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 You have just convinced me not to try SuSu. I was strongly considering it.
 You are absolutely right. That's why I didn't. True, I focused on him almost exclusively, but I was also careful to choose language that suggested that he was not the only one.
I might say scamming people and taking advantage of those who want to believe.
 That's true. But Manton is undoubtedly an expert. Then again, Deepak Chopra doesn't seem to be an expert in anything, but I can't count how many books he has published.
No portmanteau!
I don't know whether to be excited or frightened.
 I agree with all of this. However, I will say that I do not think anyone you mentioned has been as influential as Manton during the earlier years of the forum. He enjoyed an almost rockstar like popularity here. If you have any doubt about this look at the forums that he still posts in today. As soon as he posts he gets quoted and responded to unlike any other poster that I have seen. While all the people you mentioned are popular, dress well, and are influential, none of...
I'm not sure I can explain it to you any better than I have in the last day. If you are still confused all I can recommend is that you re-read what I said. Carefully. Otherwise I can't imagine we have anything further to say to one another on the subject.
 So you admit that Americans wear them.  Like I said, I'm not making a value judgment on whether they are "right" or not. Simply that what the other person said about them only being associated with suits is wrong wrong WRONG.   He actually agreed with my point, dum dum. lol
 That's fair enough.  I never suggested he was. Sorry if I made it seem like I did.  
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