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Here is the link...   http://www.styleforum.net/t/265924/the-tailors-thread-fit-feedback-and-alteration-suggestions
 The next best thing to speaking to someone in person might be the tailors thread here on SF. Do a search, I'm not sure if it is updated much anymore, but there are pages and pages of great information on for directly front he horse's mouth.
 He's dining with governors. He's got this. 
 Why not just ask questions of a tailor? They are the "mechanics" who work under the hood of these suits. They can tell you how things work, what can be fixed, and what the limitations of your body mean to the garments you wear. You don't need to find a Saville Row tailor to tell you these things. Even just a decent one will be able to give you some info.
 Exactly my point.
You want to know what I think the issue is? More than money (although that is always a consideration) the issue is upbringing. This isn't a "Parents aren't raising their kinds right" statement. What I mean to say is that people aren't growing up with fathers and mothers who dress well. I know I didn't. My grandfather, on the other hand, knew what was up. He knew because he watched his father, and his father taught him. When a young man doesn't have a sartorial example to...
 That's a fair point. I often see students in out business school dressed in suits. Ill fitting suits, but the effort is there. I doubt students have much disposable income to spend on tailoring in any case.
It used to be that young men going off to college would get outfitted with a blazer, a sport coat, and two pairs of trousers. 2 or 3 versatile ties and a few shirts and you'd have all you need to navigate the first initial forays into adult life. It's a shame that such considerations are left entirely to post college endeavors these days, but this is the world we live in. 
The best advise you will get here, and the advise that I would give, is that that shirt is not meant to be worn with a tie. No tie will look good with it, which may explain why you are having so much trouble deciding on the matter.
 Well you're already shocking most of us.
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