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The herringbone I like. The drink, not so much.
 Nah. Looks good, though.
I have a hard time seeing any herringbone as FU. On the scale of FU items, this is pretty tame. Looks nice in any case.
^^^ I bet you were that guy whose BDUs were always perfectly pressed, and a glossy mirror shine on your boots. Likely officer.
That jacket looks like a vintage striped tweed of the sort you rarely see anymore. Quite common from the mid 50s to mid 60s, however.
These are some awfully peculiar questions. Don't wear dirty looking (or smelling) clothes. Shoes excepted (well, not the smelly part). How is that?
The Buck and I would never oppose one another. 😉
Ok, that counts. But even Sewanee varies to a degree. I think you have more than enough. Though if you can afford more pairs of khakis then go for it. I still think wearing a suit to class is a bit much, but having it in case of official functions is nice.
Are you attending Hampden Sydney?
Thanks for tagging me, Murl.   The first thing I wonder is how you are looking at this project. Are you trying to fit in at a "preppy" college in 2017? If so, forget the suits and blazers. Students wouldn't even wear that stuff to class in the 1960s. Blazers and suits were largely for official functions and church. The rest of the week students dress very casually. Khakis are a good bet, but instead of a blazer, think untucked OCBD (tucked was "proper" but many students...
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