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  Fuck yeah!
A big move is coming up for me. I will be leaving the beautiful Southland for colder climes. Would anyone be so kind as to recommend a capable tailor in Chicago or Schaumburg? How about some testimonials? Any experiences with custom clothing, difficult alterations, etc? In a city the size of Chicago I'd be lost if I tried to jump in on my own. Any thoughts?
That's my main beef with the Fitzgerald fit. I generally stick with Madison for shirts SCs and everything else really.
It's a great truck, don't get me wrong. I have a buddy who has one of the newer Tundras and it's definitely bigger (inside and out), but my Silverado is still noticeably bigger by my eyes. I don't think he ever felt underpowered with a v6, but it just can't compare to a 4.8l v8.
 So am I. Unfortunately mine isn't nearly as exciting (except to me).
 lol I got it.  Sorry, no. lol
Why you little...
 Not with an Ivy inspired fit! *HISSES*
 I hear you. I was unsure of it myself, but I couldn't find anything I liked better and I just didn't feel like going with white linen.  After 10 years in the Army I'm trying to get as soft as I can!   So you've been talking to my wife, I see. lol
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