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Interesting article, but I didn't like the finished product they showed at the end of the article as much as I thought I would. Maybe I just don't care for their house-style, as it were.
 I know the feeling. Most of us have been there. 
I don't think so. You seem to like a very slim style, but what I usually see from you is far too skinny to look good. The problems I see in the shoulders are a large divot on each side and a buckling along the shoulder line. One is likely the result of the armhole being too small, and the other is likely a result of your shoulder pitch. At least that has often been the case for me. Aside from this, sizing up would also provide you with a longer jacket, which you sorely...
^^^ You're wearing a size too small, for one thing. Size up and have the waist taken in.
The shoulders on the havana are wider and the sleeves are almost always considerably longer. The chest on the two measures about the same on the ones I have. The Sienna jacket seems longer but only slightly so. The main difference in how they fit is due to the construction. The Sienna is much more structured and has a light shoulder padding, the Havana has none. FWIW I have decided that the Havana doesn't look very good on me. I have a slightly dropped right shoulder that...
 Ew, no.
Yup, old PRL.
 I like the effort, but the tie and the shoes have to go. The jacket, trousers, and shirt are such a nice example of trad, but the shoes and tie look out of place with it. I'd suggest some simple brown loafers or derbies and a repp or solid tie in a more conservative color. Save the dub monks and the purple tie for when everything else isn't so trad.
I find myself in the unusual position of wanting to be kinder than GBR, although I agree with what he says. I can understand the desire to have a repository of "rules" for members just starting out, but I think that is counter-productive. The joy of this process is finding out new things, listening to the arguments, and deciding for yourself. Just as there are no set of rules to making a good painting, so there are no set of rules to dressing well. Some ideas are good...
New Posts  All Forums: