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I have no moral problem with him not shining his shoes. I don't think unshined shoes say anything about a person other than "I didn't shine my shoes today". I don't like @NickPollica's look in general but I'm not upset that he dresses that way. The thing I have a problem with is @jaywhyy's moronic comments.
 Not bad. Welcome!
 No, just aggressiveness.
As it happens I dislike coated lenses. I clean mine frequently and have noticed that AR coating soon flakes off. I am sorry to say that if you continue to pay attention to my fits then you will continue to notice it. ​Besides, coated lenses look affected.
 Thanks for the tip!  I'm sure it was meant sincerely and not to mock my glasses at all, which would be in bad taste, of course.
Anyway, here is me, willing summer weather to arrive.       My *gasp* shined shoes that I put shoe trees in! Such iGent, many internet.  
Not worth it, mang. I agree though.
Not getting the connection. Do elaborate.
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