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Hmmm, I could see how that could be although the tumblr did just make fun of Mr. Moo so I'm not sure which way to go with that. Either way, it's entertaining no matter who it is.
Yoo sher?
Yes, I thought of your quote. Although I'm still unsure of whether or not it was a statement. What I am sure of is that you will mysteriously not explain yourself.
I like to think that we woke this guy up and got him posting again. A slew of fits roasted on this day, the 10th of August. Still waiting for my turn.
That joke was probably meant to entertain others, since I don't get it! 
Some recent fits I am seeking feedback on. Specific good/bad/uglies or suggestions for change would be appreciated.        
I need a range day. It's been a while. Cheers!
You sound mad.
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