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This is actually an interesting point. I think it is articulated far better than previous by some others. I agree that academia is not a field really, but an amalgamation. I disagree, however, on the idea that it is the way it is partly because of an emphasis on intelligence/knowledge/research. The emphasis on I/K/R was already there when dress codes or emphasis on dress was common. I would suggest that the variation in dress has more to do with the emphasis on diversity...
Clags, superb.
Thanks, I think you are right. I was trying something a little different but I don't think it quite worked for me.
Ok, assuming they are in the proper place for actually doing this, how did you bleach them?
 I can understand that. For the last pic I can make a slight excuse. The color does not come across well in photos and is not portrayed well in them. They are much more faded looking. Whether that makes a difference or not I don't know. Whatever the case I agree that I could have better ones.
Thanks for the thoughts. I know things will come together. It can be frustrating sometimes to not be an instant SWD superstar, but I'm patient and will keep working at it. 
You took a chance, I have to respect that. Also, this suit has a waistcoat? That is so awesome!
 Indeed this is a contradictory statement when held against your prior claims. It supports my suggestion that fields, like individual jobs, dictate dress more than an academic environment does. The wild assertion that I am saying that academics must have unique motivators notwithstanding, unique commonalities are what defines subcultures in the first place. The subculture exists in the field, not in the academy. 
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