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I feel like I can say that SF would be much less interesting without me.
I'm a Californian.
No. I mean what I say exactly how I say it. I see no point in talking about talking.
I don't want anyone to buy into anything.
I was referring to what you said about people "thumbing" certain brands regardless of fit or overall look. I just don't see it that much. At least not in WAYWRN where the whole fit is at stake.As well you should.
This is the primary reason for most academics to trudge on IME.
And yet it started an interesting and rewarding conversation. I'm really ok with that.
 Actually, I'm going to rescind this. I don't think that's what I want to say at all. The level of difficulty or unfamiliarity is not the issue at all in this case. I think it's just a matter of competing aesthetics. It's not necessarily that it would be difficult for someone to cross the lines from CM to SWD or vice versa, but rather that people from either side might simply not like what a lot of stuff on the other side looks like. I think that's true for me personally....
 Honestly, I don't think so. Color, texture, pattern combinations still matter and even more than that I think fit matters. Fit is king in CM. I don't recall any situation in which either of those factors were off that something got a lot of support based on brand alone.   Two completely different worlds. It's like asking a French pastry chef to suddenly start making Indian curries and then wondering why he doesn't immediately do well. (Back on the food metaphors)  Indeed....
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