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There is apparently no one less lazy than I.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/524710/moneywellspents-southern-trad-thread
As @MoneyWellSpent recently discovered the Southern trad style is not often compatible with CBD or the standard definitions of good taste and soporificity (new word). Pastels, non standard fabrics, highly contrasting items, all make up the southern style. Things that come to mind are black shoes paired with white pants, bit-loafers, FU trousers, pinks and greens, etc. The balmy temperatures and humid air make southern style a whole different animal from the NE inspired...
Click on Manton's profile and look at the pics he posted.
Someone less lazy than I should start a southern trad thread. That way we can twist "good taste" into whatever horrible monster we like.
 Use "fit" how you like, but ensemble? You had better hope you can come up with something better than that.
@blekit I still think you need a more constructed shoulder, but well done.
I think we've found a snark!
 Incorrect. Ensembles play music. Fits are what you call it when you are trying to be more manly than those who say "outfit".
It is an Augustin which, I believe, is not longer in existence.
I had no intention of participating in the FC, but I let my wife choose a tie for me and coincidentally it turned out to be a bow-tie.    
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