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I guess. It was the only brown knit they had, whatever that one is.
The HY knit. You can see how fine the knit is. Unlike any other I've seen. R Culturi square.  
I've been in that situation before. As I see it you have a couple options.   1. Tell him that your expertise is more geared toward tailored clothing, so you don't think you can provide him with much help when it comes to casual wear. Whether this is true or not, it gets you off the hook and might gently steer him toward something less... Texas?   2. Tell him bluntly that weddings are an opportunity to wear nice clothes, so why not take it? This may or may not change...
Just got the Knottery and Howard Yount knit ties today. I'm surprised how fine the HY is. The knit is incredibly dense and smooth. The Knottery ties are much more open and crunchy. Both tie reasonable knots, probably the best you can hope for with a knit. The Knottery ties are very long, though. Probably not a problem for a guy like @Murlsquirl, but for me the narrow end hangs well past the wide end of the tie. Not sure if this bothers me or not. I'm leaning toward not.
Again, not formal. Perhaps dressy. It's simply a misuse of the word. Business/government environments dress informally by definition. 
More, in the interest of cross cultural amity.    
I think this touches on something important, and perhaps a difference of terminology. I think all these people saying my fit would be "formal" in their countries are really saying that it would be "dressed up". Formal has a meaning, at least in English, and my fit is not it.  Also, @Coxsackie that's great.
Then I think you must admit that your country is an outlier. Even in the context of a casualizing world. If that is the case then I think it's misleading to say that my fit is at all formal. You'd only be able to say that Norwegians have a highly casualized idea of formality which you could then say informs your response. However you can't make the claim that my fit is objectively too formal for an OCBD shirt.
 I'm not sure that's true. None of the people I have known from Nordic countries have ever given me the impression that they find sport coats, OCBD, odd trousers, or loafers to be formal. You could make an argument for the tie, but even that doesn't make much sense because ancient madder is a pretty classic choice for fall sport coats.
 Interesting critique. I'm not sure how a sport coat, odd trousers, penny loafers, and an OCBD shirt could in any way be considered formal.
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