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I guess I'll just have to live with that.
 To use this is an example in the current discussion, yes I think they are a southern thing but that must carry the caveat that brightly colored socks of all kinds are somewhat of a trend at the moment. Because of that it becomes difficult to distinguish the southern tradition (which seems to consist mostly of argyle and solids) and the trend (which may consist of stripes or other designs). This goes back to the homogenization of style in America. This doesn't mean that...
 This is true, but that was never the point. The concept is not that Southern Trad is in some way the prevailing style any more that Ivy is the prevailing style in the north. When I go to the northeast I don't see George Plimpton clones, I see the same thing I see everywhere, douchebags in oversized baseball hats, t-shirt, and jeans. Just because that's true doesn't mean that northeastern Ivy isn't a thing. And just because you don't see seas of people dressed in what you...
Don't be silly.
So, if you don't care then don't bother getting them replaced/fixed? I think that goes without saying.
If you are a repeat customer then I would hope they would be even more willing to correct the situation.
If it's bespoke they should have the patterns saved for you. Which means no problem in making another pair of trousers that fit the same. I would have no qualms at all about contacting the maker and asking that they make things right. What is the point of bespoke if you don't get what you want?
I agree with you on that one. I don't emphasize skin tone/hair over everything, however I do think that it becomes more important when issues of color and contrast balance come into the picture, as with a northern lights fit. I really like that last one, btw.
It can certainly be done, and very well at that. You have the right concept in terms of doing something up top to ensure that the darkness of the trousers doesn't draw attention solely to your lower body. There is a complicating factors, though. Everyone should dress to draw attention to their face. Simply because of the fact that you need to draw attention away from dark trousers in a northern lights fit you run the risk of drawing too much away from the face with a tie,...
Don't get mw wrong, I think it works fine as an odd jacket, maybe tough to wear being northern lights, but meh. I just like suits in that color too!
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