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 Only insofar as hating ticket pockets is representative of the gipper.
Judging by the GNAT thread, and how we all think we know what is good for Noods, we are Democrats.
 I couldn't find any that I liked. I'd be open to them if I could find a good source. Any suggestions?  I would tend to follow that more closely with MoP. I get what you are saying with SMoP but I'm not so wedded to history to say that horn is my only option between these for a year round jacket.
It's a sport coat. I was thinking the same about the left and right, I just wonder if the horn buttons have enough contrast between the jacket color.
Noodlers, my buttons have arrived. Which of these would you use on this jacket if you were me?   Left: Polished Horn, Middle: MoP, Right: Smoked MoP  
Experimenting with more natural light in my photos.       
I think it might be too high but it might be lens distortion. Maybe I just subconsciously hate Noods.
I hate to rain on the Noods parade, but there is something off about that fit to me. I think it's the shirt collar. Also, I dislike checked shirts with suits, but I admit that's a personal thing.
I figured. Just having some fun with it.
 Allowable for Mess Dress only. 
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