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 Oh yeah. I forgot about that one. We used to have reruns of that show on TV for years. In fact, I think it's still airing here.
Never seen one worn with a repp striped tie before. It's kind of a cool incoherence.
The stroller is back.  
An interesting recap, but beside the point.
It should be pointed out (since it was only implied earlier) that individuality doesn't necessarily mean non CBD, and staid doesn't necessarily mean CBD. In other words, simply dressing in a non-CBD way doesn't make you an individual. The idea that it does is exactly the kind of nonsense that spawns phenomena like that small concrete wall in Florence.
 I think so too, that's why I felt it appropriate to post a sarcastic remark. Not to disagree with him, but to emphasize his point.  As for the seeming dichotomy, I think it is more along the lines of an irony. An urging to be yourself which leads to thinking like everyone else.
 But it's so self gratifying. I, as an individual, can permit myself to believe that I am so important that the best thing I can possibly do is to broadcast how different and unique I am from all the other different and unique people. Be yourself! Yes! Of course, being oneself often ends up looking like everyone else who hasn't a clue what they're doing. The obsession with the self prompts us to identify ourselves as individuals rather than members of a group. And so the...
That's absurd. Given his recent history he most definitely should be afraid to take chances.
 Many of your jackets seem tight in a general way. Pulling at the waist, divots on the sleeve head, rippling shoulder lines, etc. You seem like a fairly broad shouldered guy, so I'd suggest less shoulder padding, or none at all. Rather than desiring your jackets to be form fitting, you should try for shape. A jacket doesn't have to be tight in the least to have a shaped waist, giving the impression of an athletic body. Fit really is a complex thing and it takes more than...
Too true.
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