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ohhhh or this from Conrad?
How would these two hold up with the navy grenadine?   the gold / earthy tones would compliment?
Gents, I have an upcoming event and i'm undecided on which tie and square to match.  I'm new to silk squares and would like to venture out of my white-linen-tv-fold comfort zone.  The suit is a wool charcoal and the shirt a white cotton (my only shirt with a respectable collar for suit wear).  Most pictures feature a navy grenadine tie i just picked up from Kent Wang - I figured this would be the most SF approved (it's also my favorite of the bunch).  If it factors in at...
Also purchased   I wear a 10D in AE, hoping the 9.5UK Rain last fits me!
Hey all,   AE shoe care question...figured this is the right place.  I have AE's polish and also the conditioner you guys use both on every polishing?  I've read that the polish "conditions" on its i'm not sure if sometimes i should skip the condition and just re-polish.   thanks!
Fellas,   this watch was brought to my attention by the gentlemen on the Watchuseek forums:   what are the thoughts on this?  loving the look of it...not quite as dressy as i was picturing...but i feel like it could work?
I was thinking the same, stitch - especially since I find myself wearing brown shoes/belt the majority of the tag with a black case and bracelet can fill in for the black shoe and casual attire
Hey all, Thanks a lot for the input on the Ball Watches - I'm quite open to looking into a vintage omega/zenith...these can be found between $800-$1000? That sounds like a steal! Stitch/others - agreed on the SF Approved point, I wouldn't let that alone deter me. However, it is nice to know what the more style savvy gents think about the watch's appearance - this site got me onto Allen Edmonds shoes and now I'm hooked! I'm also pretty torn between a silver face vs a...
Hey everyone,   what do you guys think of Ball watches?  I own a Tag Formula 1 (college grad present) and am looking to start building a collection now that funds are coming in.  Ideally, something a bit more dressy than my sporty black dial Tag.  I had planned to pick up a Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic ( as my dress watch...and probably still will (is this SF approved?)...but...
AE strands Perry Ellis Kenneth Cole pants Any suggestions to liven the socks up a bit with the dark red pants? Maybe a navy pair?
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