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NoCal isn't the same. You don't surf.
Being a Southern Californian transplanted to the South, this is exactly what my background tells me New Yorkers are like.
Fascinating conversation. I've seen professors wear suits and I haven't thought twice about it. Korea must be a VERY interesting place. I may, in future, wear a suit to my institution (I'm not a professor, mind you) if'n I want to.
 Had to Google that.
Pseudo AAS fit.     [[SPOILER]]
 Awesome bags. Mine has held up to some pretty hellacious sh*t.
 It doesn't matter! lol
Is the bag from Saddleback? I believe I have the same one in a different color.
 Unfortunately I have never had reason to go to New York. My wife's company acquired a competitor in New York, though, so we may have an excuse to visit.
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