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 There is an a serious element that is being lost here. .40 S&W and other expanding rounds do not tend to fragment. The .223 does. When entering body tissue or, alternately, gelatin blocks the round will fragment, sometimes many times over. When facing dry wall, concrete blocks, or other "intermittent barriers" the .223, or at least the 5.56 loaded to NATO specifications, will penetrate MUCH farther. So the specifics are important here. 
 Nope. Throat punch.
10/22s are awesome
 I don't think you read my post very closely. Forgivable because I am often incoherent, but I don't think I was this time. I'm not saying your home is Iraq. Not sure where you got that from. I'm saying I have seen what rounds can do to buildings... in Iraq. Copy?  As for your home, yeah that probably negates any concerns about over penetration. That is the only time I'd not be too concerned about it. However I home there is a mile between any of your other walls too,...
 It won't. .223 and 5.56 are high pressure rifle rounds. Which isn't to say that a .40 wont over penetrate, however you gotta figure, a projectile leaving the muzzle at 3,000 fps, v. a projectile leaving the muzzle at, what, a max of 1,400 fps for +p loads, and an expanding round at that? I honestly don't know where that logic is coming from. And btw, unless you live in a log cabin, be concerned with over penetration. Just trust me on this. Or don't trust me and ask me...
 Just read it. Overall I thought it looked like most people just threw together the one suit, shirt, and tie they owned. I definitely think we need to do another one of these challenges to see if anything has improved.
I also would question an AR for home defense. When you are talking about high powered rifle rounds you have to take over penetration into account. Especially if you are using M855, those rounds are made to penetrate. And they will. And they will keep going.
I would question how effective a laser would be in terms of deterrence. Sounds like you thought it would be a good idea as opposed to basing that decision on any real evidence or real life experience. I'm not hating, just trying to give you an alternate view.
Ask yourself what you'd use a laser for. A red dot sight makes me redundant.
IMO it is exaggerated to some degree. My M4 I carried in the military was exceptionally reliable. And I got is pretty darn dirty in the desert at times. Many of the reliability issues that people say they have are relics of the old Vietnam era stories. A modern AR is a smooth running military machine. On top of that, the reliability of the AK, which is certainly very good, has been exaggerated over time.
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