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Yes, that's a valid argument. But, as you hinted at, in America black tie is about as good as it gets. I'd love to wear white tie but that really does look like costume in the U.S. at this point. I can't speak to Britain, of course.
So, the reason I don't think they are fine is because black tie is a moment in time to express conspicuous consumption. Unashamedly. If you have a pair of shoes that cost $400 that you wear perhaps 2-3 times a year, that is the essence of the aristocratic look that black tie embodies.
Hickey Freeman from a couple years ago.
R. Culturi pocket square.      
Is that the new KW, Held?
I'd say no to this. If the event is special enough to wear black tie, then it is special enough not to skimp on the essentials. Black tie is, to my  mind, the one remaining realm of men's clothing where symbols of frugality are frowned on. If you only ever wear it once, don't look like you were trying to stretch your budget, or the usefulness of your clothes beyond their intended purpose. For this reason I also say no to calf skin oxfords with black tie.
Is Ronny wearing slip on shoes? Tsk tsk
See, wearing opera pumps is almost akin to this in some people's eyes. I'd still do it. Besides, I have the legs for it.
I've worn mine for a daytime wedding, and matinee at the opera. It's a niche item, but when you have reached my level of excellence you start to branch out into territory that plebs couldn't hope to pull off.
New Posts  All Forums: