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Who said it was of no use to me? I literally described how I used things like that.
Not me. It is far more valuable to have variety that to get some small pittance for my used stuff.
I'm mostly at that point too. I need to feel comfortable in taking the risk of buying something used and only a good discount will do that. 
 Again, the difference is the incentive. What is the incentive for me to buy a brand new car for its full value from you rather than from a dealer? Anyone who can pay full price for that car can also go into a dealer and buy it.
Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Some will dispute this, but at the core of things, this is really true. If I can afford to pay 1500 dollars for a used suit I can probably afford to pay $2000 dollars for a new one that I know will be perfect, and I can probably get tailoring included. So where is the incentive to buy something for 1500 that I don't know the history of and will have to pay even more to get tailored?
Cool, man.
 Have at you!  
Oh... Of course.
 I wear a 9.5. What is B&S?
Might do him some good.
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