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How we did it.  
Don't know if this has been asked before, but will S&M MTM make tuxedo shirts?
I haven't decided whether I will go MTM or just do what you did and get a shirt with longer sleeves and have it taken up. Double cuffs are so hard to get right!
Do you know of any shirt makers who will do a standing collar tuxedo shirt with custom sleeve lengths? I'm in a weird in-between size.
Post your photos, but try not to post too many at a time.   Also, take a look at the WAYWRN thread for inspiration and ideas. Developing a sense of style is more than just getting a few reasonable jacket/trouser combinations. Stick around, learn, and have fun!
 It's black, but @Roy Al is right. The shirt sleeves are too short. I just didn't have the time to get a new shirt.    Thx.  [[SPOILER]]  For all those who don't like standing collars with tuxedos... 
It's just an older style. It was originally a removable collar shirt, but most today are attached. The turndown is a bit of a newer invention relatively speaking.
Agree on the cuffs. Socks and PS are fine though.
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