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What you are doing is obviously having an effect. The toe is noticeably shinier than the rest. Keep at it.
It's perfectly alright.
I don't think I was being blunt or un-nice. I was just getting to the point. I don't get to decide what other people think of what I say though, and that's fine.
How many layers of wax did you use?
 Jacket too short, shirt too dark, pocket square does not cohere.I generally regard Oxfords as a suit shoe, but whatever. Your taste needs refining but you are in the right ballpark at least.
Cloudy days are the best. The light diffuses nicely and you can adjust the exposure if there really isn't enough light. Sunny days can make your photo look harsh and muddled. Of course, good photographers know how to get around that.
 Natural, diffused, light.
Return the item and get your money back. If they are being discounted $400 then it isn't worth it.  
That explains a lot.
You're Noodles? Holy crap, I've been away for a while.
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