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X-post from the Good Guys v. The World challenge.   [[SPOILER]]
Oh say can you see... My gray flannel trousers? +1 for the 'Muricans!   [[SPOILER]]
Last night at an event, picture from the local paper. I'm a socialite!   
 I'm sorry to say I haven't spent enough time around British people to pick up their slang and colloquialisms. However, we Americans speak a more pure form of the language anyway. 
 Austin Powers reference. 
Re: VictorSFreturn,   Anyone who thinks mixing different shades of brown doesn't look good is nuts if they still think so after seeing his last fit.
YRR92,   I predict you will get zero love for this jacket/trouser combination, lol. Srsly though, I like the camel hair/dark trouser combination, although I can't say I like it as much with the charcoal trousers. I'd prefer navy. I do like the jacket itself though. It goes without saying I don't like the tie and belt, but it was obviously meant to be frivolous, so roll with it. The PS is a disaster. 
Baseball is an appropriate analogy for everything in the universe. I'm not even kidding.
 I don't think anyone hits home runs everyday. The great ones his singles on off days, but rarely strike out. I agree on the simplification thing, but experiment is a part of me that's never going to leave. I also believe that if I apply basic principles to colors other than the accepted norm, that it will at least look decent.
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