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Ugh! I forgot about that thread. I don't want to be associated with anything called "foofing".
You got me there. All I know is that the disasters will come when starting out with something like this. Self doubt or not, I'm not going to let it end my journey.
 I never suggested it was. My advice is entirely my own opinion. Opinion that I believe to be grounded in hard won experience and background, but opinion nonetheless. I stand by my advice and I think it would have elevated your fit as evidenced by my photoshop attempts. You are free to disregard these suggestions (at your own peril IMO). Also, I'm beginning to think a thread entirely of photoshopped fit suggestions might be interesting. Reindeer games indeed...
Thats because you're a Bumble.
 Even if that particular advice is not agreed upon by everyone I think the idea that I shouldn't get too esoteric before I know what I'm doing is the basic concept behind it. I think he's right about that.
 There is definitely an aspect of that in it, yes. Does come from Rudolph if I'm correct. The other reindeers won't let him play their reindeer games, but when he becomes a bigger person (reindeer?) he realizes the games were stupid anyway.
Stupid or pointless activities.
I never said anything was loud, that's where I think you are confusing things. The whole fit is bright. Bright like a light bulb, bright like a summer day. This cannot be explained away. Bright fit plus bright orange tie = CM suggesting a different tie. Live wid it!
Necklace will be gone but the bracelet stays. Sorry to be a stereotypical person about it but it's a military memorial. Some things are more important than style, heh. I love the points you made and will do what you suggest .
-sigh- ok, you're right. Will try again tomorrow.
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