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Maybe Diaz can clarify for us, but I thought they were med. gray.
 I dress terribly, so don't give my opinion too much regard. I just think that with a different shirt it wouldn't have needed grounding. But if you are going to, here are some thoughts I would have had...    Sorry about the last one. Burgundy doesn't "shop" well onto this pic.
Funny that, I thought Pliny's jacket and trousers DIDN'T have as much contrast as RDiaz's.
I had a thing for white OCBD for a little while. I honestly don't drag them out much anymore. I think they kind of wash out with all the browns I wear.
I think the green sweater tips this decisively into "too much green" territory for me. 
I guess it comes down to who you think is a better human being. 
 I'm in for either. In fact, the fit I'm thinking of wearing could probably qualify for both.
Look at you two, being good sports and all. I want death and mayhem! Finish each other!
Feeling wonky today.   [[SPOILER]]
The similarity between how you two dress just begged for a face off!
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