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My whole life is costume, now.  
I thought he was wearing a vest at first glance. I was saying to myself that it was way too close to the shirt pattern. Turns out it was the shirt.
I've done that before and I'm totally unashamed of it.
 Not if it gives you a chance to see this... 
Mine arrived today. White box, nice packaging, no flaws that I can see. I will now go back to ignoring Suit Supply.
They are higher rise, yes. I asked Aaron and he suggested adding 1cm to the rise which doesn't seem like a lot, but worked out nicely.
 That's just generally a problem with SuSu, I think. The consistency is all over the place. Also one of the reasons I rarely buy from them. The outlet prices are about what I value them at, though. It's so much easier if you have a store nearby and can try it on first.
X-posted. Confusing the midwesterners is fun.  
Emphasis on "was".
New Posts  All Forums: