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Also, it is utterly wrong to say that just because something is marked as a sport coat, that it is. Sport coats are things with definitions. A label does not invalidate those definitions.
Putting brass buttons on it would not make it a sport coat. Buttons are the least important factor. If they are worsted, which it appears they are, no button is going to turn it into a sport coat, although you seem to be thinking of Blazers when you mention brass buttons. There is a difference. Again I say, follow your gut and look elsewhere.
Prestigious is a relative term.
Generally speaking a sport coat will have several, or all, of these features: Patch pockets, contrasting buttons, a rustic or at least non worsted texture, an identifiably pattern. I may have missed some things, but those jackets have none of those qualities. Trust your gut on this one. Also, whether they are suit jackets or sport coats, those two examples are awful looking.
^^^ Then what would you wipe with?
 I gave it a thumb even though there are parts I have major issues with. The trousers and the solar pin, for instance. However the idea intrigues me even though the execution was a bit off.
 I'd have to reserve judgment on that until I would be able to see a closeup of the fabric. As of right now, I would say that it isn't an unreasonable looking jacket. (Btw, see? Told you the subject would move on. *pew! pew!*)
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