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Shoe polish and shoe trees. Nothing fancy.
Fair enough, but whether it's a blend or not it still has the same effect on me when I look at it. 
I was thinking something similar. Wrinkled linen is part of its nonchalant charm. With respect to Clag's look pictured above, it's all too "perfect" for linen. Especially the pressed shirt. 
You might also consider these, although they are sold out of most sizes.   http://andrewlockshoes.com/collections/83313-benchgrade-shoes/products/389942-the-double-monk
 Whole-heartedly agree.
https://www.meermin.es/catalogo.php?idFamilia4=3&idFamilia3=1   I'm partial to the suedes.
 Meh, wasn't that impressed to be honest.  Go home.
Neither of those particular shoes look good. They look cheap and brutish. Generally speaking you will probably get more miles from Bluchers (the 2nd pair are not actually Oxfords) because double monkstraps are somewhat unusual and non traditional. That being said, I have a pair of dub monks myself and enjoy wearing them with casual fits. Go with whatever you like.
 It's the wine bar in California Adventure for me.
Seersucker or go home.Mine too.
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