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 Tank top.
Yes, but I meant the difference between what you two were talking about. Not all the elements involved.
Shall we say angle v. distance?
 This is VERY true from my experience. However, my wife never became a chef. She had a very strong opportunity to become one but decided that she didn't want to work every weekend and make pennies. Consequently she never lost her love of cooking. In other words, CM is a very lucky man.
My wife was a professional cook (now just a professional), so I feel you. 
I'm not saying that Toronto isn't an international city. I'm not even saying the women don't generally look better. I just wouldn't but it in another level. Then again, I AM from Southern California.
No, it's a Black and Brown jacket from Lord & Taylor. I really like the fit of it though.
 I wouldn't say on another level. Certainly better. Then again, in a land with such good southern food are you surprised?
 Sure? I think they went nicely here. IMO any shade of brown would not have looked as good as black.  
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