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As if to put an exclamation mark on our conversation, as soon as I got outside I stepped in a giant pile of dog shit.
Okay SeaJen. Love those trousers.
 Yes, but that too is sort of a nuanced argument I suppose. Meaning that I have a big problem with government mandating that history be patriotic. I have a problem with a professor actually believing that U.S. history is patriotic, but for different reasons. It's not an issue of academic freedom in that case. 
 I take it you have heard ravings like mine before, lol. On your second point, I think you are arguing two different things. First, the concept of "just" and "justified" are subjective. They are open to interpretation and offer great opportunities for debate. The point being, they are not facts but they are not necessarily untrue either. So arguing over whether education emphasizes subjective terms too much is something you are never going to completely win. Second,...
 I agree that there are many truths indeed, that transcend politics. However it's not whether or not truths are taught, it's HOW they are taught that is just as important. Whether we like it or not, you can't escape the human element of interpretation, even in science.
 I'm going to tell you something that not everyone agrees with, but I think there is a strong case for it. Education IS politics. It is a way of indoctrinating the young into society. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it will always come with some baggage. The idea that education is a beacon of free thought is, unfortunately, never true as far as I've known it. Now, science education is extremely important. I am a rationalist, humanist, and I love science very much....
 This has been an interesting discussion in historical circles lately. Not necessarily concerning right wing Christians, but with political groups. You may have heard about some attempts to dictate what historians teach about U.S. history in terms of making it more patriotic. The thing is that these things usually create a lot of buzz because they are controversial, but nothing ever comes of them. Coincidentally enough, I am working on some documents from the Scopes trial...
Confession time. I have been having to recycle jackets and trousers the last few weeks and wear them more often than I otherwise would. I lost about 10 lbs and I have been rotating stuff to the tailor. Anyway, today...   [[SPOILER]]
I lived in Alaska for 5 years and it would regularly get down to -50 F. I think the coldest I ever experienced was around -60. I don't know if you're talking THAT cold or not, but at that point you just stop caring and only want to be warm.
I've always wondered if other countries deal with their own culture and history in as Kitschy a way as we do in America these days. I've never noticed my friends from other countries depicting THEIR iconic leaders riding dinosaurs, but I suppose it could be happening.
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