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@Dennis Walter, much better on the shoes.
"Complaints about the quality of my pics will be ignored. I urge chavs, fops, bottom feeders and n00bs to think carefully before you post in this thread. If you are wondering whether something is in good taste, it probably isn't. I encourage nay, foo, matt, dopey, gdl, vox (he is missed), concordia, t4, parker, will, baron, edmorel and some others whose names aren't occuring to me at the moment to comment with directness but without rancor. of course, there will be little...
Cox, I like it. Needs darker shoes IMO, but really strong nonetheless.
 I do mean contemporary crowds. Groups of well dressed people happen in all ages. They may have happened more often in long ago days of myth and legend, but they are not uncommon if you know where to look. Being able to make the distinction of which crowd to be a face in is advanced shit.
 This does not follow. If you want to know what it would look like to see a group of men looking mostly the same, while all being well dressed, look at pictures from an Oscars party from the 1930s.
I'll throw in a thought about what was most helpful for me, and it goes along with the idea of critique and user discussion. My biggest improvements were made by discussing theories in depth with excellent dressers. @Manton @mafoofan and many others were willing, not only to offer critiques, but to discuss the ideas behind why they did the things they did. Read "The Suit" to get an idea of what I mean. Actually understanding the principles behind pattern matching, pattern...
 You are quite right, and I think people do take value from those things. However, the advise thing was a bigger part of life here. Especially for new people. By the by, you have a good eye for what looks good whether you have a solid grounding in CM or not. You obviously have some unorthodox tastes as some of your fits display but they usually look good. I'm more of a traditionalist and more of an Americanist (Preppy/Ivy styles). You being from Australia, and being from...
New Posts  All Forums: