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That used to be one of the favorites around the playground.
Hence why citizens shouldn't allow absurd laws.
Meh, that's not a desirable jacket in a classic menswear sense. Could it work with denim in a trendy streatwear sense? Yeah, it sure could. In this environment, though, it's bad.
Yeah, I hear you, but it's still absurd. The ability to deploy a blade does not make it more lethal. Knives are sharp pointy objects. Any sharp pointy object can be used in an offensive manner. I suspect they simply outlawed them because they were popular with certain gangs, which gives them the excuse to arrest said gang members.
@Claghorn has a well thought out philosophy. lol
Well I hope you are ready to bust down some door now.
You feel less comfortable? Could this be the emergence of a personal style???
 Erm... I kinda like that less. lol TBH, it's not the tie that is bothering me the most, it's the matching scale of the stripe on your shirt and the windowpane on the suit. The tie just adds more lines! That's just me, though. Others might not be as bothered by it.
Who makes a law about an "attack" knife? What the heck is an attack knife? Any dagum knife can be an attack knife. 
Hmmm, if you feel you are fairly set on solid, or solid looking, jackets you might try for a district check, gun club, or some other check/plaid. Black watch is pretty distinct. Here are a few of the patterns I've been wearing lately.        
New Posts  All Forums: