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I understand your critique of Chinese products but I do t think it's entirely fair. The thing is, if you buy cheap Chinese made stuff the quality will be shit. If you buy quality Chinese stuff it will cost you more, so you are kind of falling into a trap of your own design. Chinese =/= bad quality all the time, bu it usually does if you only buy the cheap stuff.
Yes... you do.
I'm curious to know why.
Made in China isn't necessarily a disqualifier in my book, but it is worthy of a little more caution. 
Btw, found out why Aaron is slow to respond. He's in London doing helping KW with a photoshoot. Can't wait to see it!
All my time in KY and I've never heard of them. I'm intrigued.
Anyone know what happened to Aaron? I emailed him three days ago to place an order and I haven't gotten a response. He's usually very prompt.
Come to think of it, I don't think DAK guns have decockers, so I guess it would have to be DA/SA.
Nah, DAK as in Double Action Kellerman. Sig used to make a lot of pistols with that kind of action, I didn't know if they still did.
So that's DA/SA and not DAK?
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