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Either that or it's coming back into style.
Or today.
lol Nice. You look high though.
There are people in SW&D who still wear them.
Just as a caveat, the SS website's measurements are notoriously inaccurate. I can't speak to KW's.
I'd love to have one of those 60s sheepskin coats. I've seen a few in vintage stores similarly styled but it tweed, which is nice too
Full disclosure: I received these jeans gratis from Mott & Bow.   Accepting that we rarely talk about denim on this side of Styleforum, I thought I would hazard a guess that this might be of some interest to people who dress in CM. Over time I have come to prefer un-distressed, even colored, denim when wearing clothes that tend toward classic. There is no "rule" that requires this but I think it makes sense when attempting to couple denim with some element of tailored...
Magnanni chelsea boots, kopped for nearly nothing.
Just giving you a hard time. I think we all understand that tailoring is done when funds allow. No biggie.
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