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This has been discussed ad nauseum several times, resulting in sometimes ridiculously strong opinions. The bottom line is, wear a watch if you like them. If you don't, do not.
Somewhere between levels 4 and 6.
You have reached the level of the Atman.
Oh, so he's a troll.
The point has nothing to do with caring for clothes, which I'm sure we all do. With your wardrobe you are essentially required to wear the same thing every time. This is fine if you only wear Classic Menswear once a month or perhaps once a year. This is a Classic Menswear forum, however. They wear CM on a daily, or at least weekly, basis.  Your wardrobe is simply not sufficient for people who are required, or choose, to dress in CM on a regular basis. You are simply not...
It couldn't be a parody of that picture since I have never seen it. Although it is apropos.
 Set it back farther. The closer the camera is to you the more it will make you look like a pear standing on two toothpicks. A camera placed farther away reduces the ratio of how close one part of your body is to the lens, v. another. Also, distortion will appear at the edges of the lens because lenses are not flat. Having the camera farther away and zooming in if need be will reduce this affect by reducing how much of the image of you is near the edges. Having the camera...
New Posts  All Forums: