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I actually like that one better. The color and shape makes it look interesting, but not like you just stuffed a doily in your pocket which, to be honest, bien's looked like to me.
 Touché, sir.
What's a celeryman?
 If you ever have the inclination to try again, give Kent Wang a try. Many of us have had success with KW because their process is different. If you go to New York Aaron will take measurements and fit you based off of their RTW stock. Aside from that, KW's tailors are excellent. It's not the bargain basement type of stuff you usually see.
 Those are the only kind of pinstripes I like.
 Kamakura. Yeah, I wasn't sure about the tie. Green suits are surprisingly hard to pair things with.  Really, what's wrong with hem? I think the shoulders look pretty good. It wasn't exactly internet MTM, Aaron helped to fit me in person but yeah, the tailor is overseas.
From tonight. Second attempt with the KW suit.        
@icebergwtq, nice fit on those trousers.   @Hal Freeman, there is potential here. I won't rehash what others have said because their advice is solid. I will say that the watch looks gigantaur on your wrist. Maybe try a smaller one next time.
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