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 This is the definition of it.
 I thought as much. 
@Lewis26 are you European?
 1. Does it keep your hands warm?
AAS, if I may say, that looks like an accidental double dimple. That, to me, is fine. Perhaps there is a gray area here, but it is the perfectly concocted ones that look bad to me. Technically there are two dimples in Cleav's pic too, but it looks like it got there by accident rather than by spending 45 minutes in front of a mirror.
You can tell there is a technique to achieving it. That is the problem in my mind. 
@Cleav just posted a fine example of a messy, aristocratic, dimple(s). The fit on the whole is neat, put together, but slightly askew.  
LoosER, not loose. What I meant by that was that it's not pulling in odd places, and lacks the shoulder divots of some of your other jackets, which are clearly too small.
An example of the 'soft' dimple I prefer, on my regimental tie by Hober. (In retrospect, the PS was a mistake)  
 Only thing worse is this...  I'm sorry if I sound overly negative, it is a matter of personal taste (or lack thereof) after all and I certainly would never chide someone face to face over it (or over any other item of clothing for that matter). It's just so #menswear. I can't help but see a 'dress to impress' vibe with it. That said, I often tie my ties with a single dimple which, to some, looks affected as well.
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