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I can't remember who it was, but someone recently bought a few of these. If I recall correctly he said that he liked them but that the quality was not great considering the high selling price. Also commented that there were cheaper alternatives at comparable quality levels.
Barley drinkers are weird. lol
I don't get up in the morning for anything less than 90 proof.
I would do neither. I have peculiarly straight hanging arms which many sleeve pitches conflict with... and it drives me nuts. I simply must try something on first, unless it is so well priced that I can take a chance on it, or it has a good return policy. Which is precisely the reason I am going to go with Kent Wang for online MTM. He sends you a trial suit to try on first, and then alters off of that.   Also: Kentucky bourbon pls.
I hope we see some SW&D regulars in this one.
Very cool, stitch. Just the kind of thing to spice up these challenges.
Interpretive challenges have historically garnered very high participation because there is so much room to play with. Because creativity is encouraged it seems to intrigue more people than usual.
The jacket is cool.
 I wouldn't say it's all that unusual.
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