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The second half of your reply would suggest that you do get it. 🙂
 Egg whites.
Perhaps the funniest thing about the above style is that so many people don't realize that it is intentional mockery.
I'd rather my collar start flapping than use stays. Far too fussy. 
Still waiting. 
Habit. Yes, it drives much of our lives.
 This requires further clarification. If the new shirt is stiff enough to dispense with them, what is the purpose of continuing to use the collar stays?
That's a weird sweater. Looks kind of like a chain link fence.
@Hal Freeman, I don't know if you are soliciting advice any longer, but that is really hideous. The advice on this thread has seemingly been nonexistent lately, but I think there is merit in keeping it from turning into a simple showcase for #menswear. The shirt is bad and the suit is worse. I suppose the tie is fairly redeemable, but you have somehow managed to mangle the knot. Three patterns is clearly beyond you at this point, but that's ok. You have started out like so...
I've never met anyone who actually uses them. I wear OCBD almost exclusively, so of course I never use them. Maybe they are something like tie bars, an affectation of the pseudo dandy.
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