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Comme vous l'aimez.
 Honestly, I've never been a fan of it. It so rarely looks good that I tend to avoid it. You might be right about the socks, but I don't think it would make enough of a difference for me to like it
I don't think you need to go all the way to black with the shoes. You could go with a darker brown suede and that might have worked. It's just difficult to casualize a suit like that too much, IMO. As it stands right now it looks a bit incoherent to me, although it's not terrible. YMMV 
  I'm not sure that I am sold on these shoes. I think with a suit that dark you kind of have to go with a dark shoe. I don't mind the tie, but together with those shoes it seems to lift this fit a little too much when it could use something to ground it.
 I was thinking the opposite. The criticisms I've seen lately seem to be said when warranted and directed at old members and new. They are usually pretty solid too. I got a great criticism about my latest tie choice, and this was on a fit that has gotten 30+ thumbs. I think its just that usually once a member starts posting certain combos despite criticism it becomes clear that they just like it, regardless of what others might have to say. In that case what can you...
I am drawn to this thread simply to disagree with Murl. Loafers rock. Even in suede.
I really appreciate the openness with which you all address the issues with the forum, features, etc. Other places might simply make changes with little or no explanation, which frustrates users. Knowing a little about what is going on behind the scenes really helps one feel a part of the community.
*yawn* it has reached critical mass. It's not quite passe' but it's getting there. On the other hand, no one should listen to anything I say.
You and the suede...   Go classic Ivy Style weejuns. 'Murica!
Be quiet, you.
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