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Nice, Alex.
Closeup of shoes for @An Acute Style  
I like Allen Edmonds but they are pricier than the other alternatives. Not that it isn't worth it, but they are somewhat out of the OP's stated price range. That said, I'd say they are worth the extra cash. As for the style issue, I think they are quite stylish. 
Aldo is terrible. I don't know what kind of shoes you currently own but everything I've seen Aldo put out would be at best a lateral move in people's shoe collections and probably a step down in most. Try out Herring Shoes. They have a large selection at pretty good prices, especially if you look at the sale sections, and they ship from the U.K. There are other brands as well such as Jack Erwin and Andrew Lock, however these ship from the U.S. and I'm not sure if they...
Thx. Trews look short because of the way I'm standing. All my trousers are hemmed to the same length, 31 inches on the dot, and just touch the shoes when standing.
Figure out what inseam length you like and insist he/she hems them that length.
 Yup, Kent Wang from a few years ago I think.
SuSu Sienna, first time out of the stable. I'll get you a shot of the shoes later if I can. As for the sperm comment... well... 
 I sure hope so.  Probably a combination of this and the trousers slipping down a little. I think it bears noting that I don't think the break is severely off. I just think he could stand to have a little less. 
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