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This. But opposite.
Thank you to the five gentlemen of taste who know that crew necks > V necks.
The self conscious display of the tie is exactly what I have come to dislike about V necks.
I love Fair Isle. It reveals who the philistines in a person's life are (i.e.: everyone who thinks it's an "ugly" sweater).   Also, what's with all the V necks? A crew neck and tie FTW!    
I myself am strange and wildly erratic. The supposition, though, is well founded.
^^^ For what it's worth, this is spot on, and it part of my philosophy as well. The following of rules other than dress codes is, I suspect, something created largely (thought perhaps not entirely) by middle class folks attempting to imitate their betters.
The idea with bowties is that, when tied, they should not extend past your eyes. This is just general good sense when it comes to proportionality. Nothing to do with the lapels.
 I wonder if my dissertation readers would buy this...
Crust, a man like you doesn't get dressed up. He simply gets dressed. It is implied that you will look great.
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