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I think that works to a point, because FU clothing is often not understated in the least.    As a caveat to all this I should say that being one of the people we are talking about here is more a matter of culture than money. Uppers can be poor indeed. Often far poorer than their middle class counterparts. But you can't buy your way into the upper ranks. Even if a middler is wealthier, they don't suddenly become an upper. 
This brings up an interesting question. If subtlety and nonchalance are key, why do tradists consistently wear, often loud and obnoxious, FU clothing? It seems to me that this is an altogether different thing than "pea-cocking." Pea-cocking, like the animal it is named after, is motivated to impress. It may be an eccentric form of trying to impress, but it is this nonetheless. FU clothing is just that, a big FU to anyone who doesn't like it. FU clothing can often look...
@Hal Freeman that looks amazing. Light years better than last time. Also, some suit models from Suit Supply are affordable and offer very little padding. Keep it simple. It's working for you.
I think hats very insightful. The trend moves toward the showy because those are the kind of people who make blogs. Of course I don't know this to be true, but it seems like a plausible scenario.
That's an interesting observation. For me personally I'd say that is far more desirable than the very "out" version of dressing well that is popular on SF. That style of dressing well is the root of people thinking someone is over dressed. It has nothing to do with wearing tailored clothes, ties, or trousers everyday (at least usually). It is often because the person is TRYING to be showy. Or perhaps it's because the person is being showy without knowing it. In any case,...
I wish I knew the context of that. Very interesting, and peculiar.
Congrats on the weight loss. The shirt and tie are awful.
They don't count as a branch of the military, so much as a minimally trained pack of beasts. Kind of like navy dolphins.
There are two types of military people. Lifers, and the reasonable. Lifers live their whole lives, even after their careers are over, as if they were in the military. I am not a lifer.
Some random thoughts as I contemplate some trad and ivy styles and yet another Pitti rolling around. Perhaps not surprisingly, this forum is very middling, especially in its approach to Pitti. People coming here will always jump all over conspicuous display of items that they believe are "luxury" or look expensive. "Alright Johnson, let's display that tie! You're never going to get ahead unless people know how expensive your tie is!" Superfluous items are a clear marker of...
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