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My SO has been in HR for several large companies and it is rarely as simple as you make it sound. Labor laws and the DoL restrict these things very closely. If there is the slightest hint of impropriety then a lawsuit may result. I'm not saying everyone sues their employer, but the largest employers are always very careful with whom they fire and for what. Especially, as I mentioned, if certain company policies are vague.
If your recent fits are any indication, it is no less aesthetically pleasing.
 I certainly wouldn't say that it is inappropriate.  Naturally. I'm not trying to say that there are no consequences to being an oddball in an environment where conformity is valued. However, if a company's dress code policies are vague it would be very difficult to fire someone without danger of lawsuit simply because of the way they dress. 
Ok, but it takes a lot to fire someone in this day and age. It's not as simple as not fitting in, especially in a society as litigious as we have in the West.
 Yes, but why should traditional clothes be consider uncomfortable at all? That's something I don't understand. I feel as comfortable, perhaps more so, in tailored clothing as I do in jeans and a t-shirt. Ties at live plays are rare even in Chicago. The ties only come out for the ballet and opera.
By the by, the character of the city also plays a part in formality levels. Not just the size. When I went out to dinner in Louisville I felt quite at home wearing a jacket and tie. When we would travel to Nashville jackets were almost non-existent in even the finest restaurants. Now that we live in Chicago jackets and ties are once again common at dinner.
Ok, well I don't know that I would feel overdressed wearing jeans and an OCBD when others are wearing jeans and polos. Dressing better doesn't necessarily mean being overdressed. I tend to get the impression that @blekit really is overdressed for the context in which he operates. He has mentioned that his colleagues wear t-shirts to work and he wears jackets and ties. Wearing a BD shirt and occasionally throwing on a sport coat hardly bucks the status quo as the both of...
Because it's Thursday.
Is being overdressed a common thing for folks here? When I feel that a jacket and tie is out of place I simply don't wear it.
New Posts  All Forums: