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I am.
 lol This isn't a competition. Stay in your lane.
Enough, Mr. Mystery Background.
 I agree. I have a 438 and it's a bitch to shoot. Definitely NOT for a beginning shooter. On the other hand, it's reliable and accurate. Just takes some doing to shoot well. But then, I practice with is constantly.
 Take a course, man. Best thing you can do is to find a reliable gun, and practice with it consistently. The GLOCK 19 is reliable as fuck. I carried one as a contractor for 2+ years in Iraq, and even in those conditions, it never failed with reasonable maintenance. But it all depends on how you shoot it. Some people just don't like em, and I'm not one to argue with that. All I know is I have been effective with them. 
 That's good to know.
 You don't want to associate yourself with Crane. 
 The gun itself is fine. Just make sure you can shoot it well.
Anyway, you are right about one thing. This back and forth is pointless. You've been called out by several dudes here, so I'll just let it speak for itself. I leave you with this... Don't spout bullshit to people who might end up dead because they took you seriously. That seriously gets my goat. I got no time for someone afraid to mention his background.
 I'll remember that next time I look for a doctor. 
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