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Easy? Fuck me... I'm looking for programs that are hard. What do I care about the ranking? Who's going to challenge me?
The old school masters of gore knew how to get it done.
Great movie.
 You are absolutely right! Just messing with you, and you look great, btw. I love that suit.
Tom Sam. 
Whatever. lol
 Sabjis, pakoras, chapatis, and my favorite: mint chutney! My wife is a small town girl from a very white town but she made herself learn how to cook excellent Indian food. I know as an Indian you are probably skeptical, most Indians don't trust Indian food made by white people lol. But I'm telling you, it's amazing.
@Mr. Six, I love that so only a slight nitpick. I think a darker trouser color might have worked better. Maybe medium gray flannel.   @sugarbutch Not sold on the shirt, but the rest makes me happy enough to give a "thumb"!
New Posts  All Forums: