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 I want to be clear about something, anyone is free to give me any manner of criticism they like. @comrade didn't like my vintage store purchase. He's completely wrong, that jacket is awesome, but he is free to make the criticism if he chooses. The reason I keep coming back to this forum is because I know dudes will give me honest feedback. If people only ever told me I looked great I would still be wearing… well, it's all in my What I Am Wearing gallery. The point is we...
The reason nearly everyone buys shirts that don't fit is because mass produced garments are designed to fit the largest number of people possible. That way they can sell as many as possible. Your difficulty in finding shirts that fit is a problem shared by nearly every man on the planet, you just happened to be perceptive enough to know it. The choices are, either get custom shirts made (sometimes more expensive than people are willing to spend) or experiment and look for...
On Kamakura, I can tell you that for my money they are very high quality shirts. I wouldn't hesitate to buy Kamakura any day and I have several already. I'm just waiting for them to get the style I like back in stock to get more. 
I don't blame you.
So, what if Braddock wins from someone voting for him three times? Oh the intrigue!
My thoughts exactly AAS.
  ^^^ This is not Classic Meanswear advise. There may be some circumstance in which this advise should be taken to heart (a high school social or a parole board hearing, for instance) but in terms of CM it's no bueno. That isn't to say anyone is saying you can't rock that look. You just can't look older than 19 while doing it. 
He's right. A tie is not to be worn without a jacket. You run the risk of looking like a used car salesman. Unless you are a used car salesman, in which case, carry on.
So when does it become appropriate to ban someone around here?
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