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I think suggesting that an MBA from a non top 15 program is worthless is overstating it.
 Question for you, and anyone else connected with the industry. When you go to these kinds of things is there a lot of pressure to dress nicely, or are some dudes just like "Fuck it, I'm wearing my tuxedo t-shirt today."?
The History of Science program at UC, IIRC, requires a high pass in French and German. The American History program requires a high pass in any language. The American History program at Northwestern may not require a language at all depending on area of study.
All PhD programs are a little different (sometimes vastly different). I will be trying to start one soon and depending on which program I end up in (inshallah) I may have to continue testing and get a high-pass in my language of choice (German) or I may not have to test in it at all.
I would like to see more posters posting about posting up.
 I doubt it. I haven't worn a suit in a good long while.
Nothing wrong with wanting to mix things up. There are patterned shirts that can be worn very well with a jacket and tie. Darker shirts are nearly always a no-go however. Stripes, micro-check, and windowpane shirts are often used to great affect with a jacket/tie.
Thank you for posting. I'm sorry to say that I do not believe this is a good combination. The shirt is casual and should never be worn with a tie. The darkness of the shirt also creates a very low contrast with the jacket which makes the fit look muddled. The tie is generally bad and does not tie in well with anything else. The preponderance of large patterns on the shirt and tie makes it look like a modern art masterpiece (IE not good). Next time try to be a lot simpler...
Hmmm brown shoes might have ties it together better but I'd have to see it I guess.Thanks, it's Hickey Freeman. Yes I've worn it once before, although it's been tailored since the last time I wore it.
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