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Just watched the j-horror flick Audition. Not bad. Pretty essential if you're into Asian horror...
Consultant.   I have plenty of side projects and part-time gigs to keep things interesting, though ;)
Considering trying this out soon. As a frequent traveler, I swear by the amex platinum though. The annual fee is kind of hefty, but concierge and access to airport lounges easily pay for it if you take advantage of them.   The only other card I hold is a Capital One that I used to build credit, no real reward system or anything. Might upgrade that for a venture rewards card. 
  I've had friends sleep in their cars in pretty public locations without any trouble. You could also drive around and find a deserted backroad where you're not likely to be found.    As for being semi-homeless:   - Use couchsurfing. - Take advantage of places that are open 24/7 to hang out/kill time/sleep. - Go dumpster diving for supplies and even packaged food in some cases.  
I swear by Brazilian Blowout's line of products (   After I shower, I usually just use the restorative sculpt/polish (used to buy on Amazon, but can't seem to find it now...) with some generic mousse/spray to hold it in place. 
2 miles today. Pretty low compared to what everyone else is doing on here...   Just getting back in the swing of daily runs. Trying to work up to at least a comfortable 3 miles every day.
Hey everyone, I'm RedPawn.   - Former expat, currently based out of NY - Working as a consultant, publicist and freelance designer - My style is generally formal/preppy   Looking forward to finally posting here after years of lurking!
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