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Not an RAF tie.      
What kind of knot are you tying?
I'm not sure how anyone could claim that men's hats are dead with the explosion of styles that are available today. If I had to make a personal judgment on the state of headgear among men who care about clothing I'd say they are going through a renaissance. A man's hat doesn't have to be a 1930s style felt fedora. I wear mostly straw in the summer and wool flat caps in the winter. In fact, the only season I don't wear a hat is in those rare months where the weather is too...
Pulled the trigger on two Knottery and one Howard Yount knit tie. I'll be interested to see how they compare.
 That's a silly assumption. You know as well as I do that I often wear ties that are not "SF approved", however you might define that. Yet I still think Hal's is ugly. It's one thing to like a tie that I don't like, but it's another thing to suggest that all who don't like it are kool-aid drinkers.  [[SPOILER]]
I seem to end up with a lot of those, but no luck this time. The corporate discount card helps ease the pain, though.
 It's ugly.
 I knew I should have been born earlier.
The shirt isn't as much of a problem as the tie.
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