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For the most part, yes. Keep them clean too. Someone posted a pic of rubber overshoes which some people find useful. 
^^^ Huh?
I think many of use have "beater" shoes we use in crappy weather. I know I do. Calf actually holds up pretty well to moisture. All you have to do is let them dry naturally after they get wet. When you get home and you see those little rain spots, put your shoes in shoe trees and let them sit for a day or two. The spots will disappear on their own. No work required. Of course, a nice shine afterward is a good idea. As for me I don't have any particular style I use for the...
 Totally agree. Can't wait to see the next one!
Thanks for doing this contest. Congrats to the winners!   If I may suggest, next time how about thumbing the post where the person entered the contest instead of the first picture in their gallery. Might be less confusing.
Forgive the photo quality. Still trying to figure out a new camera and a new apartment.        
Bit loafers can be tacky, but they don't have to be. I used to dislike them with no rational reason behind it. I sat and thought about it and I've abandoned that. I still don't wear them but I don't think they are "wrong".
There are gaps all over the place. At least it looks like there are in the pics. I would imagine that the gaps would be even worse with thinner socks.
Your shoes consistently don't seem to fit.
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