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Interesting. VB and Towhees are the only Australian beers I have ever had. Never tried Fosters, too obvious. IPAs are big in Southern California where I am from. The most famous local brewery in my home town of San Diego makes several varieties of IPA. To be honest I was never much of a fan. I don't know what kind of beer Negra Modelo is, but it's probably my favorite. Follow it with Spaghetti Western, in Italian coffee beer, and Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale.
That's a movement I think we can all get behind.
I appreciate it.
I just posted a write up on Jack Erwin shoes if anyone is interested or curious about them.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/469927/jack-erwin-shoes
What do you think of Victoria Bitters, Cox?
Until recently I had a noticeable absence in my shoe collection. I lacked the quintessential casual shoe, the plain toe blucher. I had no immediate intention of filling that void and instead thought that some time in the future, when I found something that called to me, I would do it. As it turns out this happened sooner than I expected. The predictive powers of the internet decided that I might like to see an advertisement for Jack Erwin shoes on my social media feed. Why...
Any time! Unless I move to Chicago later this year (which seems likely) in which case I'll give you the ultimate windy city tour. heh 
 Sorry brother, Teutonic beers are far superior in my humble, and not at all enlightened, opinion.
Well you know, if you're ever in my neck of the woods I'll take you on the ultimate Bourbon tour. So long as you don't mind staying in a city named after a French monarch.  
So you just apply it evenly as if you were using it on a cognac colored shoe?
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