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Arch is right. Besides, the men at these events don't all look the same. The subtle differences are what makes it fun. To me, the quiet individuality displayed by wearing a standing collar in this day and age, or opera pumps instead of oxfords, is far more powerful than showing up in a blatantly unique pattern, or color. 
Dare I wear the same suit for two challenges in a row..?
'Vox' is already taken.
I'm not a fan of velvet dinner jackets, but if I had to choose I would go with green.
I'll tell you want I did. I set up my press on a folding workbench like this. It was rock solid and didn't take up much space at all. FWIW I had mine in a suburban apartment. The time thing I can't help you with.   
I've picked up some things over the years. I have had most of the common models apart to some degree or another, with the notable exception of the Henry. My father-in-law and I have done basic modifications on our cowboy guns, as well as reloading for competition. Tons of fun for sure.
Fair enough. 
Ok, but that's like judging a pair of shoes just out of the box. You can tell something about it, but it's going to change significantly as it breaks in.
Well Marlins slick up really nicely with a minimum of work. I can do the entire action job myself on my bench. In fact, a lot of people still use old Marlins for competition. The only problem is that you can't short stroke them. I think the model 1866 and 1873 are the only ones you can do that to. Possibly the 1860, but that's not a practical model for competitions. Has to do with the internal links. I believe the Marlins and Rossis are all late model levers that use...
Now THAT is what I expect to see from a Serbian. Other than an obsession with Vruc Vetar, of course.
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