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If this is addressed to me I'm not sure what it has to do with my post. If not, cheers!
 Interestingly the style of dress thing seems to be of an entirely different category than the other two things. Being punished for having unfavorable politics is obvious. It encourages a homogenized faculty with similar political views. Punishment for having the wrong friends is just as insidious although in a different way. Rather than excluding people who think differently it simply discourages association from anyone with ideas that run counter to the establishment....
Good point!
 When I was a kid living in California people used to blame everything on El Niño. My car ran out of gas! Must have been El Niño. I burned the turkey! Must have been El Niño. I forgot to take my meds, ran out of the house naked, got hit by a car, and threw up all over the nurse when I got to the hospital. El Niño.
@SYCSYC Noooo! Don't fall back, get rid of that suit and stock your closet with SS!    @upr_crust I really like that. I might have gone with a white shirt but the one you chose doesn't take anything away IMO.   @Gerry Nelson Showing how it's done!
Good catch.
This has never been remotely a problem on my jackets. Including tweed. YMMV.
It would look good. As a matter of fact there are few situations where it would look bad. Then again, I will qualify that by saying I don't like the jacket in question one bit. 
 White linen. Nuff said.
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