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 Haha yeah that was gold. It's like, he was kind of a dick but at the same time you can't not like the guy.
I just watched Pumping Iron. So ready to judge.
I want to have a drink with him in some kind of post apocalyptic world.
These things you do to us. Don't always speak in absolutes when you talk about theory! You make me crazy!
From my estimation at least 4 entries have utilized suede shoes.
They have a very distinctive collar, yes?
 At this point in my life this is what is most important to me. That isn't to say that what other people think isn't important however I just know the point that I get when I feel like I like something despite what anyone says. That doesn't mean I'm "right" it just means that's the way I feel when I wear it.  The interesting this is that I was raised wearing long Indian style kurtas. I was raised in a Hindu religion after my mom converted (I'm Mexican and Irish...
@DonCologne good choice of PS there.
   It was Hart Schaffner & Marx's standard summer weight wool trouser from last season. Just a pretty ordinary thin wool trouser FWIW. Also, they are double forward pleat.
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