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 Grads treat it like the gates of Mordor. You shall not pass!
 You have much wisdom.
 I wasn't going to say anything...
 Anyone who has had to deal with grad students as an undergrad will know that "Grad Lounge" can, indeed, be pretentious. 
 In Kentucky it's always basketball season.
If I may be so bold, my SWD thread is called "SWD Theory", Why not Classic Menswear Theory? That's really what it is when it comes down to it, isn't it?
 So true. Especially since I like anthropologists more than engineers. No hate.
On the subject of dynasties: I would define a dynasty as a sustained high level of play lasting distinctly longer than the average success/failure cycle for comparable teams in which several championships are earned. This certainly puts the Spurs on the level of a dynasty, however certainly not at the meteoric levels of success of some others. On the other hand, what they have been able to accomplish is in some ways more remarkable. Considering how long their core players...
@heldentenorJust FYI, over the last few months I have noticed you becoming more and more comfortable with expressing your ideas about CM. Accordingly your fits have improved in quality by leaps.
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