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Well, I was thinking more along the lines of a pair of shoes or a modest necklace but go about it however you want Mr. Moneybags. lol
Pro tip: Never ask for a gift. Just buy what you want and get her a gift so she won't notice you bought something for yourself. It's not deception, it's distraction.
^^^ Perfect in between.
I like the KW watch. Simplicity is the better part of luxury. That watch that Noods posted looks like too much of a mixed metaphor to me. It's like a luxury watch that is trying to be a diving watch.
If linen, why not madras?
 I love em. Just haven't had an opportunity to wear mine much because of the weather. I will when it heats up. My orange linen trousers may even make an appearance this year...
Probably Wednesday. That is the next available day that I'm "dressing".
Interestingly I have very few small pattern shirts. Well, it's not very interesting, but it's still true. I have a couple striped and many, many, solid light blue.
Oops, sorry. Yeah, @The Noodles.
@Murlsquirl, superb.   @heldentenor, that's about a third of the shirts I have and I still feel like I need more.
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