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Is the Biella only available in Europe?
 I'm glad you mentioned the Lazio. I tried it on at the store and it was the only model where the 40L actually seems to fit me better than the 42R. FWIW, it looks like the 38 is the way to go for you.
Yes, that's the size I'm referring to. The waist isn't a problem, or at least hasn't been a problem for my tailor. If I went any smaller the length would be far too short and the shoulders would be too narrow. The trousers turn out pretty good as well. BTW, here is a Sienna in 42R after alterations to show what I'm talking about.  
 I think most would. There were 4 other dudes wearing seersucker at the track and I was by far the most restrained.
What a stupid thing to say.
No argument against my point?
Because a good bespoke tailor will be able to tell YOU what to look for in a well constructed, well fitting, suit. The fit will be made to your specific body measurements and adjusted, over several fittings, to your specific self. If you buy off the rack you will have to know exactly what fits you well, how it is to be altered, and what is and is not right for you with the specific brand. Talking to some sales rep may or may not yield good info. Talking to the actual damn...
Actually bespoke is the best way to go for the inexperienced.
If he hasn't started cutting yet, I would go and get my stuff back, in a tactful way of course.
I've had a little experience with Sacoor. I still have a couple jackets from them in my closet in fact. They are probably similar to Suit Supply, which is not bad. For the price range you seem to be in it might be the best option. Just do NOT get it altered by their in house tailors. I've use the tailor on the bottom floor of the Dubai mall, near the grocery store. I can't remember the name, but you can't miss them.
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