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Good use of the dreaded navy trousers.
 I'm a fan of the Navy blazer/light blue trousers look. I've tried it several times myself. I dig this although I might have gone a different direction with the tie. Maybe something lighter and less somber to better tie in with the bottom half.      Like I said, the problem is your biceps. I mean, it's not really a problem because your biceps are awesome. But it is a problem because they are so much bigger, proportionally, to your torso. It's just a fact of being fit like...
@SYCSYC, one of your best yet. You have really made strides.
@mcobinad, first off I really like your choice of colors most of the time. I was seriously on board with those yellow trousers with the navy jacket. I think Spoopoker did something like that once as well and I thought it was really successful. Second, your biceps are huge! I wish I had your physique. That said all of your jackets are too small in the biceps. I can see the shapes of your muscles! Awesome in a t shirt, not so good in a jacket. I'm sorry if all this has been...
 Electric shocks.
There is something to be said about the tendency to treat strangers on a forum as if they were children...
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