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Don't forget your bell bottoms.
 Incorrect. The "style" in the blazer pic is undoubtedly ill fitting.
For reference, the fit in question and the advice I gave on it.   CM sez: "I think you would do well with a higher buttoning point. The lower one really elongates you and makes you look even more bean pole-ish. The jacket isn't too long, but I think a slightly shorter one would look better. I also dislike the tie."  
 Proof that you are wrong. This SVB fit incorporates nearly all of the suggestions I made and looks 10x better than what he posted before. 
Thanks for the suggestions guys. I actually have off white jeans AND white bucks. Just didn't think of adding them to any of these fits. Will try next time!
I'm a big fan of hats.
It's not so much a job restriction as it is a genetic restriction. Believe me, there is a reason I shave.
Checking in for a moment. Here are some recent attempts. Any thoughts on how I am progressing?         
Some highlights from the last week.        
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