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Hmmm, can I justify having two seersucker suits?
I don't have much from SS, only a Sienna suit and a Havana jacket, but I'm 6-1 170, and 42R is just about right for me. That might seem a little large, but it works out in the shoulders and the length, and the waist is easy to take in.
I agree about the buttoning point, but that's not a huge issue. A small nip at the waist and a slightly shorter right sleeve, and I think it will look very good. 
Stereotype? True. Misinformed? No.   
Of course the Brit approves of the pink tie. 
Fuck it, this gets a thumb.
 Not true for all of us. 
Another suggestion for eBay. Do a search for "antique tuxedo stud set". You'll get some good hits. If it were me I'd definitely go antique with double sided cuff links. Never settle for the swivel bar if you can help it.
 With the slight refinement of saying your first category is what I would describe is "too expensive", I agree with this.
^^^ I sat and thought about that question for a moment and I realized that expensive and cheap aren't concepts that I take into account when buying things. I don't know if anyone else feels this way but my way of thinking is "Do I want this?" and "Is it at a price I'm willing to pay?"    "Is this expensive?" is never part of the thought process. FYI, I have paid $200 for some pairs of trousers and would again.
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