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 How do you mean? You just don't list your education on a resume?
On the subject of braces and belt loops: I long ago realized that there are some things I care about very much when it comes to clothes. The fit of jackets and trousers for instance. The fit of shirts I'm much less concerned with. The quality of shoes I'm very concerned with as well. The quality of ties, not so much. Although I can understand some people not liking belt loops with braces, that is one of those things I just don't care about. I'd wear braces with belt loops...
Some fields more than others, I think. If you stay in academics then that sh*t follows you forever. I get the impression that in business it's different. Ivy League degrees still count for something, just not as much as they used to. My wife does very well and she got her MBA at a small religious school. Sometimes people mistake it for an online degree, although she is quick to correct them, heh.
Money is a wonderful thing. I love money. But one thing I can't imagine is living your life around it. I've been pretty poor and as bad as it was, it's not as bad as doing something I don't want to do with my life.
I'm the same way. Usually I look for a good fit in the shoulders and a decent length, then I have the chest/wait taken in. I'm not sure I would consider that major, but it is more involved than simply shortening the sleeves for sure.
Yes, I pay something like $50.
A few years back @mafoofan used to have his one-shoe, or one-shirt, I can't remember. It was supposed to be one version of an item that he could wear with everything and not have to think about. Stitcho wears that suit so much in pics, and you wear that Formosa, that I've taken to calling them your one-suits. Don't hit me! 
I've learned that @The Noodles and @in stitches both have "one-suits".
Thanks for the continued recommendations. Boy, alterations are sure more expensive in Chicago than they are in Louisville! 
Tibor is back!
New Posts  All Forums: