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Good god, do you sweat acid? I would highly recommend using cedar shoe trees. They will soak up sweat and (thank goodness) keep your shoes smelling fresh. Also, forget Hugo Boss. Get a quality pair of shoes from Herring, Loake, or Meermin at a similar price.
 You and he are the only people I know of who could dress like twinsies and make it look good.
I usually don't say anything when I like someone's PS.
@jcmeyer, I don't care for the PS here but other than that, I dig.
I think I would have liked this more as a northern lights fit.
 Also, I cannot possibly imagine @Roycru in Suit Supply. Please do post pics as soon as possible.
Terribly fitting garments all around, I'm afraid. Not a fan of that shirt with that jacket and tie either.
I have a seersucker odd jacket from Brooks Brothers with flap pockets. I wear it without any hesitation whatsoever.
New Posts  All Forums: