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That's like saying "I don't take showers". There are so any reasons to do it, and so few not to.
Dem shoes need a shine, brah.
We already did a repp stripe challenge recently. Eastern influence might be interesting but could go very very wrong, which might be a reason to try it.
Congrats clags! I'm just happy to have been relevant this time around.
 I think it's you. You're pulling away as the finish line nears! As for white bucks, I wouldn't subject you all to that. 
I love that @jcmeyer 
You don't need to be witty when you dress that well.
Nope, always.
It's not the color that is the problem, its the lack of contrast and the discordant textures. I dig the jacket, btw.
Always has been. If not a rule, then certainly frowned upon. The tough love/straight talk of helping someone to get better is entirely different from ridicule. Well, maybe not for you, but for most of us.
New Posts  All Forums: