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 Not at all true. I attacked your statement. You then proceeded to attack my person. Then you did the same with conrad. If you want to not be considered a dick, both here and in real life, then learn to differentiate when someone is attacking your thesis, and when someone is attacking you. Then respond accordingly.
 You aren't crazy, I just don't always have to have cuffs. It has become way too normative here, IMO.
Feck the cuffs, it rocks as is.
This is getting inappropriate, very quickly.
 I say he's entirely wrong. Wanna fight about it? 
 More absurdity was never seen in one place at one time.
^^^ Tira1 is in.
 I'd say so.
Given long enough a time scale...
Are you kidding? They are classic NFL wear. I have seen Macy's adds from the 1960s with them.
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