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You will never, I say never, legislate yourself into safety. You can't outlaw everything and you can't write vague laws which give the police the power to overstep the bounds of propriety. I mean, you CAN, but you shouldn't. The solution is simple. If someone is not behaving in a way that is threatening, leave them alone. I don't care if they are carrying a rifle, a samurai sword, or a folding knife. If they aren't harming anyone leave them alone. Is it coincidence that...
My whole cut has broguing lol. I will say this, I only wear it with less traditional combinations. I don't know that that is on purpose, just a general feeling. I plan on wearing them when it gets warm enough for a summer daytime fit.
Victor never disappoints.
I tend to agree, but there is a difference between saying "they aren't very versatile" and saying "I don't like them". Mostly I have heard the latter.
A recent conversation highlighted a relatively common disapproval for whole cut shoes. As I sat and thought on this it occurred to me that this is a common apprehension that I have observed several times over several years on SF. Personally I like them. I only own one pair so it's not an obsession, but I do see them as having a place, albeit perhaps an exceedingly niche place. So tell me, all ye who disapprove, why the dislike for wholecuts? Give me reasoned responses or...
I too like wholecuts. As for broguing I can't convince you that it's a good thing. I personally love it, but then again, for me something my grandfather would wear is a plus, not a minus.
If you want your trousers to look like they are tapered too much then they are fine. (read: They are tapered too much)
It's hard to find that sweet spot with online discussions. It's easier in person because the consequences are public humiliation. I suppose humiliation here is public as well, but of a less personal nature, especially when a person's face/identity is purposefully concealed (nothing wrong with that, I did it myself and still do to some degree). Anyway, yes it's not good to go on ad nauseous (that one was for you @The Noodles) about someone's character. On the other hand...
That wasn't very courteous. 
 Do eeeet! 
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