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Great looking stuff. For my part, R. Culturi will be something I follow from now on.
Can't wait to see how you use them.
Knight's Move is one of the best looking squares they offer, IMO. 
You are a god.
Wait, you have white tassel loafers? Why have I never seen you wear these???
I'd second the dry cleaner suggestion with one large caveat. I wouldn't take it to the mom and pop shop on the corner if it's something you value. I'd look for a specialty cleaner like Davis Imperial Cleaners in Chicago. Not only will they care for your stuff extremely well they, and those like them, are known for getting out impossible stains in delicate fabric.
Yeah, it's something a little different from he usual 'maps of the world' and 'classic artworks' squares. Although those are nice too.
I was recently approached by one of Style Forum's newest posters, @Brovsko, about doing a review of R. Culturi's pocket square offerings. Disclosure: These items were sent to me at no charge. The idea of putting art on a pocket square is nothing new. Plenty of makers offer classic works of art, or original ones, printed on silk and other materials. R. Culturi, however, is somewhat different in that the art available on their squares is created by living artists from around...
New Posts  All Forums: