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But he's not a Scot. I lived in Alaska for 5 years and after my first winter I would sweat while walking outside in 10 degree (c) weather. The body simply adapts. I've been in Vegas on 50 degree days and linen simply would not have cut it. I'm not saying you have to bundle up in a camelhair overcoat, but that chilly wind can certainly get you.
 Interestingly, one of the few issues that was debated extensively in the past and was pretty much settled for good was the photography issue. Yes, it's not entirely fair that good photography be a factor in the popularity of a fit (and in this case I'm not referring to photography that is so bad that it's difficult to see what the person is wearing). However, it has simply been accepted that if your lighting is good, exposure is just right, and if you have a ton of...
 Good point. I imagine any vintage polyester suits will be the same. This vegan thing is hard. I guess that's why I only do it part time.  Only if it uses sugar that isn't made with fish bladders (which is surprisingly rare, I've come to find out). 
My wife is a vegan and very into fashion so I understand your predicament. Being familiar with Vegas I would challenge the notion that heavier winter fabrics are a non issue there. Sure, you might never need to wear tweed but in the colder parts of the year fabrics heavier than linen are certainly appreciated. Your best bet, IMO, is to find some vintage clothing made out of synthetic materials. Several decades ago polyester did not have the cheap connotations it does today...
The Vans no show socks have gel pads attached to the heals to prevent slippage. Just saying. As for cuff links, another vote for Kent Wang. I have his mother of pearl links and they are absolutely beautiful and at a steal of a price.
Rais is in the business of being cool so this is appropriate.
Vans makes some that get the job done.
Clag's toilet doesn't offend me nearly as much as Clag's shirt.
So much goodness here.
Entirely depends on the knit and the suit IMO. Textured worsted cloths, like birdseye, can look very nice with closed knits like the one Iso posted.
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