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See, wearing opera pumps is almost akin to this in some people's eyes. I'd still do it. Besides, I have the legs for it.
I've worn mine for a daytime wedding, and matinee at the opera. It's a niche item, but when you have reached my level of excellence you start to branch out into territory that plebs couldn't hope to pull off.
lol You fucker.
Charles Tyrhwitt is an option, but again, shipping time might not be ideal.
This is a terrible way to determine if your trousers are too baggy. You realize that if you reduce the leg to the point that you can only "pinch an inch" that you will only have 1/2 in of room on either side of your legs, right? As horrible as that sounds like it would look, I'd bet it would feel even worse. As for the waist, like I said, definitely get that taken in.
@JilSlander, I don't think I would slim the legs at all. They already look to be the right width and going any slimmer might cause some bunching or pulling in places. Just alter the waist and the hem and you should be fine.
Pretty much. Personally I don't know if I'd buy that suit. It's just not my style. But if you like it, and don't mind it having a scar, then go for it.
 The best reason to get the hole repaired is so that it doesn't get any bigger, of course.
The fit isn't bad at all, IMO. Whether it is worth it is up to you. I can only tell you what I would do. Personally, Hickey Freeman is nice, but it is nowhere near top of the heap in terms of clothing manufacturers. With alterations and repairs you are looking at a budget of $445 for a used suit. For that money you could get a new Suit Supply suit that would probably look a little more contemporary.    If we were talking about an Oxxford suit or a Canali, yeah, maybe I'd...
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