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Congratulations! That's a Load Off!
Thanks @Academic2. If American military ties were as tasteful as their British counterparts I might even consider wearing one from my regiment. However they are not.
 I'm a little confused by this. I thought organizational tie ran downward from left to right, but the RAF tie appears to run from right to left.
 Definitely easier than this... 
 I wast JUST thinking that. I came across this website with a bunch of pictures of men's and women's clothes from every year in the decade of the 50s. http://www.thepeoplehistory.com/1950fashions.html Of course, it's his choice. No harm it tossing out suggestions though!
 I won't wear it in the UK, but I will probably wear it again in the U.S. Having been in the Army myself I can understand the protectiveness with which they hold these things. I do have a striped tie in my school colors btw. Since my school colors are red white and black I have a had time wearing it lol. Maybe in the summer.
A mate just informed me that my tie looks eerily close to an RAF organization tie. It's times like these that I'm glad I don't live in England, for fear I might be crucified for wearing a tie I don't rate!  
So true. It's fun too, like taking a step back in time.
^^^ Incidentally, it was @Albert Hal who inspired me to go looking for vintage stores.
 Oh yes. Not terribly often but I do have a rack full of them for when the mood strikes.
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