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I would be surprised if it's the shirt. Sleeve linings generally prevent things like that. I'm no expert though so I could be wrong.
I've always thought Knob Creek was pretty good. I wouldn't call it the best although you can get some darn good bourbons for around Knob Creek prices. As I mentioned, Hancock's Presidential Reserve single barrel is one of my favorites and it's only a little more expensive.
@GMMcL I love the color combinations and patterns you've chosen. @heldentenor I agree that it is a nice fitting jacket. The sleeves need to be shortened and tapered but everything else looks nice.
It's coming, slowly in some places but it's coming. I have always thought that the government has no place in defining marriage at all, but my wife convinced me that while the government has such power we must ensure that everyone has the freedom to marry any adult they wish. Good luck, brother.
One of us is going to have to change. lol
Wearing my Jesse Tyler Ferguson bowtie. Proceeds go toward marriage equality.      
Yes, as far as I know they do not make wide or narrow sizes.
Let me know what you think if you do.
Indian food is my favorite food of all time. I grew up on Sabjis, samosas, and chapatis.
If you are looking for silk patterned squares I would recommend a burgundy paisley, a navy paisley, probably a forrest green with some kind of sparse pattern. Cream silk is always a nice go to.
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