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Still haven't said anything substantive about your background, or why anyone should listen to you when it comes to defensive training.
 And I'm not even sure what that means, brah. Maybe you could clarify exactly what it is you were and what you did.
 This is a blatant misunderstanding of the term "muscle memory". It doesn't mean the muscles have a mind of their own, or actual "memory". Nor does it mean that muscles can "override" the brain. Muscle memory is a term used to describe how, through repetition, the brains responses can be conditioned to do a particular thing, or set of things, given a certain stimuli. I hate to call people out, but I'm calling you out. What's your background, bro? Where did you train? Who...
You keep insisting on mentioning this fine/gross motor skill thing. I was the one who said that it had nothing to do with muscle memory. Looks like you're just confusing yourself.
I'm sorry, a lot of what you've said in this thread is bollocks. Fine motor skills have nothing to do with it. Fine motor skills are mitigated by using gross motor skills when possible, not by muscle memory. Somewhere along the line it seems like you have misunderstood the objectives of combat and defensive training. Fine motor skills break down with stress, muscle memory doesn't prevent this. You use muscle memory, or more accurately, training that developed muscle...
I disagree with your disagreement. I've been in situations were I reacted inspite of stress without consciously making a decision to do something. That's muscle memory. There is a great book on combat training, can't remember the name, but one of the anecdotes was about a WW2 machine gun team. The gunner was trained to tap his AG (assistant gunner) when he could no longer shoot so he could take over. The gunner was shot in the head and died in combat. Immediately after...
I've shot in competitions where new shooters will straight up freeze when that buzzer goes off. They just stand there and do nothing. And that's just the stress of shooting for time. It's all about building muscle memory.
Give in. As long as you pay your bills and keep your spouse happy.
If concerned with defense, I say accuracy under stress. Target shooting, and defensive shooting are two different worlds.
 It was still off hand since he didn't have a rest for his rifle. His rifle was resting "off of his hand", therefore it was "offhand".
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