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Fair enough, but I never said that you should smash your panama hat every day. All I said was that they are crushable, which is true. My point was that changing the shape of such a hat permanently is pretty much not possible without using an additive. This, in contrast to shaped panamas which can be re-shaped with steam.
What would undeniably get my vote is seeing @Cleav in a bow-tie.
 I would actually really like to see that.
 So much hate for Southern Prep.  Also, @Andy57 should enter this one.
 A true panama should be crushable, although some are "shaped". You can reshape most hats with steam. Boil a pot of water, hold your hat over the steam for a minute or so, and shape while hot. As it cools it should stay. That's how I have shaped everything from felt to straw hats.
 I'd like a brim a little wider for a hat with a crown as tall as that, but I suppose it's personal taste. I like you in hats though.  Cream silk or simple white linen IMO. That tie wants to be the star, let it. FWIW I didn't care for Braddock's PS either.
^^^ Not a fan of the PS, but everything else is good enough to get a thumb.
Pants? I couldn't stomach the tie... (Go Padres)
I'd just like to say that @SYCSYC has improved brilliantly over the last year. You're putting out great stuff that I don't think your pictures do justice to. Well done.
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