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Wow, neither of those colors show up on my monitor.
Is there still an aversion to red ties around here? I never heard that they were wrong, per se, just unliked by many.
 That tie isn't unconventional, it's ungood.
Congrats to Pliny. The earth god showed his mettle and defeated the thundering sky. But for how long!?!?!? Can't wait to see you all next week for the FACE OFF!
So it begins.
I gotta say, I really think sleepwear is a terrible idea for a challenge.
Time is almost running out to vote! Can RDiaz make an amazing comeback?
GMMcL, love it!
 Yeah, photoshop only helps insofar as it approximates stuff you can actually buy. I think any medium brown would work though.
Aint you sweet.
New Posts  All Forums: