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It's Tuesday face off time! Pliny v. RDiaz this time round. Go vote for your favorite and choose which god, earth or sky, wins this battle!   http://www.styleforum.net/t/368144/tuesday-face-off-pliny-v-rdiaz
It's a Brown v. Blue (Earth v. Sky) face off. Both fits incorporate gray trousers, and warm ties and pocket squares. Which one is executed better? It's a fight to the death between the gods of the earth and sky and only you can decide who is victorious!    Pliny:       RDiaz:  
 I like that kind of incorporation too, but my only problem with clap's fit is that the top is totally cool, the bottom is totally warm. A warmer tie up top would have "tied" (pun) it all together for me.
 I doubt I could even win a challenge named after me. lol
Dark trouser challenge. So much of what people around here do is based off of light trousers, I'd like to see something different. Maybe a requirement that the trousers be darker than the jacket.
 Don't try to create controversy where there is none.
From what I understand, grenadine is made on a Jaquard loom. I don't know if this means that anything that is not made on such a loom is not grenadine, or whether it is used exclusively for it or not. But I think it is a specific kind of weave. Anyone who knows more, please correct anything I may be wrong about.
 Why not sell em? I bet they'd go pretty fast. I'd probably consider one.
 Bingo. Tongue in cheek way of saying it.
 Interesting. I thought that the difference in the scale of the lines more than made up for it. I have a solid donegal jacket about the same shade of brown. Might try it with that next time.
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