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 I don't think anyone was being sensitive except for, perhaps, you. Alternative opinions were simply being expressed, for the most part. Nothing wrong with that.
I agree with this. I have known some very well off people who never pay more than $100 for a pair of shoes. It's all in the context. That said, congrats to the OP on taking the plunge. Your AEs will last you far longer than any Aldos. And when they do start to wear out, guess what, you can have AE re-craft them for much less than the price of new shoes.
I disagree with the above. There is a certain leeway that is allowable in matters of style to say that "If it makes you happy then do it". However, the fit of that suit is objectively bad and is probably not fully fixable in that respect. This place is meant for advice, not palliatives. I simply can't imagine that suit ever looking good on you.
I'm not sure how you can't see the lapels bowing, but they are. Severely. The sleeves are a good 2-3 inches short, there is a ton of pulling across the shoulder blades, the thighs are tight, and the sleeve pitch is off. All this in addition to the issues you noted. It's simply too small for you. It's a bad find and I would return it if you can.
Almost everything about that suit is too small for you.
+1 for Madras. It's almost warm enough for it here and when it is, I will be wearing at as well!
Thanks from me as well, LA Guy. I'm new to the area myself and I will check out some of those places you mentioned.
It absolutely is an online persona according to himself. He has admitted as much. The problem is when he uses that as an excuse to be a douche. If you are going to be a douche it should at least be genuine. I should know.
@TheoProf I think I like you in suits better than SC/TR. Less can go wrong. I agree on the tie, there are better choices. Still thumbed though.   @Roy Al I love the blue SC, gray TR, black shoes combo.   Twinsies! I was wearing black shoes also.    
New Posts  All Forums: