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No excuse.  
It's one freaking mile. Get your running shoes on, porker.
Depends on what you mean by cultural. If laziness is cultural then yes, yes it is.
@heldentenor it's hard to say. The tie looks like a very red burgundy from the pics but I don't know if that's simply the camera over contrasting the image. I might give the first square a try but I'd also want to be careful not to overemphasize the contrast by wearing another bright item. I don't know, maybe I'm going off the deep end. Just goes to show why reddish ties are so challenging though.
I think olive and bluish burgundy goes together quite nicely. Forrest green and reddish burgundies are far more problematic IMO. 
I bet you it could probably work, but you'd have to be careful about looking like Christmas.
@heldentenor I think the red tie and the purple PS are doing this    I might have gone with something more like this... I think.   
Goodnight everybody!  
He should have spanked you more. lol
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