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^^^ My thoughts exactly.
 Chinos with cuffs… Hmmm, I've seen it before but I could never get behind it for myself.   This seems to be a pretty prevailing sentiment.
Good point.
 Same reasons?
Interesting. Based on my experience with tailors it always seems like there is a little more room for error in getting the length right when you go for cuffs. Not much, but a little. Still, I go without cuffs all the time.
 Question: You have mentioned before that all of your trousers have cuffs. Are cuffs ALWAYS better than no cuffs, personal preference, or can you imagine yourself either actively not getting them or not caring if they are there or not?
 Looking good @MrChris. Who makes the tie?
And stitchers, you are a sweetheart.
To be honest, I think you are one of the less cunty folks around here.
New Posts  All Forums: