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You know, it seems to me that across the board the people who dress the best on SF in general are not the ones who have a suit/tie requirement, but rather are generally free to do as they wish.
I actually think he's winning because he is wearing very nice things which fit him exceptionally and are in keeping with the theme. I think he'd be on top whether he wore the hat or not.
Out of curiosity, may I ask what industry you work in? No specifics, of course, just wondering what the business environment is like.
I wish I could see the color better because I think green might look nice. I'd still wish it was the same texture as the rest of the tie, though.
I think I would have liked the tie better solid (not sure about those dark stripes) but I really like the royal blue type color with that shirt and jacket. It really goes with the Southern Trad ethos of non-standard, but not garish, use of color.
I thought the hat belonged to his wife, and he wore it as a joke...
Great looking stuff. Every time we travel to play UVA I'm struck by how strong the "Guys in ties, girls in pearls." thing is there.
That's an interesting question. I don't think I've ever thought of it that way before. I suppose it's possible that the colors prevalent in southern dress are partly to make up for the lack of layering and textured fabrics available to northerners. I think if that is true it's only part of the story, though. As we know, the south was, and is, an important cotton growing region and I suspect that this partly explains it. Cotton is easily dyed and presents vivid colors when...
I've been thinking about this issue for a bit. I can understand the choice of a lighter shoe given the propensity for lighter colored clothing in the warmer months in the south. Walnut goes well with seersucker, tan, and other lighter colored suits. However I think I'd have to stick with the general tendency toward darker shoes being more versatile. You can certainly get away with lighter shoes if you generally wear lighter colors, but darker colored shoes will still go...
 Please start a new thread on this. Could provide for some massive entertainment (and interesting discussion).
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