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Yes, I think it might have been discussed in the Southern Trad thread, but that's the big secret. Except it isn't a bit secret. Looking nonchalant in a pleasing way takes a lot of effort. It's just meant to LOOK like it doesn't take effort. 
I might mention you in the acknowledgments but I doubt you'd ever read it to find out.
Perhaps more literary critique. Preferably of books one has not actually read.
It has already gone off the rails so why not?!😂
But you didn't even guess what it might be. Telling.
there is an inherent co tradition in what you're saying.
If you want to get the joke, read it. If you don't, carry on.
Never read Fussell, I take it?
Even seconds would be a good deal at that price. Put a few layers of polish on them, work up a nice patina, and forget you ever worried about such a thing.
For those interested, here is a piece I wrote for that was inspired by this thread.
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