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1 Mossrocks
@Andy57 (and missus) looking very good. Getting my dinner jacket set together, only hope I can look as good as you.
Oh, ok lol. I wasn't sure who he was referring to.
I for one am not quite sure what you mean.
I thought you meant the Ruger. My mistake, you are right about that.    However, I suppose I would be the average bear? The average bear with 8 years military experience, 4 years as a competitive single action shooter, and 3 firearms trainer certifications? There is nothing wrong with touting your experience but don't assume nuthin' bout me. 
I don't think so. I count six chambers.
Compared to that? Yeah. lol
The cobalt blue is a bit gaudy for my taste, but Korth definitely makes exceptional guns. And charges a proportional fee.
@Hal Freeman, you seem to have a decent sense of style so I would concentrate on getting an improved fit from your clothes. The lumpy shoulders, shoulder divots, and tight waist throw off the look of the jacket, as well as the tightness in the thighs of your trousers. You seem like a fairly broad chested, athletic, guy so going with less structure in the jacket might not be a bad idea. Think something like @VictorSFreturn would do...     Also, you might want to get...
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