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 Told you...
 Don't judge success by the number of thumbs. They are nice, but not something to get too worked up about.
Well, you are putting yourself in a difficult position here. You want patterns but you don't think you'd wear them often, you don't want solids because what you have is already close to that. You don't have to go with patterns as bold as I have. I like subtle patterns too, like this PoW. If you click on the pic it will show it a bit larger and the pattern really comes out, so it's different than a solid, but not out there in terms of color. Other than that, I'd just say...
I've seen it around town at a local place. Can't remember the name of it. Liquor Barn maybe?
Hmmm, I'm not desperate yet, but when I am I might check this out.
I think they are fine for guys my height 6'1, but dudes as tall as you, yeah I can see that.
 For me most of these developed after I started coming to SF. Except for the trolling, that's always been there.  I was never into shoes, never thought I had a personal style, was never a big shopper, didn't really know anything about the intellect behind style, all of which changed after SF. 
Dude... I have been waiting for the U.S. site to restock FOREVER! Can you order to the U.S. from the Japanese site?
 All the more reason to get a true navy blazer. lol
 That's unusual (not in a bad way). I barely understand half the things I do, the other half I understand not at all. I have that common disease where I pick apart the reasons that other people do things, but rarely turn he mirror on myself. Most people come here thinking nothing more complicated than "Grog want look nice. Need advices." That was certainly the case for me.
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