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Thx. Trews look short because of the way I'm standing. All my trousers are hemmed to the same length, 31 inches on the dot, and just touch the shoes when standing.
Figure out what inseam length you like and insist he/she hems them that length.
 Yup, Kent Wang from a few years ago I think.
SuSu Sienna, first time out of the stable. I'll get you a shot of the shoes later if I can. As for the sperm comment... well... 
 I sure hope so.  Probably a combination of this and the trousers slipping down a little. I think it bears noting that I don't think the break is severely off. I just think he could stand to have a little less. 
Full break is not my thing but I recognize there is nothing wrong with it. However, from the picture it looks like there is much more than a full break going on.
 No, I meant they look too long. Have them shortened a bit to show 1/4 to 1/2 of your shirt cuff and you've hit the sweet spot.
@SteelGuy, welcome. Not a bad first WAYWRN post. Sleeves could be taken up a bit and the trousers would look better with less break but not bad. Unfortunately that shirt does not fit you. The collar is much too large. It's hard to tell from the pic, but I think I dislike that tie. Hope to see you continue to post here.
I cannot muster the will to get excited about high end socks.
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