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The jeans in the previous picture, and those worn by Jerry Seinfeld, are worlds apart. I'm not saying I like either, but they do not compare. The ones posted earlier are simply average high waisted, relatively slim, jeans. Nothing great or terrible about them.
I'm 6-1 170. Thinking I'm surely going to return the Medium I got. 
Honestly, I don't know what's so odd about those jeans other than the addition of suspender.
Uh oh. I may have to return the rugby shirt I just bought and go with a Large. We'll see. No big deal either way.
@Claghorn, I haven't been the biggest fan of your last few fits (although they are far from bad. Just not my cuppa) but this one is great. Very nice.
Pshaw. Everyone who is anyone knows that when a man sits down he must unbutton the top button and button the bottom one. There are practical reasons for this. As pollution has eroded the ozone layer and weakened the gravity it has become ever harder to remain comfortably seated. Unbuttoning the top button while keeping the bottom one buttoned allows the center of gravity to shift lower, thus making it easier to remain seated. Over time this tendency has become enshrined in...
You're hitting some solid singles and doubles lately @TheoProf. I definitely like the looser drape v. the slim BB Regent fit, and the natural shoulder suits you very well. Someone mentioned spread v. BD collars looking better on you. The spread looks good indeed, but I think you can get away with BD collars as long as they have a hefty roll to them.
 Just ordered the green. Hoping a Medium fits. I should have tried on a polo when I visited Aaron!  Good for you! Love KW cuff links.
@JHT652 Couldn't be bothered to look up, eh?  
Spectacular post. Also, must buy a rugby shirt now.
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