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It's excellent. Just make sure you wear a nice lightweight Gucci loafer with it and not some heavy wingtip that will make you look like a geeky nerd.
I generally wear a cashmere  tracksuit and then walk out to the exercise room I have on my property.
You must have misheard because that haircut is called a Jughead after the comic book character
It's perfect and fits like a glove
I was the the White House in '84 and got to meet and speak to him for a few minutes. I'm 5'11' and a 42R and could see that he was larger and about my father's size 46L and height 6'1"-6'2". No grown man at that height who is of normal proportions is going to be a 42. Reagan was a good atheletic 46
Reagan was a 46L. A 42 is about the size of an average man. At 6'2" and atheletic  there is no way that he'd fit into a 42. And btw, atheletic means the look of an Oylmpic swimmer.
As I said at the beginning, this is a Complicated problem and is not really enderstood and it's not as simple as "math" or counting calories. Many times when a genetically fat person reduces calories his body sort of adjusts to the lower intake and many times a thin person who eats more just burns it off.  Sure, you can really restrict a fat person's calories and they'll usually lose weight but their body will always try to regain its genetic inherited type and shape. And...
Stop with this troll bullshit kid. Everything I wrote is correct. Two shoes of exactly the same colour and shade will not match if there is any difference in the texture or grain of the leather.
They are never out of style in polos.
OK so you're still a kid. How many formal functions have you attended? Howold were you when you wore you first dinner jacket?
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