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Clearly. lol
Why is my reaction to you increasingly along the lines of "That cheeky..." 
Suede whole cuts? I like! I'll post my single pair when I get home today. And yes, I'm going to wear them with a casual fit!
  Some people have to. Especially in larger cities where public transportation is relied on, walking and spending time outside is a necessity.
This is true, although I wouldn't say especially in the USA. The worst tailoring experiences I've had have been overseas. Including a baffling predilection for Middle Eastern tailors to CUT AWAY FABRIC as they are taking a jacket in. I have had several jackets that I had to trash because of this since I couldn't have them let out after I… uh… gained some weight.
Damn, I wonder if I start acting eccentric if people will give me good deals on suits too...
 Was going to say the same thing. If it's taking that long for such a simple alteration then go to another place.
 lol What?
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