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Sure, there is nothing wrong with wanting something Italian made. I was just thinking you might have more options if you chose Italian fabrics but made somewhere else. Obviously you've thought of that, so...   I was going to mention Corneliani if you wanted an Italian made suit. I've had a Corneliani suit and several other garments made by them. I like them very much, and their lapels are a decent size. I only have trousers from Canali but they are very nice too. I think...
Any reason why the suit must be made in Italy? I'd think that you would have much more success by having a suit made in the U.S. with Italian fabric.
So did anyone actually show up?
Colco, that is exceptional. Love the choice of a subdued green for the tie. Seersucker often temps people to wear wild ties, but staying sober with them is best IMO.
   I think this has long been overdue. Congrats to both of you.
Pretty cool. Did you widen your standard lapel, or am I imagining it?
I love a good trouser break discussion.
It's  pretty classic look. I have flaps on nearly all my patch pocket jackets and some of them are quite old.
Well, very little of San Diego is desert. But you guys knew that, right?    However, your point about the seasonality of San Diego is an interesting one. What interests me is that I wonder if growing up in that kind of place contributed to my feeling that colors aren't seasonal. I wouldn't say San Diego is seasonless, just more subtle compared to other places. In any case, I can see how the peculiarity of it's seasons might change a person's perceptions on the matter.
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