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Call it selection bias, but I randomly ran across this comment on Facebook. The conversation had nothing to do with what we were discussing, but the subject of whether Ivy is just a style or is something more came up   "Ivy, Preppy, Trad, whatever you want to call it, is definitely not just a style of clothing, but a style of living that includes certain elements. This lifestyle existed quietly for generations without people from the "outside" noticing it. The...
I thought you had splattered paint on yourself when I saw this pic on instagram. I had a loved old pair of 501s that I lost in a move. They may be the perfect pair of jeans.
You guys don't work out in Brioni?
I think black tie is a useful exception to the, uh... no rules, rule. I've known many people who embody the unkempt snob aesthetic, but who look supremely ordered and immaculate for black tie events. It's just the way things are. Like all other things, it's best not to think too hard about it.   Interesting that you bring up the office dress code as well. Middles and upper-middles will be familiar with it and honor it. Uppers will not, simply because they don't have to...
It's well known that the "ivy" look is nearly completely dead on campus. Ivy leagues included. The closest thing we get to it is preppy. That's fine, I didn't dress ivy or preppy or anything when I was in school either. i suppose it wouldn't be fair to say ivy is entirely a state of mind, because it has been a nationwide phenomenon that reached across classes. Indeed, most of the people who attend Ivy League schools are middle class anyway. Indeed, as Paul Fussell observed...
Not fashion, not coordinated, not "correct."     
^^^ The soft pastels are very Southern trad. Nice to see an anti "fashion poof" look.
Personally I am all over the place. I have heard some claim that Southern trad tends to be fuller fit than Northeastern trad. I do both, as the mood, and the proportion of my other clothes strikes me.   As to the other question, I'm not so sure a fuller look IS more historically accurate. Whatever historical accuracy means to you. For instance, consider this over-laden college student from the 1960s that was recently posted to the Ivy-Style Facebook page.   That's...
Nice wear spots on those. How many re-soles they been through?
I stop in only to recommend listening to everything @Andy57 says. But if you don't, don't worry about it too much and try to have fun.
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