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It absolutely is an online persona according to himself. He has admitted as much. The problem is when he uses that as an excuse to be a douche. If you are going to be a douche it should at least be genuine. I should know.
@TheoProf I think I like you in suits better than SC/TR. Less can go wrong. I agree on the tie, there are better choices. Still thumbed though.   @Roy Al I love the blue SC, gray TR, black shoes combo.   Twinsies! I was wearing black shoes also.    
 Ah, I see. I must have misinterpreted your previous statement then. I take it that even if you are a bit over dressed compared to everyone else that it isn't by that much.
Have you ever been part of a wrongful termination lawsuit? Every employee in the U.S. has protections against it, even at-will. If you don't have documentation showing that someone wasn't performing, or part of a synergy termination, or some other cause, then you are open to a discrimination lawsuit. It doesn't matter if you have a contract or not. The employee agreement (which often claims that you can be terminated at any time) and the reality of the law are two...
My SO has been in HR for several large companies and it is rarely as simple as you make it sound. Labor laws and the DoL restrict these things very closely. If there is the slightest hint of impropriety then a lawsuit may result. I'm not saying everyone sues their employer, but the largest employers are always very careful with whom they fire and for what. Especially, as I mentioned, if certain company policies are vague.
If your recent fits are any indication, it is no less aesthetically pleasing.
 I certainly wouldn't say that it is inappropriate.  Naturally. I'm not trying to say that there are no consequences to being an oddball in an environment where conformity is valued. However, if a company's dress code policies are vague it would be very difficult to fire someone without danger of lawsuit simply because of the way they dress. 
Ok, but it takes a lot to fire someone in this day and age. It's not as simple as not fitting in, especially in a society as litigious as we have in the West.
 Yes, but why should traditional clothes be consider uncomfortable at all? That's something I don't understand. I feel as comfortable, perhaps more so, in tailored clothing as I do in jeans and a t-shirt. Ties at live plays are rare even in Chicago. The ties only come out for the ballet and opera.
New Posts  All Forums: