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 My thoughts exactly when I first saw it.
Just backyard stuff.  [[SPOILER]]
Wow, there are some seriously talented folks in this thread. I can't compare but here are a few of my attempts over the years.   [[SPOILER]]
That's for the comment. A lot of people have mention EG to me as something to look into. My only concern is that I don't want to get something blind off the internet without trying it on so I've been looking for it in retail stores without luck. I think things are definitely going the latter way for me but I am already starting to feel more comfortable with what I am wearing. I know it's not spectacular but it feels more natural as time goes on.
Experimenting with the longer oversized t shirt. The shirt extends below the hips which I am hoping has the effect that @hoodog mentioned.    [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, that sounds reasonable.
By the way, the last few pages of comments are so on point with what I was looking for in terms of concepts and principles that I can work with. I can take these insights and build on them moving forward. I am so in awe of people who can just look at something artistically and put a fit together but that's not me. I need to analyze, develop principles, blah blah blah. You guys are rockin it!
 Thanks for the great in depth advice! You are right about my body shape and it is the reason I have avoided true skinny jeans my whole life. One of the reasons I wanted to get opinions about the fit of these is because I felt like they were kind of borderline for me and you have explained why perfectly. Thanks for the advise on how I might use them too. So I'm guessing that you are in the "keep them" category with these?  That is a very cool jacket, definitely something I...
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