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It just sounds like you are a flashy dresser (alligator is a little out there). Granted, most college students aren't wearing Kiton, but most probably wouldn't know it if they saw it so I'm not sure that's any indication.
There are better and worse dressed students at my institution. Some dress very well, most dress the way you describe. The thing is, no one unduly notices the well dressed ones. They might get a compliment here or there but there is no peculiar attention made to them. Heck, some of the student body dressed in fairy tale inspired goth clothing (interesting indeed) and even they barely get noticed. Something tells me there is more to this than you are saying. Yes?
I didn't think yours was bad at all. Perhaps some better pictures would have garnered a few more votes, but there is never a wrong time to enter!
If I recall that is heldentenor's custom suit supply jacket, yes? The buttoning point has been a question raised before on it. It is a little high for my tastes, but it doesn't look bad. 
You are too kind! 
They look great! Some have said you can only count on 3-4 recrafts but I've always thought some would go at least a couple more.
Bit too much blue for my taste, Victor. I love each item individually though!
@southernstyle I'm liking a lot of your fits lately. Just FYI. 
I know they call those whole cut, but they sure don't look like it to me.
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