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There are two types of military people. Lifers, and the reasonable. Lifers live their whole lives, even after their careers are over, as if they were in the military. I am not a lifer.
Some random thoughts as I contemplate some trad and ivy styles and yet another Pitti rolling around. Perhaps not surprisingly, this forum is very middling, especially in its approach to Pitti. People coming here will always jump all over conspicuous display of items that they believe are "luxury" or look expensive. "Alright Johnson, let's display that tie! You're never going to get ahead unless people know how expensive your tie is!" Superfluous items are a clear marker of...
Too much tie already. I shan't contribute to that problem. 😉
Definitely more NE than SE.
More crewneck and tie.      Oh, and athletic socks and loafers. Bite me.
 I thought the ones offering legal advise were the birds of prey.
 You have one of the most impressive hat collections I've seen.
I suppose the implication in all this is that wearing something out of the ordinary isn't necessarily individualistic. This reveals the truly difficult part about being an "individual." If it's really possible. Quite often, individualism looks discordant to the person who worries about rules. G. Bruce Boyer is a good example.
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