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I know what you mean, although I wouldn't go quite so hard on it. I prefer traditional productions, generally speaking, but sometimes a new interpretation can be really cool. I just wish there were more world premiers out there. Lyric rarely has them. The Met perhaps more often. But the smaller companies seem to really push the envelope with world premiers these days.
As long as they are barathea cargo shorts.
Probably because no one feels like dressing up to go and see the millionth showing of Carmen.
Thanks. Buttons are actually more of a caramel colored corozo.
 Opening night of a production is no biggie unless it is a world premier or some other factor that makes it special.
I consider the symphony to be a much more casual affair. Your opening night might be a black tie affair, but by no means are all of them. For a regular show I usually just throw on an odd jacket and trousers.
Do you mean a world premier? Generally the first running of an opera for the season is not a call for much pomp. Opening night of the season, however, is a social event and often a very formal one.
That's interesting. I think I mean the same thing by exceedingly rare that you are describing here. In other words, there are always a handful of men wearing tuxedos whether it is opening night or not, but out of a crowd of several thousand, that is rare. And on opening night nearly every man is in some manner of black-tie.
 With the exception of opening night, this is exceedingly rare. In a place like Chicago it's usually business attire. That said, opening night is this Saturday, and I will be wearing a tux. I might also add that people in the nose-bleeds dress in all manner of vulgar attire, often playing on their phones or chewing too loudly on some food they aren't allowed to have in their seats. In the Dress Circle, or the boxes (where I sit) it's quite different. People dress a little...
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