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Yet another thing I wasn't going to mention, but I don't like them. lol
I don't care about gaining or losing points one bit (whatever that means anyway). Interestingly enough, historically un-matching jackets and trousers were considered more formal than matching ones. So the precedent is there. You don't have to like it, but clearly the stroller is legit. And heavily fucking awesome.  
I agree. Since most people seem to have no qualms with wearing orphaned suit jackets anyway, I doubt it would seem out of place no matter what the case. However, a morning jacket with the appropriate striped trousers and light colored vest would strike a good image whether you know a lot about menswear or not.
Tweed and jeans can be very nice.
 I suppose I should say that I'm remarkably unconcerned with that. Especially since I get "Nice suit" from nearly everyone when I wear a sport coat and trousers. 
I know I don't need to, I WANT to.
Thing is, there are certain details I would have to find. Peak lapels, single breasted, gray/black pinstripe trousers, light gray contrasting waist coat, and so on. It wouldn't be so simple for me. lol
 Pulling for whatever reason, and the fabric naturally folding and rippling because of movement, are two different things. I think this subject is getting away from you a little. An experienced eye can spot the difference between pulling and natural movement. Your jackets often pull. That's simply a fact. I'm not sure if you are being defensive or genuinely discussing this subject in good faith, but giving critiques to you is often a laborious process. Many times you...
This is spot on. I have a jacket that has slight pulling in one area because of a balance issue. No matter how much room, or lack thereof, it has, it will always pull.
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