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I tend to think that zippers would look busier than leather panels. I suppose the simple fact is that there are only so many ways to make minimalist boots and elastic is one of the most minimalist available.
In the case of Chelsea boots I think it actually plays an aesthetic part, though. They couldn't possibly be as sleek and minimalist with any kind of lacing. 
Oh, too bad. My mistake. Good contest anyway. David Reeves is killin' it with that fit!
You could delete it and add another poll! Ask people to revote if necessary.
Great conversation. I've learned a lot! Care to post a link to the trousers you got?
^^^ So glad you entered this. The level of difficulty in putting this together and being able to pull it off is probably higher than any other fit posted here.
Thank you. I must say though, I've always been comfortable in what I'm wearing. I have begun to look more comfortable in pictures however.
I love UC. His mastery of both CM and SWD is what I hope to emulate. 
Question for the crowd: I've been looking back on many fits in SWD over the years and I keep getting drawn to fits that are referred to as "workwear". Previously in my life I have been drawn to western wear which seems to share a lot of similarities with workwear. As many times as I see fits that I like, I also see people complaining about how it's an annoying fad or passe'. What are your opinions of workwear? Is it overplayed?
Not just you. I had three years of German and it's impossible for me not to default to that when I look at it. I usually imagine the "workwear" part in a German accent as well.
New Posts  All Forums: