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Look at the pulling in the upper chest, the dimpling at the shoulders, and the tightness of the thighs. Not to mention the tightness of the waist. Granted, not every conceivable way, but the fit is all around not good, and it is because of more than just the waist.
 I don't think this is true. I've lived in the west, northeast, southeast, midwest, and northwest and they all have their own peculiarities because of the unique realities of the place and culture in which they live. That this expresses itself in clothing is almost inevitable and has to do with much more than brands. Indeed, as many fashion historians have noted, even in places where the brands are very prominent (say, Brooks Brothers for instance) the mode of dress is...
I do hope to see some full lengths one day if you can!
 No, though not nearly as important as the terrible fit of your shoes. Also, get a more structured shoulder so that your head doesn't look as bulbous.
Christian Chensvold, of ivy-style.com has a short write up on J-Crew's back to basics "Prep Shoppe". Apparently it is only open online for the season. Chensvold laments that this is unfortunate because fall is the preppiest season of all. When it comes to Southern Trad I respectfully disagree. For southerners summer is the preppiest season of all and in some locations summer lasts all year long. So bask in the color, the cotton, and the madras. I bought J-Crew's patchwork...
SWEET white bucks. Love them socks too.
1/2 MOA? Yeah, I'd say that is pretty good.
I believe they both start around $1000.   For Louisville I can recommend Ace Custom Tailors. Harry is very easy to work with. He too will start around $1000 for a full suit, however. Come to think of it, I can't imagine any great savings by going to a bespoke tailor in a smaller city. 
 Oh no. In Chicago that title undeniably goes to Chris Despos. With Mr. Despos you'd be paying a minimum of $3500 for a suit, in all likelihood. Nikiforos and Richard Bennett are very capable, however.
New Posts  All Forums: