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 As much as I like Trad clothing, that pink suit would have looked good on no one... no one. 
Can't wait to see it on you!
I too like BB's Madison fit. I have found that Hart Schaffner & Marx offers a similar fit, as well as Peter Millar, though they will be a bit pricier.
We are. 
Oh, I get it. 
Is it? My Thai friends are always saying 2559.
You are as bored as I today, aren't you?
 Unless you live in Thailand, where it's 2559.
Was only a matter of time.
True. I'm not advocating that everyone go out and hunt their own food, although if you do that then I applaud you. Nor do I always eat wild game myself. It's a give and take. I try to tend toward certain behaviors that I find to be ethical, but I also don't feel too terrible about myself when I inevitably fail at it. It's fine. My wife also understands these things. She just accepts that when we go out to eat she will have to bend some of her rules. I mean, living as a...
New Posts  All Forums: