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True, I might not prefer that, but I still prefer it to a shawl lapel.
The first. Love peak lapel black tie.
Thanks for the comments again. I wear hats often with my CM looks, perhaps I should avoid them with my SWD fits until I have a better idea of what I'm doing.
I think you and I simply have a different idea of exuberance. There is no need to accuse anyone of misunderstanding something that, I'm sure, we both know quite a bit about. I think black tie is wonderful and I hope everyone has had the opportunity to experience it. I know I have. It is not, however, exuberant to me. Enough said.
Thanks for all the help and suggestions yesterday. I felt so much more confident after making the changes you guys suggested. Here is todays attempt. Shirt is linen, trousers and flat cap are cotton. As always I am open to criticism.    
Me too, but only slightly so.
With its regimented rules and black and white scheme, I completely disagree.
Well here we go again lol. He did say "totally" indifferent you know.
 Yes, I can understand the stress. I will say this, however, I'm glad I married a woman who doesn't have to be the center of attention all the time (not saying anyone else's wife/fiancé is). Truth be told we are very quiet, boring people. 
Am I the only one who married a woman who didn't want to be the center of attention? She looked amazing of course, but isn't one of those tiaras and ponies types. All she was concerned with was how everyone else was doing.
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