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Speaking for the jackets alone, I would keep the Hudson. The Havana is too short.
I know, and did it very well at that.
 That's because you knew what to look for. I wasn't following the conversation at all and I sat there for 10 minutes trying to find what was different. Also, shut up.
What does GNAT mean?
That's entirely possible. I suppose when it comes down to it all I can do is assess what is in front of me.
Too much blue IMO, but I've seen you make looks like that work so I can see why it appeals to you.
   You are both terrible.  @Coxsackie, I tend to take the opposite view. Dark skin tones tend to look good with light, or light monotone, colors. Pale skin tones tend to be able to pull off darker saturated looks. All skin tones tend to look good in the traditional middle with a light shirt on a dark suit.
Would be even harder with a low contrast fit. I might try it. Or maybe not, these things tend to go badly for me.
New Posts  All Forums: