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Please let this be the start of another body-building discussion. 
The peculiar things about Talk Ivy, to me, is that some of them actually look pretty decent. I mean, that is strange in that the clothes are entirely removed from any context. But then they come along with something like "NASA Ivy" (i.e.: short sleeved shirts and ties), which is not a thing. I wonder if this is how British people felt when American youths started copying Punk styles.
The correct response to all of these is "Bad photography".
 I believe he said HOLIDAY theme. Your exclusion of all other celebrants other than Christians, or those who choose to celebrate a Christian holiday, offends me. You should correct this post and apologize at once. (also, congrats)
"The 80s was the swansong of ivy. The 90s was the ivy nadir."  
Want to see what Trad/Ivy looks like in the Twilight Zone? Check out this forum full of English Ivy fans. *shudder*
To old timers I'd say no. Denim is a working man's fabric. But today, denim has become so much more. Is it trad? Who knows. But it can certainly look good with trad clothes.
^^^ That's as trad as it gets.
Allen Edmonds, Randolph loafers.   I have two pairs, the other is in burgundy. One of my favorite models.
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