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I probably would have gone a different way with the PS, but I love this @Andy57 
^^^ Nice, but I wish there was more difference in at least one of the pattern scales. 
AAS, looking really good the last few days.
 I like this look but I think a solid shirt would have looked better. As it is it seems slightly clashing.
I agree that it looks like a sport coat and not an orphaned suit jacket. If it were me I'd probably wear it with navy or olive trousers, preferably in a heavier fabric.
@blekit, if you ask me (and you haven't) the jacket and trousers are wonderful together. Nothing else on that fit belongs there, however. Also, I am duty bound to mention that your jacket is too short. Then again, most of your jackets are.
Nice, Alex.
Closeup of shoes for @An Acute Style  
I like Allen Edmonds but they are pricier than the other alternatives. Not that it isn't worth it, but they are somewhat out of the OP's stated price range. That said, I'd say they are worth the extra cash. As for the style issue, I think they are quite stylish. 
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