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 I'm a little confused by this. I thought organizational tie ran downward from left to right, but the RAF tie appears to run from right to left.
 Definitely easier than this... 
 I wast JUST thinking that. I came across this website with a bunch of pictures of men's and women's clothes from every year in the decade of the 50s. http://www.thepeoplehistory.com/1950fashions.html Of course, it's his choice. No harm it tossing out suggestions though!
 I won't wear it in the UK, but I will probably wear it again in the U.S. Having been in the Army myself I can understand the protectiveness with which they hold these things. I do have a striped tie in my school colors btw. Since my school colors are red white and black I have a had time wearing it lol. Maybe in the summer.
A mate just informed me that my tie looks eerily close to an RAF organization tie. It's times like these that I'm glad I don't live in England, for fear I might be crucified for wearing a tie I don't rate!  
So true. It's fun too, like taking a step back in time.
^^^ Incidentally, it was @Albert Hal who inspired me to go looking for vintage stores.
 Oh yes. Not terribly often but I do have a rack full of them for when the mood strikes.
 I think another concern could be undue wear on the vest. They aren't made to hold up against the weight of trousers, stuff in your pockets, etc. 
Watch WAYWRN too, they are usually announced there as well. Hope to see you participate!
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