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FWIW, leaving the second cuff button undone looks affected to me. On the other hand, it's certainly not worth getting in a huff over.
I have some single actions with hammer mounted firing pins, but my Rugers all have transfer bars. Whatever the case, snap caps are simply easier IMO. No messing around. The only PITA is using snap caps with a lever gun. I had to shave down a snap cap so the rim was gone on one half of it. That way it wouldn't eject every time I moved the lever. I miss cowboy action shooting...
Wow, thanks for the info. I suspected that frame mounted pins might be more susceptible, but I never knew for sure.
 Have you ever actually broken a firing pin due to dry firing? I used to do a lot of single action competitive shooting and I always dry fired with snap caps, but I was always curious as to how harmful it actually is. I've never heard of anyone breaking a pin because of it.
Personally I have never had an issue with MIM parts. They might indeed be weaker than forged parts, but I imagine that in the real world this difference in negligible. Given the choice, however, I would opt for forged parts so I get what you are saying. As for the lock, I agree, it looks like garbage an I would be mortified if it ever locked up my 438 (the only S&W I have with a lock) and I'd probably never use it for carry again. All in all, I'd say the new stuff S&W...
Yeah, hit me up if you move here. There are some nuances and oddities (contradictions) to the gun laws in IL.
If it were me I'd probably renew it anyway. Even if you move to a state that doesn't recognize it, you are still recognized in many other states which you may end up visiting often for work. I keep my KY license even though it is no good in IL because no one recognizes an IL license, so when I travel I can still carry. In any case, if you've got the license then carry, man! It's there to protect you.
My small advice is to not live your life by CCW laws (which it doesn't seem like you are doing). Go where you can find good work at a good wage and if it happens to be an anti-2A place, register to vote there and add your voice in support of your civil rights.
Oh yeah, the triggers are definitely an issue. I had to replace the springs in my 438 to get it anywhere near my old police Mod. 10. I don't know if it's a purposeful thing or not. I suppose years of use could have softened the old triggers up, though.
Yeah, I like em. For some reason not having the firing pin on the hammer bothers me.
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