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 IIRC he did too. The difference is that you didn't keep it up long enough for people to consider it a personal idiosyncrasy. I hardly notice it with Stitch now, and I doubt many others do either.
No. lol
 An uncensored version of you? Wouldn't that generally be a more true version than who you are in "real life"?
It's still what you are actually doing. This "real life" you speak of is happening every time you say something in here. If it wasn't there wouldn't be a perceived need to delete so many of your posts.
This forum isn't a fictional novel. Your behavior here IS real life. Unless we are all involved in some kind of post-modern production piece.
I'll weigh in on the China thing. I agree that there are some very high quality items that come out of China, however I too have an aversion to buying Chinese. The reasons is that many (many many MANY) times you have no idea what you are getting. If you buy something online from China you might be getting a piece of crap that bears no resemblance to what you wanted (if you get it at all). If I am seeing something in person it might be a little different though.
New Posts  All Forums: