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Anyone want to go for a stroll?    
 1. Linen works fine in gray if you are in a casual enough context. I wouldn't wear it to work, although your situation might allow it. Other than than, fresco. I've mentioned it a few times, it's a great summer fabric for trousers and jackets as well. Some go for hopsack trousers but that might get a bit robust for summer. Go and check out the actual fabric because many frescos are quite light and airy. Cotton trousers are ok for very casual environs but I don't like them...
My review of Jack Erwin shoes may be of interest.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/469927/jack-erwin-shoes
Hopsack is very different from both flannel and cotton, so yes. It will certainly be cooler than flannel in the summer although it is generally robust. Hopsack is a rustic fabric whose texture pairs nicely with a lot of other casual fabric that you might wear as trousers such as flannel, fresco, or even denim. Worsted generally looks discordant with more rustic trousers. Can you imagine wearing a worsted blazer with flannel trousers? I, for one, cannot. I would also be...
 No... No it isn't. 
OP, if you are looking for a traditional navy blazer I would stick to hopsack, or alternatively fresco if you are looking for something to wear in warm weather. Worsted wool is a suit fabric and should generally be relegated to suits. Remember the history of these garments. Blazers are casual garments, therefore textured fabrics are more appropriate. 
 Loads of blazers are crap.
I agree with GBR. It doesn't look good as is and would look even worse if shortened. It seems like you are insisting on doing what you want, though, so I'm not sure why you even asked for advice.
 Most would agree that worsted is not an appropriate fabric for a blazer. 
Fit issues are impossible to diagnose without seeing it on you. Those creases look like your jacket simply needs to be pressed. Personally I don't care if it's right or wrong, I unbutton my DB jackets when I sit because it's more comfortable for me. Post pics of you actually wearing your clothes while standing in a neutral stance if you want real advice.
New Posts  All Forums: