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I like it because I find it appealing. The reference to GB was tongue in cheek. I find this discussion increasingly unnecessary so this will be my final word on the issue.
Welcome to the dark side. For my money I'd go one of two routes. If you can find one, vintage pieces are very nice. Might not be available outside the U.S. though. Varsity Town is a nice old American brand and they made some good looking madras jackets. Barring that, Brooks Brothers still makes them, as does J. Press.
My thoughts precisely.
So Aaron is very likable and has a great sense of humor. I feel safe in saying that most will have an easy time working with him. The pop-up location is a very small office in a multi-floor building in the Garment District. Aaron's wardrobe consists of many pieces from KW so he really knows the products he's dealing with. In addition to the trial suits that he has for you to try on he also had several examples from his own collection. I had mentioned to him that I was...
Be quiet, you.
Guess where I just was...
True, it was a bit mean. It wasn't unjustified in my opinion, however. Whatever the case I appreciate your clarification.
Self congratulatory is the term I would have used.
Someone has been in a bad mood lately.
There is no case to be made. You either love Madras or you are a commie.
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