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[[SPOILER]] Couldn't agree more. I measured myself, and sent it to Charly with certain specifications. After getting a reply from Charly with the measurements, I took out a leather jacket and another cropped/slim fitted coat that I owned and measured them both. Then from there I had the measurements that Charly sent back adjusted. I ended up with the fit that I was looking and hoping for.  
He's 5'8. I'm about 5'6-7 and my jacket is 20.5 front and 22.5 back.
obligatory fit pic request for when it arrives.
What color way did you get ts18? Did anyone here get a navy/black? Trying to see if the color will be any different from the stock photo that's used.
Length looks great. you're nitpicking at best.
Same with mine. I've worn my MDR about 10-12 times and the elbows are the only place that i've noticed stretching.
Similiar in what way? Why don't you just go to the gallery, look at the pics then decide which would look better with your wardrobe?
Unless the length was below your ginormous ass, wouldn't it just ride up and bunch even more though? Jacket looks great. Leave it!
   If an XS fits you well, and you prefer the looser fit from a S, why would you even consider getting a XXS? If you're female, then maybe consider getting an XXS, or XS if you prefer a looser fit. There's also a uniqlo thread, http://www.styleforum.net/t/24752/the-uniqlo-thread/9045 post your questions there.
They've restocked that about once or twice, but they sold out again within an hour or two of being up. I got lucky and caught a restock while randomly checking the site.
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