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 I disagree with this. I think polo shirts are fine, I just hate logos.
Company logo polos = *blech!*
 If by this, you mean the average model, then it doesn't fit much of anyone. However CM folks run the gamut of body types, and I mean that honestly. There are quite portly, and very skinny, and everywhere in between.
 Thanks! I will continue with it because this challenge has revealed something to me. When I don't dress in sport coats and ties, I don't really have much. It's usually plaid shirts and the oft maligned (though rarely defined) dad jeans.
See, this is what I tried to avoid with my fit. I didn't want to have any CM elements and go totally SW&D. I didn't want MC Casual light. Apparently I failed miserably in this attempt lol, but that was the goal.
Thanks for the advise! I see the hat and shirt are universally disliked. That's a good place for me to start! I hate to say it, but since I am a CM dude, that is one of maybe 3 t shirts I own! And the others have sports logos on them. Lol
Great stuff! I'm sorry to say that I cannot wear contacts, they irritate my eyes too much. Other than that, if I ever venture into SW&D again (if I'm feeling like a good drubbing) then I will certainly take this advise. In the mean time I will probably lurk moar, and stick with the CM side of the house until I am more confident doing this SW&D thing outside of a CM challenge!
 I'm just going to guess that that is not at all good. 
 I'm sorry you saw it too. lol
Yes, I too chose it for the drapey, flowy, thing. 
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