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 The point is that droughts and bad weather didn't wipe out 30 million people. The thing that wiped out 30 million people was the process of getting to that industrial economy in the first place. It's highly misleading to suggest that industrialization is great because it would fend off massive hunger when that massive hunger was caused in large part by the process of industrializing.
 This is complete bull. That famine was partly caused by bad harvests, but those bad harvests were wildly exacerbated by government incompetence in an effort to change the Chinese economy. It was the attempt at progress that caused the starvation in the first place. As for refusing to buy clothing manufactured with sweatshop labor I can completely understand not wanting to take part in that, though worker organization (which many of them are trying to do) is probably a...
I don't think it's likely that excellent suits could be made by orphans in a factory.
A solid wool brown as a go to for me in the fall/winter. A tan wool tie perhaps isn't as versatile, but it gets plenty of wear by me. A deep forrest green wouldn't be a bad idea either.
 Yes.  Nope, the crease is still there. Must be the lighting. Yes, the square may not have been the best choice. I grabbed it without much thought and smashed it into my pocket before taking the pic and running out the door. I don't mind choosing it this time, but I probably wouldn't do it again.
Interesting. I didn't know that company was trying to poach good tailors. That's the power of that Chinese capital coming to bear, isn't it?
More proven, yeah you can make an argument for that. Better, I think that's objectively wrong in many cases.
Well now we are talking about two different things. I was referring to things made in China, you are talking about Chinese brands. 
KW for one. I know you see them as a discount brand but they aren't. In fact In terms of handwork, quality of fabric and construction, and styling they are superior to the vast majority of American and European brands I've seen.
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