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Haha, that is so Balkans. I've never seen people lounge with such gusto.
This man gets it.
Let me be absolutely clear, as much as it pains me. Nearly everything I say is half serious, even when I'm being completely serious. If you don't understand what I'm trying to say then you have understood well enough.
They certainly are not what I would call a classic shoe. Like you say though, to each their own.
Ooh, ow. I really don't like those. Lol
What on earth do you think my post was referring to?
That's fine.
I was ready to give a hearty laugh to @Andy57's post. Then I stopped for a moment and wondered... is he serious?
^^^ I completely understand this. I don't feel the need to "be different" all the time either, but sometimes you just gotta. It usually happens with shoes with me too.
Do you remember when you posted a picture of your closet? You scare me...
New Posts  All Forums: