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How 'middle class' of you. 
A bit of overthinking the issue. Im not making an argument about it. It's simply a part of trad ivy styles. It's not a rule or a hard line in the sand. It is a tendency, a feeling, a habit. It doesn't need anyone to care. It simply is. And it sends messages whether anyone is conscious of it or not. Consider wearing sharply pressed trousers. It's fine to do so, but it sends a message of meticulous care and attention to detail. Whatever the virtues of that, the impression is...
Of course it's self conscious. As AAS said, all of our choices are on purpose. All I'm saying is that it LOOKS like it isn't. At least that's the idea. I'm sure there are levels of success in that.
It's not that it's intentional, it's that it looks self conscious. I have come to admire the confidence implied in wearing something that is slightly off, slightly rumpled, or a little mismatched. Nothing against people who like to look immaculate, but it simply looks too self conscious to have perfectly combined patterns, colors, etc. Wearing a crew neck sweater and tie implies a nonchalant upper class vibe.G Bruce Boyer talks about this and I think he's right.
See my first reply on the subject.
This. But opposite.
Thank you to the five gentlemen of taste who know that crew necks > V necks.
The self conscious display of the tie is exactly what I have come to dislike about V necks.
I love Fair Isle. It reveals who the philistines in a person's life are (i.e.: everyone who thinks it's an "ugly" sweater).   Also, what's with all the V necks? A crew neck and tie FTW!    
I myself am strange and wildly erratic. The supposition, though, is well founded.
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