it's always bad, it's just that many people do it badly.    +1 for NOBD being a prime example of how good it can look.
Might want to try the Street wear and Denim forums on this site. This section is mostly classic menswear. You might still get some suggestions though.
Nyuk nyuk nyuk! 
 Oh yeah? 
I'm sure you're right.
 Oh... I was expecting more somehow. 
I kind of enjoy AAS's sometimes schizophrenic style. It will never be "good taste" material, but it rarely totally looks bad, and always catches my interest.
 I agree, as long as they do CM once or twice! 
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