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 I don't think I agree. Ancient madder has a certain pop to it when you use contrasting colors that is quite rakish and, I believe, does not at all read "old-mannish". Perhaps repp stripes read more old to me, but I like those too.
Those patterns are a bit too small for me. I'd just as soon go with a pin-dot before something like that. To each their own, though.
The results KW has gotten with his MTM program are very good IMO, especially for being mail-order. Their process is a little different than most.
http://www.kentwang.com/suits/tuxedo.html   If you are willing to give MTM a try.
I love these.      
I like the kind of diamonds and medallions that Drakes does. I'd be all about some burnt umber, green, and light blue combinations. 
Ancient madder?
lol Just saw this.
What kind of tips are you looking for?
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