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@Spandexter gets my vote. For about 2 years I tried to do what he did in that post. 
 I would think that they would more than fill out any thong.
Jacket length is such a funny thing IMO. Over the years I have seen vastly different lengths look right on people of the same height just based entirely on body dimensions. For me they need to reach the first joint of my thumb or the top of the thumbnail. I have a longer torso I guess. For AAS they can go as high as the second joint of the thumb and look right. For dudes like GMMcL they often drop well below the thumb itself and look fine. The "cover your ass" rule is...
Do ties qualify?
That was bothering me so much that I had to change it. lol
 No, but now that I look at them both it sure looks similar, doesn't it? 
 To be honest, the pinpoints are just what I happened to grab. I have a lot of OCBDs but I guess coincidence prevented me from grabbing one, perhaps I should pay more attention next time! Your points are all well taken and it gives me some ideas on how to wear this jacket better. It's a bit out of my comfort zone, as seems apparent to all. lol
 Thanks for the insight. I have a few white/blue striped shirts but I feared wearing them for looking to "busy" with this kind of jacket.
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