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It couldn't be a parody of that picture since I have never seen it. Although it is apropos.
 Set it back farther. The closer the camera is to you the more it will make you look like a pear standing on two toothpicks. A camera placed farther away reduces the ratio of how close one part of your body is to the lens, v. another. Also, distortion will appear at the edges of the lens because lenses are not flat. Having the camera farther away and zooming in if need be will reduce this affect by reducing how much of the image of you is near the edges. Having the camera...
 The very nature of achieving transcendence defies external explanation or representation. In other words, if that was what stage 7 looked like, it wouldn't be stage 7.
Stage 3, along with all the intermediate stages, were written with specific StyleForum users in mind. The stages weren't created because these members exist, rather an allusion was made to these members in order to better illustrate the points I was making. Using specific, although anonymous, examples better represents the concepts than would being entirely theoretical. Who these members are that I am referring to is up to you to guess.
@Veremund's critique could have used more in the way of suggestions for improvement but he is correct, it is not good. Take his critique to heart or ignore it, but when the day is done he is objectively right.
 To answer this specifically, the amount of money spent is of very little concern. Of far more importance is the philosophical-psychological state of mind of the transcendent human. By definition this person neither values nor does not value expensive items. This person could shop entirely at thrift stores or not at all.
What does the word "transcend" literally mean? It means to move beyond something. In this sense transcendent style has less to do with a particular way of dressing than it does with an effect that dress has on the person wearing the clothes and those around him. When dealing with something transcendent it is somewhat problematic to relate it to what other people think since to transcend is literally to neither reject nor accept conventions, to neither care nor not care...
How does one transcribe a picture?
That question is something you can answer yourself.
In our journey from nakedness to transcendence each of us passes through stages of being, or psychological existence, in Classic Menswear and, indeed, in any other type of dress. These stages repeat with almost all individuals and conform to the basic principles inherent in the development of the human self. Not all devotees of Classic Menswear attain all seven stages. In fact, the more advanced stages are rarely achieved at all. What do we mean by advanced? By...
New Posts  All Forums: