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Ah gotcha. Whatever it is, the jacket look great. I think I really like patch breast pockets.
What's faux tweed?
Oh, I just noticed that. I NOW HATE IT! 
Wow, Ping. I really like yours too.
Daggum brilliant, HF.
I think I would have liked Clag's fit a lot better with a different tie. Maybe a deep forrest green knit. Either way, the tie is the only thing that really ruins it for me. The PS isn't my favorite, but that alone wouldn't have killed it for me.
Just got my replacement pair today of the Italian flannel. They are off to the tailor. I asked for a 2 inch cuff and tapered slightly at the knee.    Unfortunately it is 10 days til I get them back.
 True. It only serves to preach to the quire.
 I agree with this. The sweeping generalizations and lack of nuanced understanding that have reared their heads in this thread should be lessons to us all.
 Rule #1 when trying to convince people of something. Don't be preachy.
New Posts  All Forums: