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That's ok, being white bread is fine by me. I looked at some Damir Doma stuff and I think you are right, plus it doesn't particularly appeal to me. I think the advice to look at themes is great because earlier on I was trying to take specific advice and it natural was all over the place because people have widely varying tastes and style. 
It's a fair observation. What I would say is that if you look back on this thread there were periods of inactivity in terms of fit posting. I have been posting more of late because I do feel like I'm making some progress. I'm sure I will slow down on posting and then pick it up again in the natural course of things. I think the last couple of days I have been trying to nail a certain look before moving on, if that makes sense.
 I would definitely try it. One thing I'm not afraid of is experimentation. I just need better high tops first. All I have are Converse.
 My thoughts exactly when I first saw it.
Just backyard stuff.  [[SPOILER]]
Wow, there are some seriously talented folks in this thread. I can't compare but here are a few of my attempts over the years.   [[SPOILER]]
That's for the comment. A lot of people have mention EG to me as something to look into. My only concern is that I don't want to get something blind off the internet without trying it on so I've been looking for it in retail stores without luck. I think things are definitely going the latter way for me but I am already starting to feel more comfortable with what I am wearing. I know it's not spectacular but it feels more natural as time goes on.
Experimenting with the longer oversized t shirt. The shirt extends below the hips which I am hoping has the effect that @hoodog mentioned.    [[SPOILER]]
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