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How are you measuring the inseam? crotch to hem? At 27' it hits right at my foot without shoes on, and with boots on I get 1-2 stacks.  EDIT: Just measured myself and I'm about 5'6  , but 27' inseam is perfect for me. I'll throw up a picture sometime.
Are you just plugging yourself? I know nothing about you, so I'm not sure what point you're trying to get across with that picture regarding the info I gave, SirGrotius.
I'm about 5'7 and have all my pants tailored to about 27in. at 5'6 I don't think you'd want anything over 29in
Thanks! I actually have the jodhpurs, forgot to mention that, but they were perfect right out of the box. They're snug enough where my feet doesn't slide around when I walk, width is perfect, and there's just enough toe room.
Thinking about picking up a pair of the ss16 calf wyatts next month, and was wondering how they fit/ how you guys sized em? I have a pair of the ss16 suede hedi's in a 40 and they fit perfectly.   I read that the suede runs a bit larger, should I just stick with a sz 40 or grab a 40.5?
 Yea, I'm fine with normal wear and tear there's no way of avoiding that. But a glue stain or any other sort of stain on a pair of shoes right out of the box just doesn't sit well with me, especially on a pair of shoes that cost 1k+.   Uniqlo heatech leggings.
 Yea, sorta looks like it when you zoom up close on the second picture, that really didn't cross my mind til a few friends pointed it out. Either way, I'm gonna see if the shop can have another pair sent it so I can exchange it.
After months of trying to resist, I ended up getting a pair of Jodhpurs yesterday. Then when I got home and pulled them out of the box to try them on, I noticed a black spot on the right shoe. I really can't tell if it's glue or a missing patch of suede.       Full pic of the boots, these are the ss16. 
ETA for 4-piece w/ liver panel??
So has anyone ordered a DR3? I've been fighting the urge to place an order until I sell my MDR that's starting to get too tight.
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