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 You know what they say, women don't dress well for men. They dress well to impress other women. Same can be said for us I suppose.
 Where would that be?
I bet the chicks didn't even notice, though.
 Sheeit. It was 93 where I am. You go on with summer as long as you like. As for me, I'm waiting for camel hair season to start.
You know, interesting that you mention the women dressing better than the men. One of the things that motivates me to not get lazy with my appearance is that my GF is an exceptional dresser. All around town I see women who wear nice clothes, shoes, and so on, out with men who wear cargo shorts and t-shirts. I never wanted to be one of those guys who looks like a scrub, next to a woman who looks exceptional.    Oh, and I look awesome wearing a tailored jacket with a bag...
SB and DC, I rikey very much!
Still going strong with the summer colors, eh? I salute you.
 I should say that I never wear a suit to class. I rarely wear suits at all, but for me a suit to class really WOULD be overdoing it. A sport coat with a pair of casual trousers? Not a big deal.
 Many do where I am studying. Definitely not close to all, but many do. On the other hand there is one professor I've never seen wear anything other than Hawaiian shirts. In that context, I would gladly be the only student to wear a sport coat. But, as mentioned, I rarely am. There is something about people who study history, they just like to wear odd jackets. Usually with elbow patches, for better or worse.
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