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Not just one, but two!
@The Noodles should have this one in the bag with his one-suit.
Some people unbutton one button on the cuff as a way to show the world that they have working buttons. Personally I just don't care. I didn't even ask for them on that custom job above.
3.25 in. lapels, 3 patch pockets, real horn buttons, if that helps.
Final adjustments are being done this week on a new custom SC. Thoughts on the pattern, styling, etc?  
I wouldn't tuck my tie in, and I rarely use the pockets, however it doesn't bother me when I see it.
Do what you gotta do, others will do what they gotta do.
Funny, I've gotten a trolling PM recently too. Wonder if it's the same account.
New Posts  All Forums: