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 Love that fabric as a suit. Awesome.  Looking good blekit. This jacket doesn't look like it has as much waist suppression as your others and I think that helps you quite a lot. It's still too short but it doesn't emphasize your hips as much which gives you a stronger, more masculine, appearance. I still think you'd look ideal with a more constructed shoulder, however. 
Yes, that's it. Spier and Mackay has a website as well...   http://www.spierandmackay.com
^^^ I don't particularly care for either look, but I like the first one much more than the second. The pinstripes in that light suit look awkward with the shirt stripes. Your look is a bit fashiony for me but you certainly look better than that first post you made in WAYWRN.
Contact member @spiermackay, he can set you up with a very reasonably priced shirt made to your specifications. I haven't yet used him myself but others have with great success. You also might think of Luxire which is another custom shirt maker. If specifics are important to you then I would highly suggest getting custom shirts rather than searching in vain for exactly what you want off the rack.
 Shouldn't be too hard, mate. My style is pretty nondescript. 
Are you willing to go the Made to Measure or custom route?
Aaaaaand I lost.
Yup, that's the consensus exacta. There is no money in Nyquist though.
Also, 5-1 odds that Noods has another breakdown before his next suit purchase.
For you Derby watchers I'm taking Gun Runner to win with Nyquist and Exaggerator for the exacta.
New Posts  All Forums: