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Maybe  would.
 Bring it!
It is for our side of the house. Challenge pics rarely get a lot of thumbs because... Well it's a challenge, and people don't want to spoil it. But I figured since one pics got a LOT of thumbs for a challenge that it must be SW&D. lol
 Don't do that. 
 Not with a lot of things. But definitely with some.
I see the SW&D flood of "thumbs" has begun. lol
Could be right, but his opinion carries a lot of weight, and even becomes canon for some.
I like the base color. I might have liked a darker shade of blue for the paisley, but it's still nice.
I don't usually care for bright red in anything. Ties or otherwise. I thought the consensus was generally the same around here which is why it was interesting to see something that looked so red. But I guess it wasn't really red.
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