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SW&D does CM challenge.
What I'm wearing right now, as I prepare for the Chargers to destroy stitches... I mean, the Broncos.  
 Is that a BB jacket? I have one just like it.
Holy crap, I got 4 votes! That FEELS like a win for me! 
The weather definitely warrants a T-neck.   [[SPOILER]]
 Ah ok. Well then to answer the question, I suppose sometimes someone might want to wear something other than gray, cream, or tan trousers. I dunno. 
 I don't know what FW and SS mean.
I can't recommend the Colt highly enough. It's a little over 1000 at Bud's right now. Not a bad price at all considering the recent run on ARs. Just a thought, I was issued one of those foregrips with the retractable bipod in it. Utterly useless in my estimation. The for grip is wide, unwieldy, and uncomfortable. The bipod is non adjustable, slippery when placed on the ground, and not stable. I tore it off my M4 inside of a week. It's primary function, IMO, was to allow...
 Be careful, someone in particular might start complaining about your posting too many fits with dark trousers. The horror!
 This might just be me, but I think linen looks odd when paired with worsted jackets. That might be one reason someone would choose worsted trousers in summer.
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