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 We aren't talking politics.
 I feel you on that one, brother. However I gotta maintain that good ol military bearing, so to speak. Just always keep it in the back of your mind that these people genuinely do want the best for you, and other veterans. I know it gets hard when when you see how society nearly forgets the wars it asks it's young men and women to fight, but this is the price we pay when people are granted the freedom not to have to fight the wars that it's society embarks upon.
 Can you explain what this British Legion is, and why it has widespread appeal in the commonwealth? Most people in the U.S. know when Veterans Day is (stores use it as an excuse to throw sales), but I think few would associate the poppy with it. Which is unfortunate, because it is such a moving and meaningful symbol, once you know what it means.
 Interesting. I have a few British and Australian friends (New Zealand too, but who counts them?) and I know it is a big thing there. I see way more poppies on commonwealth folks that I do on Americans.
 Yeah, commonwealth countries use the older term. It was changed to a day to honor all living veterans decades ago in the U.S.
 Just messing with ya, brah. 
This is the perfect opportunity to take a break from this website.
 Is that what they are calling Veterans Day these days?
 Probably a good choice. Nothing wrong with wanting an AR for fun.
Also, I might say that all the research I have seen that says the .223 doesn't penetrate as far as the .40 or other rounds was tested on the .223 HP round. Hardly a basis for suggesting to someone that the .223 penetrates less than the .40.
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