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^^^ I like that idea.
Alrighty. lol
@heldentenor and @Pingson get CM's "No one cares what he thinks" award for best fits!
What's to work on? Just sit around in a suit all day.
Here we go...
 Ok, maybe not. lol I have one like it though.  You need a better dream, mano.
I think I have that tie, AAS.
Here's the thing, sleeve length on a suit depends on a couple of things, not only on how long your arms are. For instance, most people would say that a suit sleeve should leave about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch of shirt cuff showing. This depends on how long you wear your shirt sleeves as well as the length of your suit sleeve. If you really must have a picture then I would say this is about right, but like I said, hitting the sweet spot is more difficult than just consulting a...
What are the issues you are having? Any competent tailor should be able to take some measurements, in a shirt if need be, and create something with the proper sleeve length.
Because mi padre is from TJ and if he hasn't seen it, no one has.
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