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It can certainly be done, and very well at that. You have the right concept in terms of doing something up top to ensure that the darkness of the trousers doesn't draw attention solely to your lower body. There is a complicating factors, though. Everyone should dress to draw attention to their face. Simply because of the fact that you need to draw attention away from dark trousers in a northern lights fit you run the risk of drawing too much away from the face with a tie,...
Don't get mw wrong, I think it works fine as an odd jacket, maybe tough to wear being northern lights, but meh. I just like suits in that color too!
 This seems to be the most important part of your argument so I will address this. I think so some degree you can make a good case for this because, as I mentioned early on, there is quite a lot of crossover between eastern trad clothing. This doesn't mean that they are the same, or that their identities are even largely indistinguishable. One of the things that I wanted to push early on is that when defining the differences between trads it is important to look at...
Damn you, I was just conjuring my own snarky response!
Look at the pulling in the upper chest, the dimpling at the shoulders, and the tightness of the thighs. Not to mention the tightness of the waist. Granted, not every conceivable way, but the fit is all around not good, and it is because of more than just the waist.
 I don't think this is true. I've lived in the west, northeast, southeast, midwest, and northwest and they all have their own peculiarities because of the unique realities of the place and culture in which they live. That this expresses itself in clothing is almost inevitable and has to do with much more than brands. Indeed, as many fashion historians have noted, even in places where the brands are very prominent (say, Brooks Brothers for instance) the mode of dress is...
I do hope to see some full lengths one day if you can!
 No, though not nearly as important as the terrible fit of your shoes. Also, get a more structured shoulder so that your head doesn't look as bulbous.
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