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 I doubt he is anticipating one either. Nor am I.
What kind of money are we talking about for these Jalans?
I am intrigued. 
Don't apologize, it was just an observation. I look forward to seeing more pics from you. I don't think the choice of trousers was a mistake at all. Like I said, it's a classic combination. The shoes are very light as shoes go. For me having shoes that are anywhere near to the tone of your trousers makes them look muddled and disjointed. My lightest shoes I will only wear with white trousers, or very light shades of other colors. A pink shirt and a navy tie is not a bad...
What the... How did you know I was drinking and internetting?
This guy...
I'll tip my hat to ye, but I'll not call ye sir!
Most of them have descriptors already. You deserve one too, as does Don.
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