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 Don't act so persecuted. You were just being a jerk is all.
 Sadly I wouldn't even live up to the standards of Nietzsche.  EFV, now he is a Heidegger. AAS is surely Wittgenstein.
 This is exactly it. You would indeed think that someone at the age of 33 would know better, but if his attitude is as immature as his taste on clothes it should not be surprising.
 Yes, innovation for sure. Desirable innovation? I'm not so confident of that. As for polyester, meh, it doesn't excite me. Probably never will.
 I'm not sure this is the correct term.
 You are awfully close to 40 to be concerned with looking youthful. In a previous era young men 10 years your junior would be worried about looking like the adults that they are. By the by, I am 35 and I completely disagree with nearly everything you've said.
 Well, I guess it depends on what you mean by "ahead". I have seen womenswear clothing from highly reputably (and expensive) makers who utilize what I would consider to be undesirable materials, such as polyester and leather facings. 
Fine, but I claim Heidegger.
 Actually I completely disagree with you. An Acute Style is someone who consistently breaks just about every rule there is, and he is always one of the most liked and best looking members here. I too often break the rules, although I cannot claim to look as good as AAS.
 Lulz, I think he is mistaking "group think" for the fact that this is a forum about a specific subject. I suspect that in a forum about shoes he'd complain that the members were conformists for not talking about Panama hats. I also suspect that this is something you'd see from him in an effort to be "unique"... 
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