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White hubcaps on an ugly car do not a-tradition-make.
I'm sure you're right. I've heard the white soles are more traditional, although I have no idea if this is true or not.
Topsiders arrived yesterday. I kind of wish I had gone with the white soles, but it's not a major regret.   
Will this do?  
How about a short sleeved shirt and tie challenge?   (Special disclaimer for @Academic2: This is not a serious post. This post in no way implies a claim by the poster that short sleeved shirts should ever be worn with ties. Poster is not responsible for any claims made by traumatized internet goers who think that he is being serious. Any complaints should be directed to the Department of Sartorial Claims, office # 1.618.)
Mathematical, or philosophical?
 Of course you have. However, being out of proportion doesn't necessarily look bad. It just depends on the eye and the physique. Clags, as seen in his posts above, has a wider than proportional lapel in general. That doesn't mean it's bad, it's just not in a classical 1/1, 1/2, or 1/4 ratio. What @Academic2 reads as classical style is more correctly termed "classic" style. "Classical" style  would never deal in thirds, only wholes, halves, and quarters. That is why I say...
 I said lapels, not ties. There is much room for preference here, but I prefer a more proportional lapel than is favored by many on SF. What I mean when I say proportional is that the edge of the widest part of the lapel be somewhere in the vicinity of the midway point between the outer visible edge of the chest and inner visible edge. It doesn't have to be perfectly even between the two points, but close is good IMO. Please see the image below... 
Nice to see you in a more proportional lapel, Clags.
lol You are your pristine hats...
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