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 Also, this is not what they say. lol
 I actually disagree in part. I think that we here on SF sometimes tend to think that the outside world always views us as "dressed up" or that we always look better than anyone else. The phrase "You still look better than 99% of people" is a phrase thrown around a lot as a consolation for a mediocre fit. However it's just not true. There is a significant (and growing) part of this world that still requires tailored clothing or, at least, approves of it. The sentiments...
 Have you ever read The Tastemakers? If not, it's a very entertaining book on this very subject written in the 1950s. I recommend it.
By the by, one thing you should probably know about me, and that explains my opinion on your clothes, I decided a long time ago that I did NOT want to stand out by wearing unusual things. I did not want to be the "individual" who wears an odd tie knot, a tuxedo jacket in the daytime, or strange hybrid shoes (my pre SF foray into abominable Pierre Cardins excepted). I wanted to stand out by perfecting my version of a classic style. I didn't want people to notice me by...
 Not really. It's not true at all that everything was at one time unusual and came to be accepted. That's just not how everything works. Your clothes are unusual. They will probably never come to be accepted in the form in which you wear them. That's the reason I don't like them. No matter how much you try to explain that away, it remains true.
A lot more often than what you are wearing.
No you couldn't.
I'm not a fan of unusual clothes. It always seems to strike me as affected.
Sounds like a compulsive behavior. I'd like to talk to you about your mother...
 Can I assume you are in the field?
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