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For time out to play. They won't be clean for long!
Well, it's all a matter of perspective. If you like the way we dress, then take our advice. 
I don't care if I'm a little early. It's 75 degrees and I'm wearing linen. Also, white bucks just for @Claghorn.        
We did a vintage inspired challenge recently.
Hello, glad to see you back. The trousers could probably use a little tapering if you wish. The bigger problem is the jacket. Do you see how the shoulder pads poke out near the shoulder? That is usually a symptom of your upper arms being too large for the arm hole. It stretches the hole and creates that indent. Unfortunately there isn't much that can be done to fixe that so I would advise you not to worry about the rest of it and get another suit. Also, your shoes are too...
I'm actually very curious to see what Crusticles comes up with for a challenge.
Hmmm, never noticed any difference myself.
Oh, I got ya now.
For what reason?
Obama would wear them with this...  
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