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  You should have asked him to do a selfie with you. If he's really that old he'd either have smacked you, thinking you made some kind of pass at him, or he'd have simply smiled and nodded, not knowing quite what you meant.
lol And I thought northern women were hell raisers. Maybe it's just American women in general. Btw, has this thread gone off topic or what?
Well, not sure I'd wear that shirt with it either, but when it comes to tweed suits I'd go for an OCBD and ancient madder tie in a conservative pattern. Maybe something in a dark green or burgundy. I like the PS here, I might try to echo some of the elements of that with a tie.
@Roy Al, wonderfully fitting suit. Not sure I care for the tie though.
Not that Mr. Smith was intending to be insulting, but that southern honor code is alive and well, isn't it? I remember reading a study somewhere that said southerners experience a much more visceral physical reaction to being insulted than do northerners. There is something I've always liked about people who take honor seriously.
Hell, I know barbarians who survive with 10 ties total, and downright animals who think that having 10 ties is more than any reasonable man could need. Good on you for trying to minimize. 
Excellent, thanks!
That would make sense for the Albanians, I should have guessed that you guys would use a lot of Turkish words too.  
Any opinions on the Pale Blue Fine Poplin - 2 Ply 120's (MT-1125) and the Sky Blue Poplin - 2 Ply 140's - Tessitura Monti (ADM-1188)? I'm looking to get a very light weight cotton or linen shirt, solid light blue, and I'd like to know which is lighter.
You wear your ties more than once?
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