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 Try this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/503474/sw-d-theory-cms-free-for-all-help-thread I'm sure some one in there would be willing to help.
 That's a fair comment but it's something I'm having a little trouble with practically speaking. The laces that came with the shoes just don't go up that high. Why they packaged these shoes with laces that are too short I don't know. Easy fix though, I could just get longer laces.
 I hear you on that one. I was thinking of going with a light jacket but it was 88 degrees Fahrenheit today so I abandoned the idea. Out of curiosity I tossed on a Fall jacket to take a look in the mirror and I see exactly what you are talking about.
Back to denim in another experiment. I like sneakers too much to wear Birks every day! Hopefully I am getting closer to knowing how to wear them.    [[SPOILER]]
 Boy, that's the truth.
Thanks for the feedback. I admire your look MoK.
Thanks fellas. MoK did indeed inspire the shoes.
CD has been mentioned to me before. I have been paying closer attention to him and I might try to take some inspiration from his style. I think I will need to play around with the proportions he uses though, to fit me.    Here is yesterday...  
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