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Thanks for the suggestion @Caveat. I have a watch very like that which I usually wear with CM fits. I'll try it out next time.
Well, that is what I asked for lol. Not exactly a thought process behind clothing decisions but certainly some specifics for me to think about.
So local culture, field, specific institution, economic prospects, and context all go into how academics dress. That doesn't seem any different from any other job. Makes you wonder if there is such a thing as "academic dress" at all.
Ok, makes sense. I would like to mention that I don't think you should worry too much about swaying me one way or the other. I certainly will put my own process into the choices I make, but I also gain a lot of benefit understanding what other people might think is a good look. The way I built my CM look is by understanding the styles other people wore and then taking what I liked from them, eventually turning it into something of my own. But the problem right now is that...
Ah, psychologist. There is another dusty book field I forgot. True, I rarely see it either but I'm just wondering what the stereotype is for people. This may or may not actually correspond to reality.
What field does one specifically associate the "stereotypical" professor look with? That is to say, tweed, bowtie perhaps, argyle sweater, loafers... I would classify it generally as a "dusty book" genre, which is historians, literary professors, sometimes music professors, possibly archaeologists, probably others.   [[SPOILER]]
 Rudolph reference.
Yes, I think I get what you mean. Basically, I'm not "pulling it off"? 
 You could have left it at this.
Actually yes, I would love to try a better haircut. I'm getting a cut in a couple days and will see what they can do. I'd probably rather go shorter than longer because my hair grows in weird ways as evidenced in some of my MC fits. Thanks for the kind words about my last fit. I thought I was doing pretty good with it until I saw the reception (or lack thereof) it got! 
New Posts  All Forums: