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Good, now what do you think could be wrong with this study?
Well, that's a research report. It's not the same thing as an academic paper on a particular subject. It's basically no better than the layman's articles you linked to before because it's a basic summary of what was done rather than a detailed description of it. But just for the sake of fun, can I assume you've read it and will be ready to discuss it?
I'm not just saying that as a bluff btw. Academics is my deal.
Why don't you send me a link to the actual study? Academic papers are full of things like methodology, citations, and detailed claims that a 6 minute video cannot substitute for. Even the links you provided didn't link to actual studies, but rather exceedingly brief articles on the subject. I'm being serious, if you want me to review evidence, send me real evidence (i.e.: the actual studies), preferably that you have read yourself so that we can discuss it intelligently. 
 I'm sorry to say that this answer is evidence to me that you either have not thought deeply about this subject, or are unwilling to discuss it honestly. No disrespect intended, but thinking critically about evidence that supports your assumptions is of the highest importance. Even I may admit that the evidence that supports my claims isn't perfect.
Another anecdote that illustrates it is that of an American linguist who lived with a primitive South American group for decades with his family. His children grew up with them as well. When a South American of European descent commented on how ugly the natives were the the children of the American linguist couldn't understand why he said that. They thought the natives, whose standards they grew up emerged in, were beautiful. Detailed in the book "Don't Sleep, There Are...
Again, what do you think could be wrong with those studies?
Even height being an attractive feature is probably culturally dependent. Desmond Morris made a good argument that people generally tend to find physical averages attractive, with either men or women who tend toward physical extremes being considered somewhat undesirable, to include the very tall or very muscular among men, the very large breasted or wide hipped among women.
Hahaha, no. With the possible exception of intelligence being that it is a survival advantage, but you could even make strong arguments against that.
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