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 That's just generally a problem with SuSu, I think. The consistency is all over the place. Also one of the reasons I rarely buy from them. The outlet prices are about what I value them at, though. It's so much easier if you have a store nearby and can try it on first.
X-posted. Confusing the midwesterners is fun.  
Emphasis on "was".
AAS is like pizza. Even when he's bad he's still pretty good.
Just got a shipping notification.
Mine hasn't.
Yeah, I haven't shot with these on yet but I don't generally mind larger stocks. I have fairly long fingers that can wrap around larger pistol grips easily.
I couldn't find any exotics I liked so I decided to go the opposite route. I found some factory original target stocks from the 80s in near perfect condition, which were more expensive than most exotics as it turns out. I love the markings on the wood.  
 Oh come on, you know you'd notice it. 
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