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 Here here!
 "The south" is a big place with lots of different people in it. Some are in denial, for sure, but they are a minority even if it doesn't seem like it. The craziest ideas are often professed by the loudest voices. Unfortunately some of those voices happen to be in government but one thing I learned as a transplanted Californian is that many of the stereotypes I had about the south were wrong. This isn't to discount the negatives, of course. Edit: A much bigger problem is a...
 I might have mentioned this before but when I was going to JC back in the late 90s there were Japanese international students who thought the history section on WW2 in the Pacific was American propaganda. America has a lot of problems, but acknowledging that we did fucked up things (at least among most groups) isn't something we have as big a problem with as most others.
I will reply to your original post which invited me to PM you if I doubted most CE poster were republican. I actually don't know anything about CE. I am, however, extremely belligerent. I'm not bragging, just stating a fact. I push back at everything I see a tiny flaw in and SB's statement had a flaw, undoubtedly. It's my way. Also, I'm quite liberal in many ways. I have no party however. Anyway, that is all! Nuff said.
I don't get invited to parties.
You still have not addressed the primary weakness of SB's claim, that liberal irritation is a reliable sign of republicanism. You still cannot say that most of them are republicans unless you give evidence of it.
I didn't even expect to get a response.  Also if you didn't want it to be tedious you shouldn't have started it.
That doesn't follow. This is your line of reasoning...  Liberals are often disturbed by posts in CE. Liberals being disturbed by posts in CE suggests that most of those posts are made by Republicans. Most of those posts display casual racism. Therefore most Republicans who post in CE are casually racist.
What does SB think?
So racism = Republican?
New Posts  All Forums: