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 I would agree with this. By that I'm not saying that I don't sometimes do this too, it's just that not everything needs to be categorized so much. I think this is especially true with colors. Some of my favorite summer combos have had rust, dusty greens, and browns in them. I just liked them because they looked good and were usually made of reasonable fabrics for the season. Nothing beyond that.
 Ah, the life of a tailor... 
 This is a very good point. Contextually speaking this would account for what seems like an incongruity to outsiders.
Although I agree with you, I've seen people wear casual dark shoes with seersucker and I thought it was successful. Think black tassel loafers, for instance. It's tough to pull off but you can. Then again, the white trousers/black shoes look is something reasonably common in the south as well. Obviously, as my seersucker fit shows, I chose to go the route you favor regardless.
Sure, there is nothing wrong with wanting something Italian made. I was just thinking you might have more options if you chose Italian fabrics but made somewhere else. Obviously you've thought of that, so...   I was going to mention Corneliani if you wanted an Italian made suit. I've had a Corneliani suit and several other garments made by them. I like them very much, and their lapels are a decent size. I only have trousers from Canali but they are very nice too. I think...
Any reason why the suit must be made in Italy? I'd think that you would have much more success by having a suit made in the U.S. with Italian fabric.
So did anyone actually show up?
Colco, that is exceptional. Love the choice of a subdued green for the tie. Seersucker often temps people to wear wild ties, but staying sober with them is best IMO.
   I think this has long been overdue. Congrats to both of you.
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