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Yes, I pay something like $50.
A few years back @mafoofan used to have his one-shoe, or one-shirt, I can't remember. It was supposed to be one version of an item that he could wear with everything and not have to think about. Stitcho wears that suit so much in pics, and you wear that Formosa, that I've taken to calling them your one-suits. Don't hit me! 
I've learned that @The Noodles and @in stitches both have "one-suits".
Thanks for the continued recommendations. Boy, alterations are sure more expensive in Chicago than they are in Louisville! 
Tibor is back!
Seems way over priced.
This discussion is somewhat related to something I was thinking about. I paid a visit to my favorite vintage store today (and came away with a nice 1960s madras jacket, btw) and I noticed how well almost everything from the 1950s-1970s fit me. These were from various brands, all ready to wear, and in a myriad of styles. As I started to get into 80s and 90s stuff the fit just went to hell. I'm not trying to say there is any magic in these older garments but something sure...
Thanks for the recommendation. What would you consider a complicated alteration?
FYI, I've expanded the blue in my wardrobe largely because of Clags.
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