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Russell Lynes updated his list in 1983 in an interview:   Q: For highbrow clothes, you had fuzzy tweeds and no hat. What now? A: The tweed thing I will change. Turtlenecks and jeans now; jeans, or Levi’s corduroys, like the ones I have on this moment. Terribly comfortable, and they last forever. Q: Apparently exposing you as a highbrow in the matter of pants. Now, what about clothing for the upper middlebrow? A: I think blazer and gray flannels. Or plain jacket and...
All the cool kids are getting threaded.
 Good find...
Perhaps, but it's making a statement on class and styles of dress, not 2010s street goers.
Where do you fit in?  
 I got a pair of these when they were on clearance. As with the response in this thread, most people on SF didn't like them. I still think they are cool, though. I only wear them with jeans, mind you.
Depending on the severity and size of the damage a re-weave might be an option, but if it's large enough for you to consider a patch, probably not.
AAS, I want that overcoat!
I know you are all waiting for my opinion! But I agree with @heldentenor. The PS doesn't hurt it terribly but it works better w/o IMO. Or rather, it would work better with something else. (also: that fold! )
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