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I lived in Kosovo for almost a year. Made a lot of friends there. I'm definitely up for some Serbian food next time you are in town!
Yeah, 1389 is still a strong subject with many people. Whatever the case, it makes for an interesting mix, as you say. But what about those Gorani women. 
Says the man who signed away several years of his life to Uncle Sam. 
I could have sworn you'd be a Freemason.
True, but it is my impression that the Albanians assimilated much more to Turkish culture than did the Serbians. At least that's what the Serbians tell me. 
 I don't care for wide stripes, generally speaking. To be honest, this is the only kind of pinstripe suit I would own. I understand that it isn't liked by all, though. Btw, I agree that our system is messed up, but I wouldn't be holding the British as the model for effective government these days. 
Might be of interest to tradists of all denominations...   http://www.styleforum.net/t/527489/legit-club-ties
If you have club ties from any club, regiment, organization, school, or otherwise THAT YOU ACTUALLY BELONG TO I want to see em. Doesn't matter how prestigious (or notorious) it is, show me how your neckwear advertises your affiliation.  
That's fine, it's just what I would do. Any shirt with a rustic texture would work, though.
  You should have asked him to do a selfie with you. If he's really that old he'd either have smacked you, thinking you made some kind of pass at him, or he'd have simply smiled and nodded, not knowing quite what you meant.
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