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Pm'd! Thanks
Afternoon gents - black shoes today (though they look brown in the first pic) AE larchmont Perry Ellis J Crew trousers Any suggestions on a sock color with this combo? Having a hard time pairing up with the herringbone pants
Still any remaining? Very interested
Hey all - first picture post here, let me know what ya think AE strand in bourbon J Crew trousers in navy
Victor, you are the man
wanted 2 belts...got 5 and a shirt...dammit   cant wait though!
What are everyone's thoughts about the new bourbon color with navy?  I'm thinking the bourbon strands with a navy suit...worried that it's too "in the middle" of a color vs say...walnut or chocolate brown
      Kenilworths from amazon just came in today - with some minor defects.  There's some lighter streaking (pic 1) and a darker crease in the toe (pic 2) and finally a crease on the side (pic 3).  Would you keep these or return them?  Sorry for the poor quality lighting and iphone pics...the defects are much more noticeable in person
Hey all,   Just got my brown Kenilworths in today from an Amazon order.  I'm not sure if the coloring is the way they're supposed to be...it looks like there's some streaking of a lighter brown (pic 1) and even a small darker crease (pic 2) in the other shoe.  Third pic features a crease on the inside of the upper.  Would you return these? They're certainly not terrible for the $211 i got them for on amazon...but after my first pair of AEs (mcallisters from the AE...
Hello everyone   First time poster here - with a likely silly question   I've been an active reader for the past few months in the attempt to boost my style knowledge after landing a job that required business casual out of college   After learning that my kenneth cole and magnanni shoes aren't anything that will last me a while, I decided it was time to get some real man shoes: Allen Edmonds.  After seeing the sale, I hit up nordstrom to try on some strands...
New Posts  All Forums: