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I think it works OK for me, too. Not great. Perhaps not as well as it would for someone with darker skin than I, but it's passable.    Yeah, maybe they have some overlap. Trad and Ivy certainly have heavy British influences. One need only look to repp stripe ties. On the other hand, it's difficult to say. That blue tie might fall more easily into the kind of stores that sell "preppy" clothes, like Vineyard Vines or Polo. Now, if we're talking Southern Trad, it's a whole...
Newc, great tie. For some reason it doesn't appeal to me personally, maybe it's the shade of burgundy, but yes, quite trad for a Drakes tie.   Smitty, I can understand the association (you seem to have a very associative memory. I'm thinking of the Chinese made clothing discussion). For me the association isn't very strong, or if it is, it isn't necessarily a bad thing. Also, my hair might be giving off that kind of impression a bit as well.
So you're saying my complexion doesn't work with yellow? 
My first time wearing a yellow OCBD. Classic trad color that I haven't touched yet. Any thoughts?  
I can see why the sales associates might steer you away from yellow if you have light hair. However, you know how things look on you better than they do, and if it works for you, go for it. I tend to think pink and yellow work best with dark hair, and perhaps, darker skin. My skin isn't dark, but I think I can get away with pink and yellow owing to the slight olive tinge I have IRL. 
I am discovering the versatility of pink. I've been wearing some variation of the pink shirt more and more. The usefulness of this one probably depends on your complexion, much like the yellow shirt. Probably not recommended for the redheaded or the blonde. Perhaps not for the sallow skinned either.   
The herringbone I like. The drink, not so much.
 Nah. Looks good, though.
I have a hard time seeing any herringbone as FU. On the scale of FU items, this is pretty tame. Looks nice in any case.
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