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What's the dress code?
That coat, like all coats put out by SS, is far too short to offer much warmth. The buttoning point being that low doesn't help either. My advice is to not buy coats from SS. Find something that is less fashion, and more function.
 Ok, well you seem to be contradicting yourself at this point.
I'm not sure I'd want to hear someone talk about anything for hours. This has become ever more evident to me as I navigate grad school. However, I wouldn't mind talking about for some time. Especially if it is a situation where I want to cultivate relationships and connections. As for how it relates to ties, you seemed to use the cricket example as evidence of the type of thing you try to avoid by not wearing grenadine ties. It seemed a bit odd to me, but I ran with it....
 Couldn't you just use this as a strength? I know nothing about rugby, but I've used that ignorance to start conversations with people by asking questions, relating it to things I know, and trying to engage people on a topic that they like. Couldn't you just as easily apply this logic to your odd reasoning to avoiding grenadine ties?
I don't think I can ever recall seeing someone wearing a grenadine tie in Chicago. This is a relatively fashion conscious city too. But even if they did, it is certainly possible to wear a fashionable item in an unaffected way. 
What do you guys make of those boilersuits? There is a part of me that wants to wear one just to see how much hate it gets. There is another part of me that says "Nah..."
@kindofyoung, thanks for playing! I hope more of you will feel so inclined.
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