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Honestly I'm not impressed with Henry, but I shoot a Uberti 1866, slicked up for competitions, which makes Henry levers seem like something the Flintstones would shoot. My Rossi is pretty slicked up too, but it had a nice action before that.
Marvelous, Andy. I take it you have no qualms about not matching your studs to your cuff links?
In most models I go for a 42R primarily because of the fit of the shoulders and the rise of the trousers. I could probably stand to go down to a 40R, but I'd rather have more room and get them tailored. That said, I did find myself wishing the trousers on my 42s had a slightly higher rise. Generally a minor issue, though.
You think so? I thought the Henry action was a lot stiffer compared to the Rossis I've handled. I might have just gotten ahold of a bad one though. 
Be careful. Don't spend a ton of money on alterations to clothes that will never fit very well. I say that because I think a lot of your jackets just don't work for your body. Altering them will have limited benefit.
I'd feel a lot better about taking on a coyote with some kind of high velocity varmint round. Maybe a 22-250, 220 Swift, something like that. If you are talking about a .22LR, I wouldn't try Coyotes with it.
 All in good fun. To make my point, the white shirt makes the bright tie look even brighter. Yellow ties are challenging as it is and usually require something to soften their appearance. A blue shirt often does the trick and would in this case as well. As it stands, white and yellow together makes a jarring combination. But just to be clear, I like your fit regardless.
 I think if I had wanted to describe it differently today, I would have.
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