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What size do you wear? I might have a pretty good deal for you.
Those are really hideous.
We are talking about Theo, right? That jacket is ripple and divot city. Those are catastrophic issues in my mind. Also, I don't think they are too wide either. The buckling and divots make it look particularly strange though.
Yeah, but the shoulders have all kinds of problems other than shoulder width. It is another example of a jacket that really doesn't fit well, and probably can't be altered to. 
 Nice first post. I would go darker on the shoes, but your choice here is probably fine.
I like it when smitty tones down the ties. 
Arch is right. Besides, the men at these events don't all look the same. The subtle differences are what makes it fun. To me, the quiet individuality displayed by wearing a standing collar in this day and age, or opera pumps instead of oxfords, is far more powerful than showing up in a blatantly unique pattern, or color. 
Dare I wear the same suit for two challenges in a row..?
New Posts  All Forums: