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This thread was partly inspired by repeatedly seeing the claim that white linen pocket squares are "formal" and other various claims that make no sense. I will be going over several un-truths that I routinely see within these forums and attempt to provide some common-sense reasons why you should dis-believe them immediately. Discussion is welcome as well as debate if you disagree with my claims.   First off...   The white linen pocket square: Frequently seen on SF is...
That suit looks great after the alterations.   Honestly, the original jacket length looks like it covered a lot more than just your ass. Could you possibly have an average torso and short arms? @Orgetorix has the same issue, it seems to me, although he has found a solution and always seems to look good.
I've said it before but I will say it again, for educational purposes. Pocket squares have no inherent formality. A white linen PS is perfectly fine on the most casual, or formal, of jackets.
 It's the brightness of the colors. The purple and green are like Las Vegas showgirls dancing on a dilapidated old wooden stage. Dilapidated old wooden stages look great, just so long as the actors look appropriately grizzled and rustic. I can't tell if it's a silk or wool PS, but in any case I think a color scheme taken more from the jacket or tie would have worked nicely. Either that or embrace the summer and wear those bright colors with a jacket that will properly show...
Not feeling the shirt or PS here. The tie, jacket, and trousers all say Autumn, but the rest says something else.
Obviously you've never ventured into the "culture" forums. 
Good god, just say you're talking about masturbating.
 Well, as everyone knows, horse racing is a 7 hour party punctuated with intermittent racing! Nice shoes, BTW. I likey. Also, they last longer than 30 seconds. lol
I own two.
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