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lol No we weren't.
    Don't gimme no lip.
My concern is that I have heard he rarely does alterations (or not at all). I like bespoke clothing, but I need stuff altered too.
 It wouldn't be fair. 
Today I found out that I am apparently a member of Generation Y. Who knew...
I would tend to agree about millennials. I'd think their age would play a large part in it. Maybe that means that people aren't buying as many cars at a young age, but it might not mean they won't when they get older.  As for Ford, I don't know much about them. It's not a terrible idea but I would wonder about durability. My father in law has a new F150 and he puts his through more than I ever put mine through. He hauls a camper long distances. Never had any complaints.
  Fuck yeah!
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