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Who makes a law about an "attack" knife? What the heck is an attack knife? Any dagum knife can be an attack knife. 
Hmmm, if you feel you are fairly set on solid, or solid looking, jackets you might try for a district check, gun club, or some other check/plaid. Black watch is pretty distinct. Here are a few of the patterns I've been wearing lately.        
As some have pointed out in the past, you probably look better than most but that's not a great fit IMO. I give you...    out of five Foos.
 I'm not sure I'd go for that with the suit he's wearing. I'm picturing it in my mind and I can't make it look good.
I don't know anything about pediwear, but I like the 2nd pair. It's personal choice IMO but I'd avoid a color that is too light, like the 3rd pair, simply because they are more difficult to pair with trousers. Darker shoes tend to pair better with more varieties of trousers including denim. Light shoes are a difficult thing to work with and require lighter trousers to look right most of the time.
Crustless wears some great looking whole cuts just as a conversation is going on about them elsewhere. Looking good! (I'm a pro whole cut person)
 I wouldn't wear a brown striped shirt with anything, and I wouldn't wear a striped shirt at all with a glen plaid suit. If it's me (which it isn't) I'd wear a solid shirt of a tasteful color of your choice (i.e.: white or blue) and that navy tie is not a bad idea at all.
 This is the case with many of us.
 It's always about the money. I mean it isn't. The thing is, I don't ind spending some coin on shoes (I seem to spend more on them than anything else) but for an unknown quantity (to me) I'm hesitant.
 I doubt he is anticipating one either. Nor am I.
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