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 I agree.
That old thing?
You are sooo not rich enough to not know what is in your closet.
Hmmm, I don't know how I should feel about your choices then. I may have mentioned previously that I too have a couple spread collar oxfords which I love. They aren't a staple for me, but they have their place. I don't like to mix metaphors too regularly so they only show up once in a while. I guess that I would then say that they appear too formal in most cases, at least at first glance. Not a fan of the checks you sometimes wear either, but I'm really nit picking at this...
He has a lot of patience. Something I am not known for but which I can admire in others.
You mentioned the collars but admittedly that's more personal preference. I tend to think they are generally too formal for what you wear, although that is not always the case. It occurs to me that you might be wearing a linen shirt in your last fit. If so, I retract my statement on that one in particular. The general sentiment stands. I usually give you a thumb, however, because your ability to pair colors and patterns is top notch.
If he's a Grunt he'd beat your skull in, have a beer, and hit on your wife at your funeral. Can't speak for anything else.
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