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A bad tie?
Just stop. This is pointless.
You really didn't.
I'm not trying. The last pic was a joke that you didn't get.
By the by, here is an alternative suede shoe from Herring. After shipping it comes to approximately the same price as Jack Erwin and the quality is a bit better. Got these a few weeks ago and was very pleased.   http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?&brandid=6&shoeid=3064
Mine are holding up well. The only complaint I have is somewhat excessive creasing on the right shoe. Obviously I use my right foot to drive and this might have put some extra stress on that shoe but I've never had that happen before. I can only attribute it to the leather quality. I don't imagine the suede shoes would have that problem because suede just seems to hold up better to creasing in general. I dig those chelsea boots and I have no problem with them in black.
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