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 Yeah, some things cannot be unseen, I know. Probably not the last time I'll do it though!
I have a darker green knit. Not sure if I have a burgundy knit, but I know I have several burgundy ties. I'll have to see what they look like. Might post follow on pics.
Too bright for the rest of it?
Several times I have felt the urge to post something before I wear it in order to get feedback and solicit opinions. I realize that since posting things before they are actually worn opens up the possibility of making any number of changes, it is possible to get too bogged down in nitpicking and personal preferences. Nevertheless, perhaps this thread can give people an opportunity to seek advice before any public display is committed to. I will attempt to not only post...
 And invent horse meatballs.
I guess it depends on what you mean by fair. I just know where I can get what I consider to be better stuff for the price.
@Roycru, that picture may have deserved a bizarre comment. lol
As they say in the Army, gear left adrift must be a gift! Great find on the Rolex. Sucks for the dude who lost it.
I'm picturing a middle aged man screeching and covering his wrist as his watch band breaks off.  
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