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   That's a full 2 inches shorter than my no-break inseam and I am the same height. 
On the issue of the patch pockets, I don't think they are the most important part of casualizing a jacket. Fabric, pattern, and buttons are much more valuable in that regard. Patch pockets, then, are on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of importance and well worth sacrificing.
 BTW, I think this is an interesting statement. Not because of the truth or falsehood of it, but because of what it implies to me. Specifically, why should anyone want to minimize shortness or accentuate tallness? I suppose it all has to go back to an ancient concern with the "ideal". Brummell looked to the Greeks for inspiration as to what constituted "perfect" proportions in the human form, and who could blame him? When it comes to proportion the Greeks (usually) had it...
 In a certain sense it does, but what else it does is more important. By that I mean the fact that it raises the perceived height of the shoulder. The point isn't just to eliminate horizontal lines in favor of vertical ones, after all. 
No style of clothing will make you look less short, but some will make you look more short.   FWIW: I make some pretty atrocious mistakes for a tall guy. Granted, over-accentuating height isn't as big a deal, but somethings can make you look disproportionate.
JCM is a tough guy. Besides, none of this is anything I (and others) haven't said to him before. He knows the faults and is apparently willing to accept them. FWIW, I think he is the best dressed guy who makes every mistake for his height that I have ever seen. On top of that there are many people here who have no problem with what he is wearing, although I think they would have a bigger problem with the things I have pointed out if they saw him in person. Just a hunch.
 Since you asked...   Sorry, but I have to use JC for illustration purposes. Put your thumb over his face if you feel awkward about it. I have highlighted the problems in red and the good stuff or solutions in green.  JC already knows what I'm about to tell you and I'm not revealing and secrets here, just commonly held knowledge about not looking like a hobbit when you wear clothes. The fact that he persists in wearing these mistakes tells me that he is either a masochist,...
That's interesting, I didn't know that. Thanks for the heads-up.
Where have you been? This thread is a playground and has been for some time. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
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