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That's specifically what I was thinking of. I don't know if shoulders and chest are the most difficult part of a jacket to get right, but a decently fitting shoulder and chest certainly seems to be the most difficult thing to find OTR.
On the topic of better construction = better fit, it never ceases to amaze me how a full canvas jacket, made in a traditional way (the specifics of which I don't pretend to fully understand), will actually mold itself to your body over time. The heat of the sun and the body, the natural humidity in the air, and gravity itself seem to conspire to make the guts of the jacket pliable and alive. After a time, it settles in around your frame and seems to slip easily over the...
Yeah, and you probably wear suits much more often than I do, too. I only have maybe 5 or 6 of them and sometimes none of them will get any wear for months. SC and trousers are much more frequent for me. Do post that BB suit if you get a chance. I'd love a navy linen from BB.
Of course! The problem is I live in Illinois, which is hot for about 3 months, and I already have a cotton pincord suit in cream. I'd like a solid navy seersucker suit, but I'd wear it probably twice a year.
Hmmm, can I justify having two seersucker suits?
I don't have much from SS, only a Sienna suit and a Havana jacket, but I'm 6-1 170, and 42R is just about right for me. That might seem a little large, but it works out in the shoulders and the length, and the waist is easy to take in.
I agree about the buttoning point, but that's not a huge issue. A small nip at the waist and a slightly shorter right sleeve, and I think it will look very good. 
Stereotype? True. Misinformed? No.   
Of course the Brit approves of the pink tie. 
Fuck it, this gets a thumb.
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