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Exaaaaactly. Comments on clothes =/= personal insult.
I've heard this before. Overall I'd say yes, but I think southerners, like everyone else, have moved toward more slim fitting clothes in general. The influence of this on Trad style is significant IRL if not in the blogosphere. In past years though, yes I think the difference was greater.
Clog it! There are so few tradists that we need more people to post fits. This is OUR thread!
Lulz, I've done that too. Half the fun of coffee in Balkans is to talk with the shop owner about how horrible politics is for 3 hours.
When they start serving Turkish coffee in a paper cup, maybe!
Haha, that is so Balkans. I've never seen people lounge with such gusto.
This man gets it.
Let me be absolutely clear, as much as it pains me. Nearly everything I say is half serious, even when I'm being completely serious. If you don't understand what I'm trying to say then you have understood well enough.
They certainly are not what I would call a classic shoe. Like you say though, to each their own.
Ooh, ow. I really don't like those. Lol
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