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First, some things I like about Roy's fit. Referencing a previous conversation, it is a little off, a little rumpled, and slightly clashing. All mistakes, right? Wrong.   There are some members here who are experts at matching patterns, textures, and colors. They look immaculate. They also look a little too perfect. Too put together. Each item of clothing looks like it was carefully selected and agonized over before being put on. Roy, on the other hand, has this...
'Trad/Ivy' challenge, just as a follow up to the discussion. It would be interesting to see if we can get y'all to buy in to some of the trad ideas.
Me too.     (FYI, I wear V necks with ties too even though they are inferior. Like I said, it's not a rule, and we wouldn't care if it were.)  
Well on that we agree. But the douchey tie-puff is more to blame than the crew necks. Just goes to show, you can screw up a perfectly good look with I'll advised "look at me" sprezz.
I'm not sure where this idea of unintentional came from. None of us, to my knowledge, said anything of the sort.
The final word goes, as it always must, to George Plimpton. American trad icon. He DGAF what you think of his crewneck and tie.  
How 'middle class' of you. 
A bit of overthinking the issue. Im not making an argument about it. It's simply a part of trad ivy styles. It's not a rule or a hard line in the sand. It is a tendency, a feeling, a habit. It doesn't need anyone to care. It simply is. And it sends messages whether anyone is conscious of it or not. Consider wearing sharply pressed trousers. It's fine to do so, but it sends a message of meticulous care and attention to detail. Whatever the virtues of that, the impression is...
Of course it's self conscious. As AAS said, all of our choices are on purpose. All I'm saying is that it LOOKS like it isn't. At least that's the idea. I'm sure there are levels of success in that.
New Posts  All Forums: