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 It is completely within your rights to be wrong. 
Must I explain that that's partly why I posted it?         And yes, yes he does.
@Dennis Walter, much better on the shoes.
"Complaints about the quality of my pics will be ignored. I urge chavs, fops, bottom feeders and n00bs to think carefully before you post in this thread. If you are wondering whether something is in good taste, it probably isn't. I encourage nay, foo, matt, dopey, gdl, vox (he is missed), concordia, t4, parker, will, baron, edmorel and some others whose names aren't occuring to me at the moment to comment with directness but without rancor. of course, there will be little...
Cox, I like it. Needs darker shoes IMO, but really strong nonetheless.
 I do mean contemporary crowds. Groups of well dressed people happen in all ages. They may have happened more often in long ago days of myth and legend, but they are not uncommon if you know where to look. Being able to make the distinction of which crowd to be a face in is advanced shit.
 This does not follow. If you want to know what it would look like to see a group of men looking mostly the same, while all being well dressed, look at pictures from an Oscars party from the 1930s.
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