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 Thumb master? I'm not witty at all.
It could certainly be argued, and I'd tend to agree. However I think it's more complicated than "the less elaborate the more formal". Certainly things tend toward that way, but there are all kinds of leaks and valleys that both confirm and contradict those things.
That's true, but a cap toe oxford is busier than a plain toe blucher and is still considered more formal.
^^^ Yup.
Well I disagreed with you saying he didn't need one lol. Saying it sounds like he doesn't need one for work is something different and you may be right about that. You are usually right more often than me. lol
 You do good work, mang! Moderators, doesn't this guy deserve a custom descriptor under his name?
I disagree. The staple blazer is more versatile than anything else he has, sometimes significantly so. The houndstooth is the only contender in that regard, but it still probably doesn't compare. I'd have to see a pic to know for sure. Whatever the case, staple blazer is still a hole to fill. Unless he simply doesn't like them. In which case my opinion means nothing.
The thing is, you don't have a staple blazer at all. In fact, you don't have a blazer. Blazers are solid navy with contrast buttons (often brass) and preferably patch pockets. My suggestion for your next purchase. Get a blazer. 
You could do the same kind of damage with a pen.
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