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 Please start a new thread on this. Could provide for some massive entertainment (and interesting discussion).
 Be careful, they might be someone's friends.
Any reason for choosing the tan? Goes better with your wardrobe?
 I would agree, and between the two I think cotton plays a larger part than linen. Linen is certainly common but not as ubiquitous as cotton IMO. Especially when you add seersucker to the equation.
 I know what you said...
 Was this some kind of mind game you played on your students?
Was just about to ask about the shirt. Thx!
Exaaaaactly. Comments on clothes =/= personal insult.
I've heard this before. Overall I'd say yes, but I think southerners, like everyone else, have moved toward more slim fitting clothes in general. The influence of this on Trad style is significant IRL if not in the blogosphere. In past years though, yes I think the difference was greater.
New Posts  All Forums: