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 The joy that we can give them in their relatively short lives is worth the pain of having to losing them. 
Complete misunderstanding of why that thread has lost steam, and why this one might be taking its place. Kudos to @TweedyProf for letting it evolve, btw.
This place is so much more than just an affiliate thread. 
Nothing wrong with tie length.
Sounds about right.
Can they ever not look like shit, and if so, where can I find one?
You might have to clarify what you are getting at. People in Dubai see nothing wrong with wearing black in their environment and embrace it very much. They think it looks good. It has to do with a lot of things, including their interpretation of British business wear (which is often very different from what British people actually wear). That was my point. 
In the case of Dubai it's not just about the seasons, or lack thereof. It's about the culture. You might think that because it's always hot in Dubai that they would always wear summer colors. Not the case. It's dark suits all year round. Blacks often doesn't look the greatest in the glaring sun but it's a very common suit colorin Dubai. Perhaps even more common than navy.
You are certainly due your opinions and preferences, but it's a pretty established style, and for good reason I think.  Something like this, although I've seen better examples.
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