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    Yeah, you'll need to put in effort somewhere along the line.   My advice is to bust your ass building up some sort of business that you can eventually automate once you're seeing consistent profits. That takes most of the labor out of your hands after you get off the ground.
    I usually use cologne every time I go out. You should probably pick up a few scents for different occasions so you can mix it up a bit. Quality cologne will also last you quite a while if you use it right.    You should also always smell a cologne before you buy it. A cologne that smells great on one person might be pretty bad on another. Definitely be careful about buying on eBay, too!
I tried smoky, heavy scotch for the first time last night. I'm still up in the air as to whether or not I like it. Any recommendations on the best "heavier" scotch brands for someone who's a fan of the smoother stuff?
    Yeah, The Simpsons should have definitely been included. South Park is another one that dominates in terms of social commentary and pop culture humor.   From the list, probably Chappelle's Show. Key and Peele is also hilarious. When skit shows are done well, they're awesome.  
I work abroad almost exclusively. I highly recommend it to anyone with some marketable skill set or just a drive to succeed. As globetrotter said, the key is to pick the right place or you'll be in trouble. I focus almost exclusively on emerging markets, as that's where all the opportunity is.    Assuming you're able to network and provide some sort of useful service, you'll be able to quickly maneuver your way into high paying jobs overseas that would take years of...
This is tough. After a quick glance at my bookshelf, I'd have to say: Thomas Pynchon, Cormac Mccarthy and Haruki Murakami. I think the works of all three will stand the test of time.
Damn, that tea set is sexy. I love tea ceremony and preparation. Last tea house I went to was in Singapore, brought back some nice pu-erh tea from there, but I've finished the last of it :(   Just sipping on some generic herbal tea for now...
I struggle with motivation and my work ethic. People I know (personally/professional usually say I'm a hard worker, but I don't feel like one).        All depends on where you want to be at thirty. Once you figure that out, spend your 20s working towards that and enjoying life. 
Currently reading The Tiger by John Vailiant (   Really solid reading. Provides a lot of insight into Russian history, culture and psyche. 
I used an unlocked Xperia x1 on my last overseas trip. It was alright and did all the basics (made calls, had GPS/maps, etc.) but it was WinMo and generally just a piece of shit. Interface was horrid and it was probably one of the slowest phones I've ever used.   Considering just picking up an unlocked iPhone 4S... kind of pricey, but probably worth it. 
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