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The dog keeps me. Everything else is expendable. Here is my attempt at better pics although I'm afraid it's the best I can do at the moment. Added shoes.  
Ok, I'm looking for some general advice here. I need to figure out whether to keep these or return them. Are they too slim?   
 Thanks for the feedback. If you aren't sure what to recommend perhaps you can tell me what is wrong fit-wise. Could it be slimmer/fuller? Tapered a bit more?
Trying to stay with the simplicity theme.  
This may well be true, however my own anecdotal experience runs counter to yours. Perhaps it's a generational thing but many of the best dressed people I know are the oldest and most senior. On the other hand, a senior administrator I know dresses like he is going to the field every day. Probably a symptom of being an archeologist! I do think you have a good point about the emphasis on learning and academic achievement, as does Clags. However I think it is wise to be...
This is actually an interesting point. I think it is articulated far better than previous by some others. I agree that academia is not a field really, but an amalgamation. I disagree, however, on the idea that it is the way it is partly because of an emphasis on intelligence/knowledge/research. The emphasis on I/K/R was already there when dress codes or emphasis on dress was common. I would suggest that the variation in dress has more to do with the emphasis on diversity...
Clags, superb.
Thanks, I think you are right. I was trying something a little different but I don't think it quite worked for me.
Ok, assuming they are in the proper place for actually doing this, how did you bleach them?
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