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Probably less of an issue for me, since I like my jackets a little loose fitting. I wear odd vests and sweaters underneath my jackets all the time. It's conceivable that it could be an issue, but I don't care.
Latest from KW. Trousers are being hemmed, so worn here as a sport coat. I was insane not to make it a three piece, so Aaron has a vest on the way as well.   
You hint at an interesting point, and I think D.C. has this issue more than most Southern cities. But outsiders flooding into the South for economic opportunities and cheap cost of living sometimes has a tough time understanding the attitude toward Summer. I know because I was an outsider. Perhaps unlike most, I embraced it. Then again, maybe it's easier for a Californian, laid back as we are, to go with the flow, especially in warm weather. I have relatives from the...
Totally normal. Shoes aren't museum pieces (usually). They will get scuffed, creased, dented, and whatever else. If you are particularly concerned, get some edge dressing and touch them up every now and then.
I, for one, barely have time to shave in the morning, and often I don't. I'm going to try to write a book review this Summer for Ivy-Style, if Christian wants it. He sent me one of the few scholarly works of history I've ever seen on the subject of Ivy Style, and it deserves a closer look when I'm not swamped.
 It's all information. Whether it's meaningful information is another story.
I think it's regional, for sure. But yeah, there has been a general trend toward the younger sort at least trying to give tailored clothing a try. At least relative to where they were a couple years ago when the "athlesiure" thing was going around. I posted a link to a story here a little bit ago that claimed Southern places were the standard bearers of Ivy style now and I'm not sure how long that has been "a thing." There's just this joy and optimism with dressing the...
Interesting, though not remarkably informative, article. I would have liked to see a bit more history, but that's just the way I am. It's interesting that this stuff is making an impact in the northern and middle states. I wonder if we will look back on this era as one of preppy's many returns from oblivion, this time with a Southern twist. Then again, preppy never died down South.
That's subscriber content. Would you feel comfortable with copying/pasting the article to others can read it?
We've talked about Southern football and game day traditions, especially about the no holds barred approach many take to wearing team apparel. The same thing could apply to basketball season in Kentucky and Indiana. Here I am in a vintage styled Louisville sweater in a fairly preppy inspired getup. I have already gotten a comment that the jacket looks out of place. All I can say is, "Yup!"   Go Cards! Beat Michigan!  
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