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 I like the trad look as much as anyone. Hell, probably more than most. However not all of their ideas were good and not everything classic is appealing to me. Agreed on the fit issues, btw.
True. I would rather adjustments be too conservative rather than too extreme for online MTM.
Gotcha. Yeah, definitely looks like it needs to be rotated. To be fair though, that's tough to get right without the tailor being there in person.
 So did KW rotate the sleeves at all?
Just a quick note and I'll abandon this topic but you seem to have missed the qualifying statements of several people here recently. A close reading of those comments would reveal that you are really arguing against nothing. 
I'm studying Zen mysticism right now, so there is no wrong headedness. Only ill advised style choices. But that's not my problem, it's yours.
The sleeve problem might be solved by rotating the sleeves forward a bit. That's a common thing with my jackets and is easily solved in my case by adjusting the sleeve pitch.
 +1  On the points that you have disagreed with me, you are wrong. On the points that you have agreed with me, well done.  But no one said this.
@TheoProf I've come to really dislike cotton chinos with anything but the most casual of jackets. Especially with tweed, the texture is seriously mismatched. That jacket needs flannel trousers, or something like that. The red tie is simply too much here. The low contrast between the jacket and trousers makes an already garish tie stand out even more. Obligatory statement: Your clothes don't fit well. 
New Posts  All Forums: