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 Totally agree. Can't wait to see the next one!
Thanks for doing this contest. Congrats to the winners!   If I may suggest, next time how about thumbing the post where the person entered the contest instead of the first picture in their gallery. Might be less confusing.
Forgive the photo quality. Still trying to figure out a new camera and a new apartment.        
Bit loafers can be tacky, but they don't have to be. I used to dislike them with no rational reason behind it. I sat and thought about it and I've abandoned that. I still don't wear them but I don't think they are "wrong".
There are gaps all over the place. At least it looks like there are in the pics. I would imagine that the gaps would be even worse with thinner socks.
Your shoes consistently don't seem to fit.
Bits have somewhat of a pedigree. That is to say that they were incorporated into some Ivy looks, although somewhat rarely. They were sometimes an object of desire for Ivy dressers due to their rarity.
As much as horse bit loafers are looked down upon here they do have somewhat of an Ivy pedigree. That being said, I wouldn't wear them. As I recall, Clags isn't the biggest fan of Ivy footwear though.
One of your best, Sug. It has been largely a triumphal day in WAYWRN.
New Posts  All Forums: