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 White, and lots of it. The blue and brown in the jacket are not at all muted. It's a very light fit. Bright colors doesn't have to mean the colors of fruit, it simply means something other than dark.
Will try that next time!
How would you use it?
 THANK you. I got too wrapped up in the whole idea of telling a story with pics. First of all, I'm not good at it. Second, I never felt natural doing it. One thing I like about CM photos is that thy focus only on the clothes. I know some will disagree with me on that one, but that's ok. Consider today's fit, it's just me standing there because that's all I could bring myself to do. 
 Not at all! Be harsh, I am all for it. All I ask is that people be constructive as well, which you have been. So bold patterns are a no go for now, would you suggest solid colors instead? Maybe something with an interesting texture rather than a pattern?
Alright kids, CM's boredom means it's time for reindeer games...     I'm kinda liking the goldenrod and the gray.         Olive for @venividivicibj
White shirt is fine, but that tie... Needs something to ground all those bright colors IMO. A more muted color perhaps or, dare I say, navy?
Thanks! Great observations. On the shirt buttoning issue, do you think it would be better without the t shirt and buttoned all the way up?
Too many bread references today.
Please share more in the future. Believe me, if I'm saying your jacket kinda looks like something Betel would wear it is definitely a compliment.
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