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Ah, I see. It would probably be easier to see in a full body shot, but I totally get what you are saying.
@WilliamBlake, not bad. The sleeves could use some slimming and the trousers could be a touch shorter, and perhaps tapered from the knee down. A full break like you have on your trousers isn't wrong, I personally just don't care for it. I like the shoes with this and the jacket looks like it fits pretty well.
Man, screw you guys. lol
 On that, you're wrong.
 It's all genetics. Well, genetics and not being a crack addict.
 You got that right.
By the by, I'm not a watch guy but I have a Frederique Constant and I find them to be great entry level watches.   http://www.frederique-constant.com/welcome.html
 D'oh! Damn Euros! 
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