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I plan on visiting Crit's this summer. Can't wait to see what they have on offer.
many thanks. Great insights.
Either someone here has an opinion on my question or they don't. I'm willing to accept either eventuality.
Question on fabric weights...   I'm thinking about Summer suits. My preference would be for a 100% linen suit, likely from @Kent Wang. One option is the Huddersfield 280g 100% linen:   I always have a bit of confusion rolling around with fabric weights, however. Would y'all consider a 280g linen suitably sturdy for trousers? I imagine the cloth would be rather thin, being a Summer fabric, so I'm wondering how well this...
Jacket, maybe from the 1960s based on the styling. Tie, perhaps a bit newer. I dig the BB stuff from the 70s. They changed with he times but in a far more restrained way than others.
 That's fashion, for you. As much as we might try to say we are immune to trends, they still have an effect. Although, I will say that with a little forethought the effect of fashion on the lifetime of one's clothes can be minimized. Case in point... I'd suggest that most people wouldn't guess, at first glance, that the jacket and tie are very old. Upon inspection you'd probably get it, but just the same, I don't think it looks terribly dated. On the other hand, the slubby...
Recent post on Ivy Style about the persistence of Southern Trad amidst the turbulent changes of the 60s.
Never been a fan of tattersall, but I can appreciate it on other people.
It's what I do.
I think it works OK for me, too. Not great. Perhaps not as well as it would for someone with darker skin than I, but it's passable.    Yeah, maybe they have some overlap. Trad and Ivy certainly have heavy British influences. One need only look to repp stripe ties. On the other hand, it's difficult to say. That blue tie might fall more easily into the kind of stores that sell "preppy" clothes, like Vineyard Vines or Polo. Now, if we're talking Southern Trad, it's a whole...
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