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Since they are smaller, I'd take the man boobs getting attention over the stomach any day. Seriously though, good advice for you in this thread so far.
I don't think I would have gone with lighter trousers in my fit, but I think you are on the right track with the northern lights concept. I think navy trousers might have been very nice, regardless of the connotations. 
Much better fit in the sleeves, man. Shoulders aren't perfect but a big step up from last time. Again, good choice of colors. Love it.
@TweedyProf the problem with the fit for me, and a similar critique that SB gave me on the fit below, is that on a low contrast fit there is a danger of the tie and the shoes being the only thing that stands out. This, i believe, is the problem. It's not a huge problem, your fit was nice anyway. Just a nit pick.  
 Incidentally, I think this works much better with lighter trousers and a darker jacket. The shoes in the original fit stand out and not in a good way IMO. With more contrast the attention is somewhat diverted away from the shoes and achieves more balance while the lighter color of the shoes still looks pleasing. This, to me, illustrates that the tie need not be the item which better ties the shoes into the whole outfit. 
Good use of the dreaded navy trousers.
 I'm a fan of the Navy blazer/light blue trousers look. I've tried it several times myself. I dig this although I might have gone a different direction with the tie. Maybe something lighter and less somber to better tie in with the bottom half.      Like I said, the problem is your biceps. I mean, it's not really a problem because your biceps are awesome. But it is a problem because they are so much bigger, proportionally, to your torso. It's just a fact of being fit like...
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