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Huge? 52 EU aint huge. I'm 6-1 175 lbs. Not exactly tipping the scales and only slightly tall (by American standards).  
Hmmm, this makes me worry. 52 is about the minimum I can wear, and I would need it to be 30.5 - 31 inches to be long enough for me. Thus far there are too many unknowns for me to jump on board when I can go to a SuSu shop and try things on to be sure. It seems like it would be great for others though.
Wearing a different green jacket today, but beige-ish trousers just the same.    [[SPOILER]]       [[SPOILER]]
 It's the green. I don't think I'd want to match it with the green in the tie.  Got plenty of that.  This was what I was thinking. I like the look of beige and green together.
Interesting choice with the PS. Not something I would have thought of doing, but not bad at all.
Much like the pyramids, it's not that we couldn't, it's that we wouldn't.
@Braddock, would you be so kind as to tell me what kind of trousers you wore with this? I have a similarly colored jacket coming and I'm looking for ideas.  
I'm willing to consider it.
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