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Noodlers, my buttons have arrived. Which of these would you use on this jacket if you were me?   Left: Polished Horn, Middle: MoP, Right: Smoked MoP  
Experimenting with more natural light in my photos.       
I think it might be too high but it might be lens distortion. Maybe I just subconsciously hate Noods.
I hate to rain on the Noods parade, but there is something off about that fit to me. I think it's the shirt collar. Also, I dislike checked shirts with suits, but I admit that's a personal thing.
I figured. Just having some fun with it.
 Allowable for Mess Dress only. 
@DonCologne I still think you could benefit from less structured shoulders, but I like this fit very much.
I think the Hudson is just about right length wise. I would guess by looking at them that the difference in length is 3/4 to 1 full inch, which is quite a lot.
It's a problem that goes beyond national borders, unfortunately. It mostly afflicts the young although no age group is immune.
Speaking for the jackets alone, I would keep the Hudson. The Havana is too short.
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