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I don't see the need to press a roll into a lapel. If properly made it should roll on its own, right? In this case simply steaming it flat (though not pressing) should suffice.
Should I marry a plumber?
 Everyone is *gasp* spending time outside!
Executive decision time. Get it rolling @Gerry Nelson!  
My Greek history professor used to have an old map like that with the attached rods and the tattered edges, but it was a map of the Mediterranean. He would teach off of that in the age of powerpoint and computers, which I thought was kinda cool. Very nice find.
I'd say go without the tie on this one. Totally a cool slouchy look otherwise.
I have a pair and I believe they run fairly true to size for me. In other words, I usually wear a 9.5 D and a 9.5 D was the right fit for me with these. The toe box is roomy, however, so don't be surprised of you have a bit of extra room up front.
I fully expect you to rock the hell out of it post-haste!
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