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You mean quarter brogues? Completely different thing. 
Meh, I'm not going to say that captoes are overrated since they serve a very common purpose and are certainly a widely acceptable choice. That being said, I rarely reach for captoes. Admittedly perhaps a symptom of the fact that I rarely wear suits.
 ^^^ Still better than most, and certainly better than mine.
I spend money on shoes and thrift, eBay, or vintage store, most of my jackets. On the other hand, I have thrifted some pairs of shoes and have paid premiums for bespoke jackets so, who the heck knows.
 Great minds drink alike?
 This is certainly true of me as well. I am not going to say that I dress the way I do ONLY for this site, but it does keep me on my game and gives me an avenue to discuss and try to get better. 
 I totally feel you there, lol. My photography skills have improved significantly since I started, and even in the last several months, but I can't hold a candle to some of the pro-looking shoots you see here.
I pretty much agree with this, however I have noticed a considerable decline in new posters in WAYWRN since I joined.
Yeah, I get that. I was hoping you'd go more into why you think that is a bad thing. I'm not saying I disagree with you, I just thought it would be interesting. 
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