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I think @Manton should weigh in. You know, just so someone can acknowledge him.
I would challenge anyone here to list their favorite of the two fits, honestly. I'm betting the suit would win handily. Indeed, it was features not he 20+ thumbs thread. The blazer was not. /debate.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, cuts through all the "saucy" talk on the subject.
Refute, please! I am more than happy to be wrong. However, I will post what I please.
 It's a reference to many conversations in the past. If he is interested in advice now, and I don't know it, then great. However in the past he has said that CM people "don't know what they are talking about". This was in reference to more than just me.
SVB is not interested in advice. I was making a critique of the fit for educational purposes.
 Observe how the blazer's shoulders sit v. the suit. The vertical line created by the blazer's shoulder along with the fact that it extends far beyond the natural shoulder gives his neck an elongated appearance. For someone of SVB's body type this elongation makes his proportions look very peculiar. It definitely looks dated, but it would be ill fitting in any era.  
Don't forget your bell bottoms.
 Incorrect. The "style" in the blazer pic is undoubtedly ill fitting.
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