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I'll say. lol
Nice color combinations, Noods.
In exploring the Japanese site I believe that the New York fits are available under the larger sizes. I can't remember exactly how I got there but it is the equivalent of "plus" sizes on the website.
That's great, GM!
Love the fit, Shen, but damned if what you do to your face doesn't freak me out.
 Koreatown. Damn good food there too.
 That's his MO. 
I really dig that, Murl.
What do you'ns think of this stuff?  
 Thank you. I was considering wearing khaki linen trousers with it, which I think would have worked fine. I'd probably stay away from brown with this particular color, although there are certainly some Madras patterns that would go fine with it. A light gray fresco might work too. Whatever the case, I think the trousers need to be a rather common color. Burgundy linen, yellow, orange, etc. would be too much with this jacket. Agreed on Betel's pants, btw. He consistently...
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