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 I know, lol.
^^^ Correct.
I probably will this summer. There always seems to be a better choice with most of my winter fits but summer lets us all let our hair down a bit (sometimes with unfortunate consequences).
My suedes: White "Bucks" from Bass. Ivy Style essentials. Not very versatile of course, and maybe worn but a few times in summer. We'll see what they make an appearance with this year. Brown tassel loafers from Sacoor Bros. I just couldn't live without a pair of these even though they rarely appear either. Snuff suede Neumoks from Allen Edmonds. If I could have only one pair of suede shoes these would be them. The One Suede!
I might say that whole cuts are unusual enough to have an ambiguous place in the formally scale. You simply don't encounter them enough, nor do they have an established place in menswear historiography, to have a set judgement made on them. Perhaps if more people wore them, or if they have a more established history, they would fit easily into the hierarchy of formality but as it is they are capable of holding ground on either side of the spectrum.
My whole cuts by SF alumnus @AnGeLiCbOrIs AKA Andrew Lock.  
 This is true. The fact that I'm right should, though. 
I'm not touching that!
Picturing @Manton carrying a Samurai sword onto the subway is odd indeed.
Man, I don't know what this thread is going to look like while he's gone.
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