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For some of us it's less a line than a way of life.
In a purely SUBJECTIVE sense, Hober ties, for me, are worth it because the prices are in the 75-85 US dollar range and you can get any size, length, construction you want. It's a true bespoke tie.
I think you are talking past me. You are correct in saying that judging the value of something is by nature, subjective. What I am saying is that objective judgments go into making determinations of value. It is an objective claim to say that, on the whole, cordovan will be more water resistant than full grain leather. That's what is missing. Whether that is worth it to you is your choice. I hope I've made myself clear because I can't think of any other way to say it.
Well, yes and no. Whether a shoe is made of corrected grain, full grain, cordovan, etc., is not subjective, nor are the properties of those materials. The same goes for construction. Styling, yeah, a little more subjective, but still something that can be reasonably agreed upon in this context. Whether those features are "better" is subjective, yes. But the simple fact that full grain leather will last longer under normal wear, take polish more efficiently, and contour to...
This thread looks like it has the potential to turn into an argument, and if it does I want no part of it. However, I disagree with the statement above. I think some measure of objectivity is required and would make this thread much better. For instance, an explanation of why someone thinks a particular brand of shoe is a high-quality would only help this thread. What kind of leather do they use, what kind of construction, what styling? All these factors or more or less...
^^^ Right. This has the makings of a good thread, but it needs more. Check out Speir and Mackay's justification for why their shirts are one of the best values you will find. The points they make are arguable, of course, but they do make an effort to demonstrate why their shirts provide more "wears" per dollar than their competitors. They do make great shirts at a great price, btw. Also, Sam Hober ties, some of the nicest I've seen at a great price.
Ladies and gentlemen, Spring colors have returned.  
I hadn't considered the other wardrobe consequences. Le sigh. A man(ish) I shall remain.
Hmmm, good point. London is on the itinerary, but I hadn't thought to look for them to be done there.
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