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I'd say go for it if you buy the trousers that go with it. This is clearly a suit jacket and should never be worn with odd trousers.
 Only if you are, or know, a Mexican drug lord.
That's going to be a hell of an estate sale one day.
I don't know, what do you think?  
@Andy57, weird setup, but it works for me. Perhaps a blue shirt would have made the tie appear less jarring, but overall I'm liking it.
Yeah, it doesn't work with every kind of jacket. Soft canvas doesn't seem to react this way, for instance. But for some it can make it look a lot better.
By the by, I just took my handheld steamer to the lapels of my SuSu tuxedo I just got. Interestingly, steaming out the creases that make the lapels lie flat gives a gorgeous rolled appearance to them. Looks much better now. I wonder why they don't do that to the ones they sell in the stores.
 You and those ties! Anyway, I'd have led with the second two pics. They seem to show the colors and textures much better.
I don't know whether they should be in the MTM business or not, however, if they are going to be it should be of a reasonable quality. Incentivized or not, turning out a bad product, if indeed that is what is happening, is bad for brand and business. The thing is, you seemed to be saying that since SuSu is a fashion brand that we shouldn't expect reasonable results from MTM. That's just wrong any way you cut it. If that isn't what you were saying then we have no...
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