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It's not a straw man because I'm not claiming that that is what you are claiming. I'm saying that your claim that the environment is different is not supported. 
 I'm not arguing that it wasn't a worth while thread. I think it's interesting too. I just don't think the angle taken by Clags and Ac is going to get any closer to answering that question. As I mentioned, looking for commonalities across fields is the way to go IMO. If they exist then you can draw conclusions about that. If they do not exist then it suggests that academics in general do not dress in any specific way but rather physicists, historians, mathematicians,...
Ok folks, here is my minimalist attempt. I would appreciate any feedback from the people making suggestions thus far, and anyone else for that matter. Thanks again for taking the time to help a struggling swd dude.  
The point I'm making is that the evidence presented so far for why people dress certain ways in academic settings fails to distinguish itself from why people dress the way they do in any other setting. Yes, there are reasons that people dress the way they do in academia. The discussion thus far has not offered any reason to think that those reasons are different specifically in academia than they are in, say, business, government, or even construction let's say.
I think you misunderstand me. I'm not saying that academics don't dress in widely diverse ways based on their field and/or background. What I'm saying is that this is no different than any other type of job with similar attire requirements (or lack thereof). If there is no appreciable difference then there is little point to an academic dress thread. It would be like having a "How I Ride My Bike on 70 Degree Days" thread. Why not just have a How I Ride My Bike thread? IF,...
JK would never wear such a tie! Would he? 
DonC, not up to your usual standard these last couple of fits. I miss Autumn DonC!
Thanks for the suggestion @Caveat. I have a watch very like that which I usually wear with CM fits. I'll try it out next time.
Well, that is what I asked for lol. Not exactly a thought process behind clothing decisions but certainly some specifics for me to think about.
So local culture, field, specific institution, economic prospects, and context all go into how academics dress. That doesn't seem any different from any other job. Makes you wonder if there is such a thing as "academic dress" at all.
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