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How much are you looking to spend?
I think so. He is a funny dude and features a lot of guns.   As to your AR question, no you will probably not be able to tell the difference between free floating v. non or chrome lined v. non in your everyday shooting. Free floating a barrel is useful when shooting for accuracy as the barrel heats up. A chrome lined barrel will help it in terms of corrosion and fouling. However if you are just going to use yours for plinking and fun gunning, then it probably doesn't...
 Nah, I had just pulled them on and they sat a little high until they settled. They aren't tight at all. Thanks for the opinions on my other stuff, though! I haven't run into anyone who has liked most of what I put together on SF, so I have no tears left to cry. 
He was being sarcastic, as Hicock45 usually is. I believe he has even previously stated that he was never in the military. He was a cop way back when, however. He will often make jokes about his age in a deadpan manner. That's just the way he is.
X-post from the turtleneck challenge.  [[SPOILER]]
Me.   [[SPOILER]]
Why would you wear that jacket with anything other than the trousers that came with it?
I think I've seen that shirt before...  
 I agree, I don't think it quite works there. But I think it would be hard to pair up a light gray SC no matter what color trousers you are using.
 Ah, gotcha. 
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