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Too much tie already. I shan't contribute to that problem. 😉
Definitely more NE than SE.
More crewneck and tie.      Oh, and athletic socks and loafers. Bite me.
 I thought the ones offering legal advise were the birds of prey.
 You have one of the most impressive hat collections I've seen.
I suppose the implication in all this is that wearing something out of the ordinary isn't necessarily individualistic. This reveals the truly difficult part about being an "individual." If it's really possible. Quite often, individualism looks discordant to the person who worries about rules. G. Bruce Boyer is a good example.
The question of whether or not the PS in question should be liked, or is, or is not, liked by anyone personally, is not as interesting (I think) as whether or not it is an individualistic move to wear it. I don't think it is. I have seen pocket squares like that before, worn by many people on and off SF, all were #menswear guys. There is nothing wrong with being a #menswear guy. It should go without saying that if you like it then that is fine. However, the frayed PS is...
 Oh yeah. I forgot about that one. We used to have reruns of that show on TV for years. In fact, I think it's still airing here.
Never seen one worn with a repp striped tie before. It's kind of a cool incoherence.
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