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Lining is pretty thick. The construction and materials are fine to me but I'm not as knowledgable or picky about ties as I am on other things. I also generally refuse to spend a lot of money on a tie when it can be better spent on shoes so I may not be the best one to recommend things to you.
Your wish is my demand. The wool ties are quite thick so they run into that typical problem where a DFIH is simply too big, and a regular FIH can be too small. You have to hit it right in that sweet spot to get a decent knot. I don't know if a knot like this is Clag-worthy but it would be fine to me. 
Not sure if anyone has heard of Elegant Extras out of the UK, but I recently found their website (elegant extras.co.ok) while looking for ties. I got a couple of them and they seem to be pretty good quality. The selection isn't huge, but they had what I was looking for, and light gray donegal and a camel wool tie. Prices are not bad and shipping is reasonable.    
I'm not arguing semantics. The "rules" are far more flexible than you are indicating. I'm sure you realize this and perhaps are simply making arguments that appear more rigid than you intend them to be. Ideally, a SC should have more than one element that indicates it is a less formal garment. This does not have to be a patch pocket, but it certainly can be. Flap pockets are 100% fine given some other less formal elements. Not only is the point overly rigid, it is also not...
 Many tweed jackets fit the bill.
 It's not a rule
@cakv there is nothing wrong with those.
No I'm not referring to bellows pockets. I'm referring to flapped patch pockets like the OP was. To be clear though, there is still nothing wrong with a plain flap pocket on a SC.
This is what I was referring to.
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