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He's back!
I don't know if cardigans were necessarily the safe choice, it's probably just one of the few choices many of us had. I would have worn a trendy leather jacket that I have been wanting, if I ever bothered to buy it.
Too many straight lines? That's a new one on me.
The afor mentioned large pattern tie, and a continued experiment into SF groupthink.   [[SPOILER]]
Back to normal after the SW&D fiasco!   [[SPOILER]]
 I agree. I shy away from large patterns on ties. That being said, today I wore a large patterned tie.
I like medallions too. As long as they aren't overly large, or in an odd color. Burgundy works best for my wardrobe.
I actually like the GLOCK grip. I have kinda big hands and the G17 fits perfectly. I use the large backstrap on my M&P.
If you work in an office that allows jeans and button ups then you are probably fine. However I, personally, would choose not to look like a high school student at work.
Well, it shouldn't be surprising if this thread gets bent a lot. Most of the old contributors don't post much anymore, and new comers still crave advice. I'm not saying it's right, it just is what it is.
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