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 Clausewitz was a vulgar fool. Besides, we weren't talking about war either.
 That's a loaded question (no pun intended). It depends on a lot of factors like ammo quality, environmental conditions like wind, what the shooter has practiced on, etc. You can have a world class shotgun shooter who can't shoot a rifle for anything, for instance. If we are talking about a stock 10/22, a rudimentary scope, decent ammo, and decent conditions outside, I might be able to shave 1/2 an inch off of those groups. Might even be able to get it down to sub MOA on a...
Shooting with your elbow resting on the ground, or a bench, is still considered "unsupported". Bench rest generally means you have a support to rest the weapon on, as in this pic... This is used to attain greater degrees of accuracy, since you take some of the human variables out of the equation, such as steady position. He was probably asking because those groups you shot would be pretty decent for a beginner at 100 yds without a rest.  
He means, did you support the rifle on something when you shot it, or did you simply hold it without anything supporting it.
 There are half a dozen brands that make so called electronic hearing protection. I used Peltors overseas, and continue to use them here at home. Great set of ears.
 This is exactly the reason why I took issue with your comment. You made the statement that the "average" 5.56 doesn't penetrate as much as .40 without giving this poor bastard the information that SP and HP .223 rounds were the subject of that test. In fact, the "average" 5.56 was not the subject of any test that has given results like that. For all you know he, or someone else reading this, goes out and buys a box of FMJ 5.56 M855 to defend his home with and ends up...
 No arguing was being done. Just let it be.
Haha, well yeah, you can't really have Thanksgiving without Indians. None of those in the commonwealth. Except for curry Indians I suppose. On a completely different topic, I just had Indian food. Love me some dang Masala.
 I can tell you the difference in the U.S. Veterans Day (formerly known as armistice day) is to honor living veterans. Memorial day is to honor those who died in war. 
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