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 You are absolutely right! Just messing with you, and you look great, btw. I love that suit.
Tom Sam. 
Whatever. lol
 Sabjis, pakoras, chapatis, and my favorite: mint chutney! My wife is a small town girl from a very white town but she made herself learn how to cook excellent Indian food. I know as an Indian you are probably skeptical, most Indians don't trust Indian food made by white people lol. But I'm telling you, it's amazing.
@Mr. Six, I love that so only a slight nitpick. I think a darker trouser color might have worked better. Maybe medium gray flannel.   @sugarbutch Not sold on the shirt, but the rest makes me happy enough to give a "thumb"!
Oh come on. You know as well as I do that Englishmen don't consider themselves European! 
 Don't judge me!
 My method is to take a certain amount of money, and then not spend it.
 Did not know that. My mom traveled to India in the 70s. I grew up on Indian food and it's still comfort food for me.
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