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My wife and I have friends from NZ and we went there for their wedding. Seeing the mountains as you fly in is like... Wow!
Don't get me wrong, some nice stuff comes out of NZ, but I'm simply unaware of interesting stores per se. If it were me I'd look for a nice sweater at a local shop. NZ isn't as obsessed with big box stores as we are in the US yet.
New Zealand is a beautiful place. I can't think of any stores that were particularly interesting, but I think the most attractive part about it is the scenery anyway. They are certainly known for having a lot of sheep but if anything I would take that as a hint on what to get for dinner.
Pics are too dark to fully see how it fits, but looks good from here Theo.
Gentlemen, your daily dose of perfection.
For those of us on here it also helps that KW is a member and has a feel for our standards and tendencies. Some online MTM stores would find noticeable shoulder divots acceptable, for instance. To me it's a deal breaker.
 Non on the level of KW.
JC, for what it's worth, I think the jacket length looks much better when you are actually in motion. In robo-pose it looks a tad long, but whatevs. You got 20 likes, so obviously it's not a deal breaker. Keep doing you, short stop. 
 I'm thinking a summer suit since I have only one right now. Perhaps linen, a linen blend, or summer weight wool. I also want summer trousers in an emerald green, but that depends on what kind of fabric they have available.  Already got it. 
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