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I kind of REALLY want that tie, Cleav.
 As you can see, we didn't want him either, lol.
 I completely disagree. While living overseas I had an opportunity to view more british news than I ever cared to. I was shocked by the tabloidy (is that a word?) nature of even the mainstream broadcasts. I'm not saying U.S. news is better, but British news is definitely NOT better either.  Actually, British news often gets cultural things in the U.S. wrong, just as the U.S. gets them wrong for Britain.
Lol@real news broadcasts. You realize where Piers Morgan is from, right?
 Yes, it is somewhat controversial, however I purposefully go for just a little bit of tie peaking out of the top. That's how my granddad used to wear it. Come to think of it, I wear flat caps a lot because he used to as well.   Thanks, mang. 
Good morning and happy monday.   [[SPOILER]]
 Only if the person is wearing something that doesn't fit.
I'm not a SF conformist (some people might say that's code for "You don't look good, Caustic"), but AAS's latest doesn't work for me either. I like his use of colors and this one doesn't have much in the way of nice color combinations. Oh well, he's still awesome most of the time.
It won't reduce the shoulder divots, though. Just a pet peeve of mine.
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