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Getting the last few weeks of linen wearing in before Fall.   
The charcoal jeans eh? That sounds like an interesting combo.
Do you have any reservations about having too much contrast between. Denim shirt this dark and those light cords? I get the feeling that many in SWD don't go for high contrast. I like the stacking look but that you mentioned and I will continue to try and perfect it, but I am a little more comfortable with the slightly short look you are talking about at this point.
Great suggestions. I really want a light pair of boots and the ones you linked look great. I wouldn't have thought of the lighter jeans like you posted but I think it would look good.
Yes, I'm sure that will happen. I'm glad I'm out of the disaster stage to the "fine but not exciting stage". I've had three non disasters in a row so I am starting to feel a little more confident which I think will help with the modest experimentation I hope to do int he future.
Yes, for 8 years when I was in the Army. Not going there again lol. 
Sorry about the cell phone pic but I was out today and didn't have time to take proper photos. Another experiment and a departure from what I've done before. I know my stuff is all over the place, but I'm trying to figure out the breadth of what I can and cannot do.   
Levi's 511s
  It's a very interesting thing to look at what countries try to control through import taxes, or tariffs if you will, isn't it? You can destroy industries, encourage them, change social behaviors, etc. through often modest tax increases or reductions.
You could try "Without a Trace" in Chicago, Illinois. I have used them and they do excellent work. They aren't cheap, and with international shipping it is even more expensive so it might not be that much of a savings, but it's worth checking out.
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