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@bienluienapris, a darker tie and a white PS and that fit would have really done it for me. As it is, it just misses the mark IMO. FWIW, your misses still look better than most of this forum.
^^^ Agree. Not saying it is a perfect example, or that I particularly like it, but he's certainly got the feel of it down.
Too much snark, too little content.
Yeah, well, I'm a Californian of Mexican descent. I'll find a way.
No sunstone? Was just perusing KW today and thought "Man, I gotta have that..."   http://www.kentwang.com/pocket-squares/aztec-sun-stone.html
You look so weird. I like the polo color though.
Both make excellent squares. Kent Wang makes good ones too.
 I agree with this. I have seen tassel loafer in Europe frequently and I actually still have a pair that I purchased from a European store in the Middle East. On the other hand, where else but the U.S. can you buy weaved, skirted, tassel loafers!?  I know how you feel. I was not born southern, as many know, but I went to a southern university and picked up on much of the style of dress there. I only found myself being self-conscious about wearing Southern Trad clothes...
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