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I don't think I am being understood. What I'm saying is that if receiving something for "free" is a factor for a reader of a review that's fine. That's why I disclose it. I feel like I have a methodology that minimizes bias, but if someone disagrees then they know exactly whether I have received something in a way that might color my opinion. I try to be as transparent as possible and the decision is up to the reader.
 That's a very deterministic thing to say. You have obviously made your mind up and will not change no matter what. However, there are things you really don't understand. That's fine.
When I do a review I always give companies the option to get their items back and I always disclose when they decline that offer. It has never stopped me from making negative comments when I think it is warranted. Ever. I am not, not will I ever be, a shill. I think most people on the forum are the same. We do it for the love of writing about clothing. 
DWW, back to wag his finger...
I respect that. I'm a die-hard L'Ville fan but I'm not delusional. That's University of Kentucky's schtick.
Ah, so you are one of those "I kind of root for any Texas team" people, eh?
@Claghorn, we need to get some kind of bet going for that game. A wager on ties or something. Assuming Quakers are allowed to gamble.
Yeah, well you better start scoring... Against UConn...
 Who's playing?
I should think blue jacket/green tie would be the easiest way to do it. 
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