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Do you have regular access to Chicago? You might check out bespoke tailors in the area. Many tailors start at $1000 for a suit, depending on fabric, and of course it will fit you. I agree with the others, your budget for everyday suits is too low if you want full canvas. You may be able to find a little on the high end of your budget, but probably not much. If you are interested, do a search for "Nikiforos" and "Richard Bennett".
 Kill yourself.
What is everyone's feelings about suede shoes in Southern Trad? I can't recall ever seeing them even once when I lived in Kentucky, except in my collection. While you might say that they are not common anywhere, I've at least occasionally seen them in California and Illinois, as well as other northern states. In fact, I've seen rare exotics like ostrich and alligator more often in the south than suede. Thoughts?
 If only this were true. I actually think they are worse than we are when it comes to criticism. Possibly much more vague as well.
 They have rare, and casual, uses for me. Maybe I'm with you on the issue, I don't know. SW&D had a boner for this fit, but I could never fully get behind it. 
White hubcaps on an ugly car do not a-tradition-make.
I'm sure you're right. I've heard the white soles are more traditional, although I have no idea if this is true or not.
Topsiders arrived yesterday. I kind of wish I had gone with the white soles, but it's not a major regret.   
Will this do?  
How about a short sleeved shirt and tie challenge?   (Special disclaimer for @Academic2: This is not a serious post. This post in no way implies a claim by the poster that short sleeved shirts should ever be worn with ties. Poster is not responsible for any claims made by traumatized internet goers who think that he is being serious. Any complaints should be directed to the Department of Sartorial Claims, office # 1.618.)
New Posts  All Forums: