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Aubrun's colors are navy and pink? 
Since you are accepting older fits I might as well throw down with this fairly recent one. Trad/Ivy has always been a fascination of mine. Right down to the white bucks.      
 Incidentally one of my favorite movies.
Yes, I have no idea why I said forward pleat. I meant to say what you said. Also, thanks!
So many good entries. I ended up voting for all but two. Clags should be pleased that he inspires such awesomeness.
 Haha yeah that was gold. It's like, he was kind of a dick but at the same time you can't not like the guy.
I just watched Pumping Iron. So ready to judge.
I want to have a drink with him in some kind of post apocalyptic world.
These things you do to us. Don't always speak in absolutes when you talk about theory! You make me crazy!
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