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Agreed. I'm planning on dark medium gray linen trousers with mine. Not sure if it will work but we will see.
I've got one from a few years ago that is raring to go. For me the determining factor is whether or not it's warm enough to wear it. I'm not sure I even know all the calendar rules, but I know what is for warm weather and what is for cold weather.
Loading the Custom and Sale sections was very slow. Haven't looked at other parts yet.
Is the website really slow for anyone besides me the last two days? 
 This very factor is what has created some pretty dumb threads however yours is not one of them. Great insights and I agree with pretty much all of it. 
 Honestly I thought the jacket was a bit on the long side. Not egregiously so, however. Other than that, I have a sneaking suspicion that it is an orphaned suit jacket. Could be wrong though. Still thumbed.
 I've heard of this one. Hellenistic sculpture is super interesting, innit?. Almost makes me want to make a trip to New York just for it. Enjoy!
I don't think there is a need for it. We've discussed these things extensively for years in threads specific to strollers, morning dress, black tie, etc. Just because one newb wasn't privy to it is no reason to start a new thread. Of course, you are the man so it's your prerogative to start one or not.
 The dinner jacket (aka tuxedo) supplanted full dress as the acceptable formal evening wear over time. The stroller never did that for day wear and remains semi-formal, especially considering it is relatively unknown today. Your knowledge of the subject lacks nuance but since you are new I will excuse it.
A stroller isn't black tie, it's daytime semi-formal. Daytime formal would be Morning Dress.
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