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In our journey from nakedness to transcendence each of us passes through stages of being, or psychological existence, in Classic Menswear and, indeed, in any other type of dress. These stages repeat with almost all individuals and conform to the basic principles inherent in the development of the human self. Not all devotees of Classic Menswear attain all seven stages. In fact, the more advanced stages are rarely achieved at all. What do we mean by advanced? By...
From Saturday.   [[SPOILER]]  From today. A slight DTO of another member.    [[SPOILER]]
Makes sense. Are they leather?
@ThaiToast, what do you call those kind of shoes? It looks like a whole cut loafer or something.
I tend to think that zippers would look busier than leather panels. I suppose the simple fact is that there are only so many ways to make minimalist boots and elastic is one of the most minimalist available.
In the case of Chelsea boots I think it actually plays an aesthetic part, though. They couldn't possibly be as sleek and minimalist with any kind of lacing. 
Oh, too bad. My mistake. Good contest anyway. David Reeves is killin' it with that fit!
You could delete it and add another poll! Ask people to revote if necessary.
Great conversation. I've learned a lot! Care to post a link to the trousers you got?
^^^ So glad you entered this. The level of difficulty in putting this together and being able to pull it off is probably higher than any other fit posted here.
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