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Seriously? $900? I can't imagine paying that much for one. Although I'd gladly pay that for a 686-plus.
 When wearing a Panama I have the ghastly habit of crumpling it up and tossing it into a corner. Other than that I mostly wear flat-caps in the winter and do the same with them. Fedoras, and other shaped hats, are simply too inconvenient to wear today, as you mention.
I haven't seen that Hi-Power yet, but I'd love to put some rounds through one.   If you are into old Smiths you might check to see is Gun Broker has any of those used police revolvers knocking about. I got one a while back for something like $300. The blueing was pretty worn, but if you are into DIY fixes as I am, a re-blue kit and some steel wool does wonders.
I liked your initial response better.
I agree. I still like polymer pistols, but I've been collecting 1911s and Hi-Powers much more. A few revolvers also find their way into the mix, especially old police and single actions.
I can't imagine. 
I have an M&P full size and I love the Apex trigger on it. It's so much better than the factory trigger. I don't know who came up with putting a joint in the middle of the stock trigger but that's a terrible idea.
 Now I really want to see it.  Secretly, the reason I went into academics is so that I could wear whatever I want. 
Yes, it seems so. I'm glad you mentioned that the hat looks a bit out of place, because it does. However, as the other guy mentioned, I doubt anyone would feel self conscious about wearing it at Pitti.
You know, it seems to me that across the board the people who dress the best on SF in general are not the ones who have a suit/tie requirement, but rather are generally free to do as they wish.
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