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For reference, the fit in question and the advice I gave on it.   CM sez: "I think you would do well with a higher buttoning point. The lower one really elongates you and makes you look even more bean pole-ish. The jacket isn't too long, but I think a slightly shorter one would look better. I also dislike the tie."  
 Proof that you are wrong. This SVB fit incorporates nearly all of the suggestions I made and looks 10x better than what he posted before. 
Thanks for the suggestions guys. I actually have off white jeans AND white bucks. Just didn't think of adding them to any of these fits. Will try next time!
I'm a big fan of hats.
It's not so much a job restriction as it is a genetic restriction. Believe me, there is a reason I shave.
Checking in for a moment. Here are some recent attempts. Any thoughts on how I am progressing?         
Some highlights from the last week.        
lol You guys.
Thanks for the recommendation MoK. You are 100% right about being bold. I will take it as sage advice.   This is my last one for a while. I'll be back, just don't know when. Thanks to all for the great advice and discussions. I hope the discussion will continue because understanding what you guys put into what you wear, and your concepts behind them, is really interesting to me an, I'm sure, others as well.    
New Posts  All Forums: