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 You and those ties! Anyway, I'd have led with the second two pics. They seem to show the colors and textures much better.
I don't know whether they should be in the MTM business or not, however, if they are going to be it should be of a reasonable quality. Incentivized or not, turning out a bad product, if indeed that is what is happening, is bad for brand and business. The thing is, you seemed to be saying that since SuSu is a fashion brand that we shouldn't expect reasonable results from MTM. That's just wrong any way you cut it. If that isn't what you were saying then we have no...
In the spirit of sportsmanship I rescind my request. I'll come up with something new this weekend.
 This isn't a factor though. If a MTM product is coming out with significant flaws versus the RTW stuff then there is a problem. If you got a moldy hamburger from McDonalds you wouldn't say "Oh well, it's fast food." You'd send it back.
^^^ I very strongly suspected this. SuSu also has some size discrepancies between its RTW models. In short, I've had great success with SuSu when I've been able to try something on personally before buying. I wouldn't trust them for a MTM suit that I'm essentially stuck with no matter how it turns out.
Yeah, but then you'd have to factor in alterations, otherwise it would likely fit no better than a rental tux. Although he'd probably be able to find a much better constructed garment, which is nice.
It's always best to ask if you are unsure, however I'd guess that most will be wearing tuxes all day. Americans long ago lost the habit of changing several times a day. Maybe your friends are different though. Enjoy Chicago. If you have a free moment I'd suggest the Field Museum for a generally good time.
Can be from last week?
I uh... Well, you see... heheh... Gotta go!  
Why are you watching me watch porn?
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