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I'm not even sure how this got started.
Yes, I tend to agree. Telling someone to burn their only suit is not helpful advise. I guess I was just confused by your wording. You said that a black suit is great for a formal event when paired with black tie attire. I'm guessing what you meant was more along the lines of "It's not bad for what you have". If the latter, I agree with that also. Also, ^^^ Yes.
Oh yeah, something like that. Maybe a bit darker. It seems to me that shell is best served in a simple design.
Mind posting pics when you get a chance? 
Something casual. Maybe a plain toe blucher. I don't think I want a whole cut. 
 You really think so? I tend to think black tie attire looks rather incongruous on anything other than a proper black tie jacket. I mean, true, most people probably won't give a hoot, but one of the reason black suits are so hated is because they aren't formal, they aren't casual, and they aren't good for CBD. BTW, welcome @TylerDurden1 
Speaking of shoes, I'm beginning to think I really need some kind of shells.
 I thought it was kind of interesting, actually. If we eventually get back to shoes, that's fine. lol
I wouldn't wear black brogues with blue jeans either, but it has nothing to do with formality. Browns simply work better in that case IMO.
 I understand that you may not think this exercise is important but there are whole fields of people who have dedicated their academic lives to understanding subjects like these (if not conforming to them). I realize I run the risk of making myself look like someone who is espousing the intellectual equivalent of "art for art's sake" but I assure you nothing could be further from the truth. Understanding things like these are interesting because it gives us a basis for...
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