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NWT 38R RL "Polo I" Flax/Silk/Virgin Wool (67/20/13%) sportcoat. 2-button with side vents. Measurements are: shoulder: 18" across arm pit: 20.5" across top button: 18.5" sleeves: 25.5" length (w/out collar): 30-30.25" Not as lightweight and summer-y as you'd expect from a flax and silk jacket, probably better for spring/fall. It's too big for me to wear or consider taking to a tailor, so I'm asking $220 shipped CONUS. Please PM for any questions.
Best to put on unworn soles (as a preventative measure), but definitely not a problem to get them on worn down soles. However, depending on the current amount of wear on your soles as well as the type of taps you get, the taps may not sit perfectly flush with the soles' edges. So if you're looking to visually "disguise" the worn down toe with some taps, this may not work very well.
HA, my bad. I went on the first day--dragged by the GF actually--and didn't get a chance to browse through everything with all people there. I guess I'm not missing anything...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso I make my stylistic choices based on what looks good to my eye, not on what others choose to wear or what is in vogue at any given point in time. I agree with your viewpoint. But I still find it hard to incorporate something like the tassel loafer into my wardrobe because of the majority of people who wear them. To me, it's kinda like True Religion jeans: I don't find them appealing but IF I did, I still...
I've been told that prices drop during the last week. Since it's ending March 2nd, I'm guessing sometime next week might be a good time to go. But then again, who knows if they'll have anything left at that point...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso Tassel hating seems to be one of the more popular mantras of the neophyte aficionado. Totally understandable, don't you think? I personally love the classic look of tassel loafers, but can't get myself to buy a pair because I always see overweight, middle-aged men wearing them everywhere.
what color are the Jil Sander dress pants? Black? Charcoal? Thanks.
FIH b/c I'm too lazy for anything else.
Saks had the briefcase a while ago (near the escalator by the men's accessories area). Maybe call their men's dept and see if they have any? ***There's also a small store called Upland Trading Co. by 13th and 3rd Ave. (IIRC) that might have some Filsons.
I think cordovan should be polished, just not as often or heavily as calf. I've tried a couple methods--Alden of Carmel's site instructions as well as SF member Shoe's detailed step-by-step from a while back--and both have worked well for me. I believe both address the issue of cleaning before polishing.
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