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   You are both terrible.  @Coxsackie, I tend to take the opposite view. Dark skin tones tend to look good with light, or light monotone, colors. Pale skin tones tend to be able to pull off darker saturated looks. All skin tones tend to look good in the traditional middle with a light shirt on a dark suit.
Would be even harder with a low contrast fit. I might try it. Or maybe not, these things tend to go badly for me.
It's not hideous. It's simply unremarkable and has some fit issues. Especially if he paid 3k for it. The styling didn't get much love as I recall, either. A self stripe, peak lapel SB isn't going to get a lot of love around here I think. 
 You photoshopped Murl's head onto Murl?
You paid 3k-4k for those suits???  
Wringing our hands over Ring Jacket sizing.
Yes, I would probably feel more confident if I could see flat tape measure measurements. I buy from eBay off of measurements all the time, but then again, the stuff I get off of there usually costs around $25 (which is exactly what I paid for a pair of Canali trousers once).
 That might work. 
@The Noodles Depends on what in the world you are talking about.
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