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In the case of Dubai it's not just about the seasons, or lack thereof. It's about the culture. You might think that because it's always hot in Dubai that they would always wear summer colors. Not the case. It's dark suits all year round. Blacks often doesn't look the greatest in the glaring sun but it's a very common suit colorin Dubai. Perhaps even more common than navy.
You are certainly due your opinions and preferences, but it's a pretty established style, and for good reason I think.  Something like this, although I've seen better examples.
I think they look better on true three button SB jackets than two button, however I don't think they look dated at all. A three piece, three button, tweed suit with rolled lapels looks sweet as hell. 
 Often only in the minds of some people. In Dubai seasonality in colors is essentially non-existent.
When it comes down to it theory is just the acceptance that some things look less discordant to the human eye in a certain context. Gifted is the person who can parse something to the point that he can make a theory about it. Gifted more is the person who can coherently describe that theory to others. There does seem to be a point of critical mass, however. Being able to express why some color combinations and patterns look harmonious together is one thing, but trying to...
 But are we not real people? Do we not go out into the world in the clothes we select? Maybe a lot of people don't put the thought that we do into things like this, but then again, who delves into history, science, or medicine in any more than a superficial way other than those who wish to be experts in those fields? I guess what I'm saying is that just because these discussions appeal to a narrow scope of people doesn't mean they are meaningless. And because they have...
 I would agree with this. By that I'm not saying that I don't sometimes do this too, it's just that not everything needs to be categorized so much. I think this is especially true with colors. Some of my favorite summer combos have had rust, dusty greens, and browns in them. I just liked them because they looked good and were usually made of reasonable fabrics for the season. Nothing beyond that.
 Ah, the life of a tailor... 
 This is a very good point. Contextually speaking this would account for what seems like an incongruity to outsiders.
Although I agree with you, I've seen people wear casual dark shoes with seersucker and I thought it was successful. Think black tassel loafers, for instance. It's tough to pull off but you can. Then again, the white trousers/black shoes look is something reasonably common in the south as well. Obviously, as my seersucker fit shows, I chose to go the route you favor regardless.
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