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Are you restricted to black tie? I wouldn't wear formal wear to a wedding.
I was purposefully looking to spend less when it came to the suede Herrings I got on Clag's recommendation. The simple fact is that I do not intend to wear suede oxfords all the often and couldn't justify the expense. I paid less than 200 for them after shipping and I am very pleased. They aren't Carmina, and they never will be, but they seem to be close to AE at a much lower price point.
Thanks, this helps a lot. To me a white t-shirt is a white t-shirt. Now I know what to look for when I buy more. Looks like some chunky boots are in my future!
Foo was the king of idiosyncrasies. However, no one taught me more about the theory behind good clothing choices than him.
@claghorn That's fair enough, but I don't think these exceptions have ever come up in those discussions. Or if they have I was so fixated on your idiosyncrasies to notice!
I didn't say Clag's list I said Clags. He hates ticket pockets, flaps, OCBD, monks, suits, that's pretty idiosyncratic.
I think Clag's has the most idiosyncrasies in terms on preferences of any poster on CM. Also, monks are awesome.
Thanks to everyone who responded. I don't want to spam this thread with my attempts so I'll post these updated pics based on the advise I've gotten and that will be it for pics for now. I have changed the shirt to white, uncuffed the jeans, and loosened my belt to allow them to slouch a bit more.        
What do you mean by service boots? A google search yields everything from military boots to stuff that looks like chukkas.
 That's a good point.   True, I don't really know enough to know what I like at this point. I will keep my eyes open.  I'm not either in a CM sense. I can't imagine that I would like it any better in a SW&D sense.
New Posts  All Forums: