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Of course one of your friends would wear spectators.    Also, cords of course! So "west coast trad".
 At least it's keeping @sprout2 out of the GNAT thread. 
The one shoe...
Moleskin trousers?
 This is my impression of CBD environments in Chicago (read: the real world) as well. Except here you'll see more horrible solid pink and solid gold ties.
 Agreed. I have an old pair of cowboy boots, though not in an exotic skin. I used to be a competitive shooter in the Single Action (i.e.: cowboy guns) genre and I used them to shoot in. Still have my old hat, too. Outside of that I've never worn them. 
 One of my former professors was from Emory. His style was no indicator for me, however, because he is a German national! Nice observation with the tucking issue.  By the way, if they made those shoes in a U of L logo I'd probably buy them, as much as I hate to admit it.  FWIW, I don't particularly care for that belt, though I have seen exotic skins on many in the south.
 You've never seen a n00b bourbon drinker, have you? 
And then you convinced yourself, for some reason, that you were wrong. That doesn't mean everyone need do that, nor that you were right to convince yourself of it. Anyway, let's not go too deeply into this. I'm not trying to prove it, just to toss out some food for thought. Namely, that just because you convince yourself that something is worthwhile doesn't necessarily mean it is for everyone. 
New Posts  All Forums: