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Are you willing to go the Made to Measure or custom route?
Aaaaaand I lost.
Yup, that's the consensus exacta. There is no money in Nyquist though.
Also, 5-1 odds that Noods has another breakdown before his next suit purchase.
For you Derby watchers I'm taking Gun Runner to win with Nyquist and Exaggerator for the exacta.
Excellent answer. I used to work closely with diplomats in the Middle East and the things they went through were not always easy. 
You've been IN a camel race? I want to go to a party where you are at just to hear that story.
Speaking as someone who has been to Derby the whole reason that people dress in bright colors is to joyously celebrate the return of warm weather. If warm weather has not returned then wear something weather appropriate and don't worry too much about wearing "Derby colors".
Pics or it didn't happen.
Adding one or two suits to a wardrobe is hilariously more difficult for Noods than it is for seemingly anyone else on the planet.
New Posts  All Forums: