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I've been buying shoes for over 40 years and have never had a shoe split or crack regardless of the price. Perhaps you should buy your correct size in a real store and stay away from those defective 2 nds. The first shoes that I bought on my own as a grownup were AE and then Churches, Peal. Bally, McAfee and Ferrigamo. It was only two years ago that I bought a CH and all I can say is that they are not bad and are comfortable.
Hey, this is SF, if the shoe is comfortable it means it's crap and also doesn't fit
The lacing is too wide, you need a larger size
"I feel that in most places, particularly high end, where they are used to clients like this,............"   You have no idea what you're talking about. We would never mistreat the servants or hired help and in fact try to make them feel like they are equals.
Absolutely. They remind me of the anti smoking nazies, the  "global warming" kooks, and a 100 other wacko groups that want to impose their unscientific BELIEFS on everyone else. Another type on here are those who advise some kid to buy Lobb shoes for $1200  because they'll last 50 years and fit better  blah blah blah bullshit, when the kid  who is usually in HS wrote in his post that he had $200-300 for clothes and  just wanted some advice on what to buy.
It's a genetic predisposition which was why your entire family and you were fat. Ever see families where everyone is tall and thin? Or short and stocky?  A predisposition doesn't always mean that everyone in a family will be fat or thin. Why wouldn't you believe that you inherit a certain body type?  The distribution of and be built like an olympic swimmer and the other have a pot belly and narrow shouldered.
I'm a bachelor and have never had any problems with females or getting females. What I wrote were my observations about marriage. And yes, I would talk him out of marrying.
Your mother is OK for her height but you really have to look at both sides of the family going back let's say to your great grandparents to see how fat prone you may be. When people attend Uni they are usually at the point when their growing has slowed down or stopped so their real genetic predisposition is starting to show. Kids are always skinny growing up and through their teens (or always used to be) so if you're fat and not even 20 then  there is a strong genetic fat...
$400 and patience will also get you 4 good pairs of CH.
Casual is what we used to call "sportswear" (no, not atheletic wear)   Casual----   Casual shirts-----     These are from the Lacoste site but you get the idea about what's casual.
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