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I think you would do well with a higher buttoning point. The lower one really elongates you and makes you look even more bean pole-ish. The jacket isn't too long, but I think a slightly shorter one would look better. I also dislike the tie.
You are so awesome!    http://www.styleforum.net/t/503580/why-dieworkwear-is-awesome
Actually, let me take that back. I asked for thoughts and that's what you gave me. Im sorry for seeming unreceptive. I do like what I'm wearing and "ordinary" is really what I strive to be. I just still want to look good. So thank you for your comments and I will think about them.
Can't please everyone. I think with this fit I'm at the point of just really liking it. It reminds me of my punk days. It's not an exact recreation of it but it reminds me of it. Like an echo or a shadow of former days. There isn't much about it I would change and it makes me happy. Nirvana.
Shoes are plain black boots. Thanks!
I should say that the jacket is a dark army green. The closeup shows green oneoniyor but apparently appears brown to others.
 That's why its spoiler'd.  I like closeups. 
Today's attempt. Another try at being a chameleon. The last few days have been cool tropical weight fabrics but since the temp dropped a little I decided to go a little street punk. This was fun for me because when I was younger I actually used to be a punk. Whether it is a successful look or not at least I don't think anyone can say it is CM casual! Any thoughts on this one?    [[SPOILER]]
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