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 Your opinions are now rendered worthless.  Still wrong.
I got mine from an eBay source (Buttons n' Boots) for about 26 dollars per set (3 large 8 small).
Will post when I get them. KW charged me $34 for 4 large and 10 small brown MOP buttons, shipping included. I ordered a few extra on his recommendation in case any break in shipping.
Also, KW is sending me some brown MOP buttons at a really good price. Shipping is a bitch though. I seem to be taking a lot of Clag's advise lately. Weird.
I like it, but after having seen many of your fits I would ask if you really need another light colored jacket.
Not in the slightest. I wouldn't call a red trouser particularly versatile in any context. However it's one of those things where when you need it nothing else will do. I agree with the sentiment Clags once had about having no desire to have a minimalist wardrobe.
 I love mine: 
Also, if I had my druthers it would be in midnight blue.
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