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I hope you will do more military designs. Most of the U.S. military ties out there today are cheaply made and with bad fabrics. It really is too bad we don't have the same history of regimental ties that the Brits do, but that at least leaves much room to dabble in the subject. I will attempt the surgery on my tie and report back with my success, or failure.
Full of confidence now. :)
 Why not inlined for a tweed tie? Too much potential for stretching? Interesting to know that David will do that. Might have to inquire about it. I can already attest that David is a joy to work with. He is doing a special project for me at the moment (1st U.S. regiment tie). P.S. @Sam Hober, yup I'm the on who contacted you about the regimental tie!
Question: Is it ever a good idea to remove the lining from a tie? I have a nice tweed tie that I rarely wear because it is too thick for my liking, however I can't bring myself to throw it away because it is so nice otherwise. Can this, or should this, be attempted?
I had thought of that too. Normally I would think that wearing a well fitting suit would be far better than an ill fitting tuxedo. If it had said "Black Tie Optional" I would have recommended that. But since it says Black Tie Requested I'd think making the effort would be appreciated.
Really nice fit on them trousers, Roy.
I think wearing a rental precludes any possibility of being among the best dressed. Should at least be serviceable though.
Traditionally speaking you will be wrong for several reasons. Getting away with things is not compatible with the one mode of dress remaining that is based on rules of etiquette. That said, I have to imagine that your hosts will simply be happy that you made the effort, and almost no one will think twice about whether you are following the rules or not.
Neutral stance, arms hanging naturally.
It's Labor Day JCM, take a break and have a beer.
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