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@JCM, FWIW I would have made the same critiques. The sleeves look bulky and the pitch is clearly a problem. Length looks very good, though. I think it would look much better on you with stronger shoulder padding. Too much slope as it is. That's just me, though.
@Michael81 I like that longer, looser, fit on you. Please don't go back. 
Please tell me you wore that whole thing all day.
I never liked the double dimple. I've found it rather difficult to accomplish, and so it looks a bit contrived and "precious" as one comment put it. Admittedly this is a biased point of view because I personally have found it difficult to achieve.
I see. Makes sense now and I think I agree with you. My shirt is Brooks, which doesn't seem to have much roll these days. It's hard to describe, but there is also a difference in the pitch of the collar roll in my shirt v. Fred's, for instance, for what it's worth.
 That's a joke, right?  Thanks for the comments. I might tie it the other way at some point. Can you clarify what you mean by having more space between the collar point and knot? I'm trying to picture that but I can't.
Fun thread, as long as it doesn't fall off the academic deep end. Good start.   Here is an interesting knot on a vintage Irish poplin J. Press tie I wore recently. A dimple would look odd on a Ivy skinny tie like this, but it fits in very well with an Ivy aesthetic. I can't speak to the proportions here, but I think the knot is slightly too small for the collar. I did not, and do not, really care that much though.   
 I'm sure the feeling is mutual.
 That's unfortunate. The disco era was a very bad time for formal wear, and the cummerbund seems to be guilty-by-association for you. That's understandable, but I can't condone it. Cummerbunds have a long tradition, especially in the military, and I think they look great when they are simple and tasteful. They are the option of choice in warm climates, as well.
Repost so we can see?
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