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 Just read through your Despos thread. Glad you got a chance to go to Grace (they got their 3rd Mich. star, if you didn't know), it's truly a spectacular dining experience. More spectacular, though, was your description of the process you had with Chris Despos. I plan on seeing him sometime in the next year as well. Many thanks for the inspiration.
I always thought roped shoulders made the man's arms look bolted on and robot-like. That doesn't mean they are bad looking. It's an aesthetic that I don't care for, but I can see why someone else might like it.
 What is normcore? Are you making up terms again?  Interesting comment on the stripes. I tend to not like pinstripes generally speaking, and larger ones even less so. Perhaps I was trying to compromise, in a sense, and should have just abandoned the stripe idea altogether.
This suit has been sitting in the closet for a loooong time. Long overdue for a resurrection. I have some business shit to take care of in Chicago. Should I wear this?   
Just got my shirt today. Out of the box it looks great. Considering it was on sale for $29 U.S. I really can't ask for more. Awesome buttons, too. I'd gladly pay full price for a shirt like this. Waiting to see how it hold up to a wash. Also have a MTM shirt in the works. It's really hard for me to find properly fitting shirts since I generally wear a 15, 34. Looks like this might be the answer!
Haha bingo!
Close but not quite.
Bonus points if you understand the tie.    
 It's much more important that you impress your clients and your daughter than me, so cheers!
Nah man, it aint the dimple. It's the electric purple.
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