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 Not in my experience. Paris does have some fashion plates types, as do most large cities, but average and poor dressers abound. If you don't want to look like a tourist simply don't wear shorts, a polo shirt, and don't have a camera constantly draped around your neck. On the other hand, who cares if you look like a tourist?  That being said, I simply dressed as I usually do while in Paris. Jacket and tie for dinner, comfortable clothes for walking around.
 Looks like you've worn them twice!
 A full length shot would help a lot, but in the picture you provided it doesn't look short. Any shorter and it would be a problem though. Jacket length is one of those funny things, though. There is no set rules that is right for everyone other than it should at least cover your rear. Proportionately to the rest of your body it may indeed be too short. 
 Jacket length is fine here too.
^^^ Jacket length is fine IMO.
Warming up here before another big freeze. Might as well take advantage.        
Welcome, BTW. I love Ivy style too.
There is no such thing as a formal blazer. You are right to be worried about a shine on your jacket, not because it's formal, but because it looks bad (read: cheap). You are also right to be worried about wearing a suit jacket. The reason being that it's a suit jacket. It is always going to look like you are wearing half a suit. Blazers have certain features that signal that it is meant to be an "odd" jacket. Odd meaning that it is meant to be worn with non matching...
 I think you are the only one concerned with comebacks. I'm sorry man, It's time to ignore you. I'm sorry you felt insulted. You should grow a thicker skin. Bye.
 Actually I told him he was wrong.
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