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Strongly leaning toward both, just cuz.
I'm sorry, I should have specified. Serious replies only.
That's weird. It was 79 yesterday where I am. Hopefully this nonsense doesn't last long. I'm soooo ready for some color.
I hear you. I agree, the sleeves are very long. The solution would be to shorten the sleeves, not to fuze the cuffs, which would destroy the style.
The cuffs and collars are both unfused. That's one of the great things about them. They are an Ivy/Trad styled brand, and unfused shirts go with that aesthetic. I consider it a good thing.
A black knit, maybe.
On the other hand, I wear Madras in Summer... in the North... On a weekday...
For some of us it's less a line than a way of life.
In a purely SUBJECTIVE sense, Hober ties, for me, are worth it because the prices are in the 75-85 US dollar range and you can get any size, length, construction you want. It's a true bespoke tie.
I think you are talking past me. You are correct in saying that judging the value of something is by nature, subjective. What I am saying is that objective judgments go into making determinations of value. It is an objective claim to say that, on the whole, cordovan will be more water resistant than full grain leather. That's what is missing. Whether that is worth it to you is your choice. I hope I've made myself clear because I can't think of any other way to say it.
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