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I got love for @Roy Al too. Your fits ave been decidedly improved these last few weeks.
@heldentenor, excellent.
As you might have guessed there is only so much you can do to shorten them. Shortening the sleeves from the shoulder is an option but some have said that throws off the balance of the sleeve. An acceptable length between he last button and the cuff is a matter of some personal preference. I think most would agree, however, that the button shouldn't be sitting at the end of the sleeve. Pattern matching shouldn't be an issue if it was constructed properly in the first place....
 A pass is not always deserved, but I won't change any time soon.  Indeed, the name is somewhat of a warning.
Rare, I know. I understand that my disagreement with you on matters of clothing probably made you feel somewhat attacked, however when I do agree with you I will not hesitate to mention it. The problem with charcoal trousers, however, is still not because they are associated with suits. 
That would be every state in its own way.
So you're telling me that nation states twist the truth in order to serve their own purposes???
Dem Bucks!
There are productive discussions when you ARE here, and dumb discussions when you aren't here. 
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