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Bits have somewhat of a pedigree. That is to say that they were incorporated into some Ivy looks, although somewhat rarely. They were sometimes an object of desire for Ivy dressers due to their rarity.
As much as horse bit loafers are looked down upon here they do have somewhat of an Ivy pedigree. That being said, I wouldn't wear them. As I recall, Clags isn't the biggest fan of Ivy footwear though.
One of your best, Sug. It has been largely a triumphal day in WAYWRN.
I'll say. lol
Nice color combinations, Noods.
In exploring the Japanese site I believe that the New York fits are available under the larger sizes. I can't remember exactly how I got there but it is the equivalent of "plus" sizes on the website.
That's great, GM!
Love the fit, Shen, but damned if what you do to your face doesn't freak me out.
 Koreatown. Damn good food there too.
 That's his MO. 
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