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 Why is your son wrong and you are right, though? (As an aside, I did actually think Anna Karenina was garbage)
You know, I remember reading an article in some academic journal about how people tend to value things that took some effort to acquire. Let's say you were accepted into a social club. If you got your acceptance letter in the mail and that was it, chances are you would not value it as much as a club in which you had to go through some kind of ceremony, task, or hazing to get into. It wouldn't matter if the club that you only got the letter from was more expensive, more...
Would anyone like to fund a "research" trip to find out? I will selflessly volunteer to be the test subject wherein I will spend 2 weeks in the Caribbean touring the beaches and cantinas. I will dutifully report back on what everyone is wearing (and drinking) via my cellphone as I bask in the sunlight.
If you have to train yourself to like something, how good is it?
Nope, I was actually being genuine. I appreciate your insights.
Finally, a straightforward answer...
Veeeery interesting. I had thought of tucking the shirt, maybe that would have been better. Then laziness took hold. Excellent observations.
Would you say that it would look at all out of place in the Carolinas? I think this look would be quite common in the warmer months in KY.
 Maybe if it had been a large-paisley tie in a muted color it would have warranted a more introspective answer.  I would be interested to hear the answer to this. I know a grand total of one person IRL who actually works on Wall Street and he has given me the impression that SC/trousers are a no-go. He's just one person though.
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