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Just to add to the discussion, and in the context of @Andy57's recent black tie posts, and on the subject of strollers... Having a "need" for such things is a subjective thing. I have found that, after having put together a stroller, I have found places to wear it, in entirely appropriate times, events, and contexts. It's like having a navy suit. You have a "need" for it if you find a need for it. I suspect that now that I have finally put together a decent black tie rig I...
@heldentenor classic look, very nice.   @Andy57 non standard, but thanks for the black-tie inspiration.
 Mid crotch? I'm not sure exactly what that means, but according to the picture the jacket is too short. And not by a little. Don't ignore the buttoning point either. It's far too high. As for your other points, if some parts fit well and others do not it probably means that's not the right model for you. IMO it's not good.
 True, but that's not exactly what I meant. I can't remember who it was, but there was a member who frequented WAYWRN who nitpicked every little thing, ad infinitum. That's being hyper critical. As in critical beyond all reason. That, plus never subjecting himself to the criticism of others, was annoying. Several people here even called him on it, so I know it got under people's skin. Yes, it's generally not something that happens.
On the other hand, if someone is hyper critical, but never posts anything themselves, it can be distasteful.
I'm going to take a different tack, here. I don't think the fit is all that great, RTW or not. It's clearly too small with the pulling at the waist, the hight button point, the shortness of the jacket, and of course the sleeves. I'd suggest going a size up and having it taken in as needed. Also, I'd be wary of lengthening the sleeves on that jacket because SuSu uses working cuff buttons, and adding length to the sleeves might place the cuff buttons in an awkwardly high...
Panama hats are great. Even if you feel unsure at first, the practicality of having a shade from the sun, which also looks nice btw, will make you feel comfortable with it in short order.
I saw your top fit in WAYWRN and wondered if that might be an R. Culturi square. I loved hearing your thoughts as well.
That is spectacular.
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