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  @TheoProf, I really like the more structured shoulder on you, it makes your shoulders look ore proportional to your neck. The fit of the jacket is not ideal, however.
The perils of doing business on the internet. 
Nice robe. I have a 1950s shawl collar that is amazeballs.
Congrats! Do post about your experiences if your employer will permit.
I'm sorry, I simply can't agree with that. I fully acknowledge that quality has taken a hit in some respects, however the strident comments you make about them are simply overstated. One would think you were talking about H&M or something. If you tone down the rhetoric by about 60% then I'm probably agreeing with you.
Looking good Andy.
I don't think it's fair to say that Brooks Brothers sucks ass. They are not the company they used to be but that doesn't mean they have a loss of quality across the board. Many of their products, including ties, continue to be made in the U.S. and have a high quality. They do indeed still make bowties and many of them are quite nice. As for their shipping I just bought something that arrived in 2 days without expedited shipping. 
I have two nearly identical brown SCs in my closet, the only difference between them being the buttons. Brown is a nearly essential part of my rotation although if it were me I'd go for a darker shade.
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