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Something I have been thinking on as I begin a biography of Beau Brummell and read Roycru's comments... It seems to me that there are two kinds of ways of propagating rules, unspoken and enumerated. Unspoken rules are those which dominate those who are, for lack of a better term, in the know. Some understand that wearing a tuxedo to a cocktail party is gauche almost as a matter of instinct. Others have to be told, often through confusing and foolish dress codes written on...
I see @Murlsquirl is wearing his purple jacket again.
Awesome. I haven't been to Toronto in a while but I may have to find a reason to detour up that way. Congrats.
Not only choose it, but you have to host it.    I believe patterned trousers has been done already, but it has been quite a while and we never shy away from repeating fun challenges. I can't remember if there has been an odd waistcoat challenge yet. 
Diplo, that jacket is well within acceptable range for you. I say leave it as is.
What's with all the small paisley hate?
 They were all pretty small.
I love how Cox wears fedoras in such a way as to not at all seem like costume.
I probably would have gone a different way with the PS, but I love this @Andy57 
^^^ Nice, but I wish there was more difference in at least one of the pattern scales. 
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