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 Mega points for the reference.
 I don't think it is confusion so much as utilizing a common terminology to describe a type of jacket that, in the experiences of many, usually comes undarted. Whether sack refers to the front or the back, then, is inconsequential int his context because a usual feature, or lack of a feature, of the sack jacket (not having darts) is what we are talking about.
 See, this is where you run into the rub. It's not extra if it is required to do what you are intending to do. If the intent is to make a straight hanging jacket then the fabric is not extra, it is necessary. So then the question becomes what IS extra fabric? Extra fabric is fabric is that which is superfluous to attaining the desired style. If I wear a jacket that is two sizes too big, and because of that the fabric folds and buckles, it is extra and may be altered, if...
Extra fabric where? This should be indicated by major folds, puckering, or rippling in the lines of the jackets which I don't see. It would help if you could point out where you see this.    As to them being stills, there isn't much we can do to get around that. Besides, even jackets fitted at the waist will ripple and fold with movement. Indeed, I'd say that the more fitted a jacket is, the MORE it would tend to ripple and fold when in motion because there isn't as much...
Well, I disagree with the schlubby part. I certainly agree that the winds of fashion have changed quite a lot, however what you don't see in these jackets is a lot of rumpling, folds, or superfluous fabric. Everything hangs smoothly and looks relaxed, but not like a bum is wearing it.
It's pretty classic, actually. The obsession for having everything fitted has come around again, but it is by no means a given that it looks better than a loose fit.  All these examples are either straight, or almost straight, and look pretty darn good to my eye. Notice how straight hanging doesn't mean shapeless, indeed, it is the chest, sleeve, and shoulder which gives the jacket most of its shape, rather than being tapered at the waist in an oh so modern fashion. 
Is the length really that noticeable? I've tried on both models and thought that the difference in length must be very slight.
I gotta disagree with you there. I think a straight hanging jacket can look relaxed and nonchalant, just like the natural shoulder that often goes along with it. This doesn't mean that I dislike jackets with shape, quite the contrary, but I can appreciate the old school "I don't give a fuck" look of a straight hanging jacket.
 This is certainly true, although a straight hanging, loose, garment was often favored by Tradists.
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