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^^^ In response to the above, you may want to note that in my original post of that picture I too said it was pulling.
 The thing is, rules like "covers your ass" are generalities. What I'm saying is, it should never NOT cover your seat, but sometimes covering your seat isn't enough. It's more about overall proportions than specific rules in isolation. It looks short because the proportions are off. These are observations and, like I've said, if you simply prefer to wear these kinds of proportions then enjoy it. No one is going to rip your clothes off you (although I can think of a few...
 All of this is wrong. Sorry.
A pink shirt and tweed. Northerners are weird...
I'm not sure if this is the best example or not, and it is still a little tight around the waist, but it's getting there.  
 As an aside, can you think of any examples of extremely slim jackets that are well fitting and tailored? I know I've seen them before, no pulling, wrinkling, or shortness. Just tailored extremely close to the body. It looks pretty good, too. I just can't find any pictures of it at the moment.
 I know your challenge. I am fairly tall myself, though not as tall as you. The best option is to simply not buy OTR because if they are too short they will always look bad and you will just waste your money. You are making the right move by going where you need to go to get the right fit, and investing in tailoring. As for the color of the jacket, you are wrong. It's bad. But you are Scandinavian, so you have a grace period . 
 I disagree. No biggie. 
 You aren't wrong. You're just using too much honey. Way too much.  
Also, tight can indeed be a consequence of being small. lol
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