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 I wouldn't say they are phased out, exactly. Maybe they were the must-have item of the moment, but I wouldn't say they look dated or are somehow inappropriate for wear any longer. Personally I tend to wear them in the summer, so they haven't been out in a while.
You have a few pairs of double monks? I have one pair and I think it might be too much.
Suits are perfectly fine. A wedding is a joyous occasion that is not necessarily a formal event. They can be if you like, but don't have to be.
All the men in the wedding party should be wearing a tuxedo if you will be. Being the only one in a tux will make you look oddly overdressed. Indeed, if your wedding is going to be formal then all the men in attendance should be wearing one as well. This rarely happens because so few men actually own one, or will bother to rent one but still, it is proper. By the by, there is nothing wrong with an evening wedding with the men wearing suits. It's simply a matter of...
 Agreed. Particularly the last part.
 Easy alterations.
 Well, if you'd stop shopping at Kohl's (which we now have photo evidence of).
He's absolutely right. Only patent leather oxfords or opera pumps may be worn with a tux.
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